Newsletter of the Platte County Democratic
 Central Committee
Volume 14 No. 7                               July 2022

August 8 - Platte County Federated Women's Democratic Club, Platte County Resource Center, 11724 NW Plaza Circle, KCMO. 6:30 pm. Sarah Shorter, candidate for state Senate 34th MO District and Rebecca Natzinger, candidate for Platte County Clerk, will be our speakers. Note new meeting time!

August 16 - Northland Democratic Club, ACA Business Club, 1400 NW Vivion Road, KCMO. 6:30 pm.

August 18 - Platte County Democratic Central Committee, Platte County Resource Center, 11724 NW Plaza Circle, KCMO. 7:00 pm. Reorganization meeting.

August 20 - Parkville Days Parade. Walk with our candidates. See below.

Platte County Election Headquarters will be opening soon. An email with details will be sent our soon.

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Platte County Federated Women's Democratic Club
The Women’s Club met on July 11 at the Platte County Resource Center. The Club discussed the possibility of an ad buy to publicize the “Democrats Believe” document that the Club created earlier this year. The topic was tabled for later discussion.

The guest speaker, Emily Weber, Missouri House District 24 the leading representative for reproductive and human rights, spoke on the status of women’s health legislation in the Missouri legislature following the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe vs. Wade (Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization). She said that until there are more Democrats in the Missouri state legislature there is little hope of legislation in Missouri regarding a women’s right to choose abortion. Representative Weber also said that any type of gun control legislation in the Missouri legislature has little chance until there are more Democrats in the legislature.

The NO vote on Amendment 2 in the Kansas Primary which maintains reproductive freedom in Kansas offers real hope to Democrats here and around the nation. The pendulum may begin it’s swing toward progress in November 2022.
Platte Country Democratic Central Committee
The Platte County Democratic Central Committee met at the Platte County Resource Center on July 21st.

Two candidate representatives spoke to the group about their candidates. Anthony Crapisi spoke for Trudy Busch Valentine and Garrett Jacobson spoke for Ashley Aune. Jamie Johnson also gave details about her campaign.

The Committee discussed the search for a Democratic Election Headquarters and the timing of an opening. Ken Hunt said he was looking for a location and recommended that, depending on expense, the office not be opened until late August or early September.

The committee also discussed possible changes to update Committee By-Laws. The review will include an update to the duties of officers, failure to attend meetings and the possibility of adding members to participate and vote on issues other than those mandated by statue such as nominating a candidate or the Missouri Democratic Party delegate selection process. The At-Large members will allow us to increase diversity and include participants who live in a sub-district already represented. Changes to the By-Laws will be discussed at the August 18th meeting.
Northland Democratic Club
The Northland Democratic Club met at the ACA Club 1400 NW Vivian Road on July 19th. The guest speaker was Trudy Busch Valentine, candidate for the U. S. Senate.

Ms. Valentine noted that she had entered the race late but felt that it was important to have a candidate who puts people first – with honesty and integrity. She is a mother, nurse and supporter of children’s causes. She spoke about the importance of investing in an economy that works for everyone. Her background as a nurse means she knows the importance of affordable health care. As a mother and grandmother she knows the importance of investing in children and supporting families. Missouri Representatives Ashley Aune and Maggie Nurrenbern were on hand to lend their support for Trudy Busch Valentine’s candidacy.

On August 2nd Trudy Busch Valentine won the Democratic Primary for Missouri’s open U.S. Senate seat.
Parkville July 4th Parade
Candidates Jamie Johnson, John Defoor and Charles West participated in the parade and reported that the huge crowd was receptive to their message.
John Defoor's Group
Jamie Johnson's Group
John and Charles' float preparation
Parkville Days Parade - Walk With Our Candidates
All of our candidates will be walking on August 20. All the groups will follow one another. Anyone wanting to walk with their candidate can join their group on NW 63th Street just west of Highway 9. Be there by 9:30 am. Contact Tara Bennett at 808-285-0090 with any questions.
Platte County Democrats Election Headquarters
The 2022 Platte County Election HQ will be opening soon. Volunteers will be needed to greet the public and assist candidate's campaigns.

A announcement email will be sent our soon with the opening date hand how you can help.
Paid for by PCDCC, John Kirchmeier Treasurer