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Hazmat Permit Renewal

Hazmat permits expired June 30th unless you purchased a two-year permit last year.

SCAC Code Expired June 30th
SCAC codes expired June 30th. A SCAC code is used to identify carriers with a two- to four-letter code. It can also be used for a carrier’s broker to track assigned loads. If you need to get a SCAC code or need it renewed, we can process this for you for $125.
2290 Renewal Due
It is now time to renew your Heavy Highway Use Tax (Form 2290). The state has a no-penalty grace period through the end of August, but full payment must be received by our office by August 25th to guarantee your 2290 will be filed on time. Our processing fee for 2290s is $65 for the first truck and $40 for each additional truck.
MCS-150 Update
  In accordance with FMCSA MCS-150 regulation 49 CFR Part §390.19, every two years all motor carriers are required to update their MCS-150 information with the FMCSA. This update must be completed in the appropriate month, every even or odd year, based on your DOT#, even if none of your information has changed, and regardless of when you last updated. Failure to complete a biennial update in your assigned month may cause deactivation of your USDOT number and could result in civil penalties of up to $1,000 per day (not to exceed $10,000). If your DOT number ends with the number 7, your MCS-150 may need to be updated. If the number before the 7 is an odd number, you must renew by the end of July this year. If the 7 is preceded by an even number, you are not due for an update until July of next year.
Tags Expiring and Renewals Due
Tags beginning with M and N expire July 31st.
Those of you with tags beginning with O or P should send us your paperwork now to avoid late filing penalties. If your tag begins with Q or R, the IRP office is requesting that your renewal paperwork be turned in by July 15th.
  2nd Quarter Fuel Taxes Due
Other Services
The Department of Transportation requires that all drivers operating vehicles of 26,000 pounds or more be enrolled in a drug and alcohol consortium. Our office covers the drug testing costs for you; so you don’t need to worry about any additional fees.  
Our permit specialists here at TFIG can help in getting your trip, fuel, oversized and overweight permits. We will review details of your load to ensure that you meet each state’s requirements for safe and compliant traveling.
We also offer a log auditing service for just $15 a month per driver. We will review your driver’s logs to ensure they are properly documented.
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