Newsletter of the Platte County Democratic
 Central Committee
Volume 12 No. 7                                   July 2020

August 4 - Election Day: State and County primary, Medicaid Expansion on the ballot! - GET OUT AND VOTE!

August 10 - Platte County Federated Women's Club - Virtual meeting. Members who want to join in should contact Rita McGuire:  , 816-225-4506. 
August 13 - Platte County Democratic Central Committee - Virtual meeting. 7:00 pm. Contact  for Zoom link. NOTE: one time change to meeting date.

August 17-20 – Democratic National Convention – Biden’s Acceptance speech will be on August 20, nomination of the Vice President is scheduled for August 19 th . Announcement of Vice President is expected the first week in August. Info .

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What’s on the August 4th Ballot

Democratic Candidates for 6 th United States Congressional District
Ramona Farris (D) - withdrawn
Gena Ross (D)
Charles West  (D)

Democratic Candidates for Governor

Democratic Candidates for Lieutenant Governor of the State of Missouri

Democratic Candidates for Attorney General

Questions on the Platte County Ballot

State of Missouri Constitutional Amendment No. 2
Do you want to amend the Missouri Constitution to: adopt Medicaid Expansion for persons 19 to 64 years old with an income level at or below 133% of the federal poverty level, as set forth in the Affordable Care Act; prohg greater or additional burdens on eligibility or enrollment standards, methodologies or practices on persons covered under Medicaid Expansion than on any other population eligible for Medicaid; and require state agencies to take all actions necessary to maximize federal financial participation in funding medical assistance under Medicaid Expansion?
State government entities are estimated to have one-time costs of approximately $6.4 million and an unknown annual net fiscal impact by 2026 ranging from increased costs of at least $200 million to savings of $1 billion. Local governments expect costs to decrease by an unknown amount.

Platte County

Shall the County of Platte, Missouri, impose a renewal of the existing county-wide sales tax at the reduced rate of one-quarter of one percent (0.0025) on all retail sales made in the County for the purpose of providing dedicated funding for local parks and storm water control for the County for a period of ten (10) years?
Shall the County of Platte, Missouri, impose a countywide sales tax at the rate of one-quarter of one percent (0.0025) on all retail sales made in the County for the purpose of providing dedicated funding for the operation of Platte County law enforcement for a period of ten (10) years? The proceeds of this sales tax shall not be used for construction of a new jail facility.
Information on 2020 Democratic Candidates
Information on our local, state and national candidates is available on our website. Click  here
This includes websites, Facebook and Twitter connections. Remember they need your help  now  with their campaigns and  donations  to fuel the fire. 
Views on Platte County Government by David Park

The Platte County Commissioners are attempting to bully the Platte County Health Department into completely ignoring the COVID-19 pandemic. This threatens the health of Platte County residents.

On May 4, the Commissioners adopted an ordinance in a failed attempt to strip away the authority of the Health Department to issue “stay at home” orders. The ordinance changed county codes to require approval of the commission before anyone could be charged with violating an order issued by the Health Department. It also appeared at this same session that the Commissioners had filled the room with angry people to make it a “roast the Health Department” session.

The Commissioners’ effort to take over the responsibilities of the Health Department, which is governed by a separate, elected board of directors, failed because Prosecutor Eric Zahnd pointed out that violations of Health Department orders are prosecuted under state law, not county ordinance. Therefore, the revision of county ordinance had no effect.

Then, on May 26, the commissioners amended a contract with the Graves-Garrett law firm for it to "provide legal analysis and advice regarding constitutional and statutory powers of the Platte County Commission regarding Platte County business". They refused to be more specific about the work to be performed and erroneously cited “attorney-client” privilege as the reason for not divulging more information. That restriction is on the attorney, not the client. They also refused to provide an estimate of how much taxpayers will pay for this work.

Graves-Garrett recently billed the commissioners for 25.2 hours of work described as "Health Dept. Orders Entered on May 1, 2020". The amount of the invoice is $9,978 and is only for work performed in May. Perhaps the commissioners plan to ask the courts to intercede and order the Health Department to turn authority over to the commissioners. This effort could get very expensive for you, the taxpayer.

Also, Platte County has received $12,250,000 in federal funds provided through the CARES Act. The funds are to be used to cover additional expenses incurred because of the COVID-19 pandemic by the County and other jurisdictions located within the county. The Health Department has obviously incurred additional costs, but the Commissioners are not allocating any funds from the grant to cover these costs. Perhaps to bully them into “giving in” to the commissioners? If the grant funds are not used to help cover the COVID-19 costs, it means these types of costs will fall to us, the local taxpayers.

It appears the Commissioners believe the COVID-19 pandemic should be ignored. For example, they held in-person meetings during the shutdown and generally no masks were worn, or social distancing encouraged at commission meetings where 25 to 50 people were in attendance. They are obviously trying to bully the Health Department into treating the pandemic the same way.

The elected Board of Health and professionals in the Health Department should be making the decisions that impact public health. The interference and heavy-handed actions of the Platte County Commissioners threatens the health of all county residents.
Medicare Expansion is on the August 4th ballot. Missourians finally get a chance to implement this important health program. And thumb their noses to the Republican controlled Legislature that has ignored it for years. 
A "yes" vote is a vote in favor of
·    expanding Medicaid eligibility in Missouri to adults that are 19 years old or older and younger than 65 whose income is 133% of the federal poverty level or below, which would effectively expand Medicaid to those with incomes at or below 138% of the federal poverty level under the Affordable Care Act;
·    prohibiting any additional restrictions or requirements for the expanded population to qualify for Medicaid coverage than for other populations that qualify for Medicaid coverage; and
·    requiring the state to seek maximum federal funding of Medicaid expansion.
A "no" vote is a vote against this constitutional amendment to expand Medicaid eligibility in Missouri under the Affordable Care Act.
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Platte County Federated Women's Democratic Club
The Women’s Club met via Zoom on July 13 th . Guest speakers were candidates: Henry Martin running for Missouri’s 6 th Congressional District, Alissia Canady running for Missouri Lt. Governor, and Dr. Gena Ross also running for Missouri’s 6 th Congressional District.
Platte Country Democratic Central Committee
The PCDCC met via Zoom on July 16 th . Jim McCall provided a presentation on the two Platte County Tax issues that will appear on the August 4 th primary ballot. These proposed tax issues would replace the ½ cent sales tax that will expire this year. The new issues are one quarter of 1 percent cent sales tax in support of Parks for a period of 10 years and one quarter of 1 percent cent sales tax in support of law enforcement for a period of 10 years. The text of the ballot issues is listed above.

Paula Willmarth gave a report on the State Committee and on the status of Care funding that went to the County for health care costs relating to the Covid-19 pandemic. At the time of the meeting those funds had not been forwarded to the Platte County Health Department.

There was a discussion of a possible fund raiser for the fall. The Committee does not expect to hold an in-person fund raiser but the possibility of an online event was discussed. We do not expect to have an Election Headquarters in Platte County this year. Instead, we expect to contribute to local candidates for State and County offices.

The August 13th meeting will be held via Zoom. Contact Wanda Park ( ) for meeting information and assistance with Zoom. 
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