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Seasonal Ideas & Information For July
Pentas, lantana, periwinkles, marigolds, and more for beautiful summer color!

Don't forget about your plants if you are planning a vacation this summer. Install a timer on your drip system. Here is a tip from the Texas Gardener: If your plants are in containers, set the containers in a shallow kiddie pool with a few inches of water. Place mosquito dunks in the water to prevent mosquitos.
Another suggestion is to use a plant nanny in your pots and in the ground.
Caterpillars in My Trees!
Web Caterpillars
These insect pests produce a web that envelopes leaves near the tips of the branches. They prefer mulberry and pecan, however, webworms will feed on a wide variety of other landscape trees ( Oak) and shrubs.
These pests can be controlled with organic insecticides such as Dipel, Bio-worm Killer or other organic spray products containing Bacillus thuringiensis. B.t. The caterpillars eat it, become sick almost immediately, stop feeding and then die within a few days.
June Bugs and White Grubs in my Garden
life cycle
Life Cycle of a Japanese Beetle
Organic Control
Milky Spore Granular is an organic long lasting control for the Japanese beetle grub. The granular product can be applied using a drop spreader for easy complete coverage of your yard. Apply Spring, Summer and Fall for two consecutive years. Guaranteed to last 10 years after final application.

White Grub
Milky Spore is available in both granular
and powder forms
Lace Bugs on Lantana

Recently, several of our customers have brought in lantana infested with lace bugs. The following article is an excellent source of information concerning this problem.  Lace Bugs on Lantana
Recommended treatment is spinosad, horticultural oils or garlic pepper tea.
Texas Lantana
Effects of Lacebug on Lantana
Horticultural Oils
Video by Dirt Doctor
Howard Garrett
Ladybugs are general predators that feed on a variety of slow-moving insects including aphids, moth eggs, mites, scales, thrips, leafhoppers, mealybugs and other slow-moving insects. Ladybugs are a must-have for organic gardening or organic farming.
Mealybug infestation
Ladybugs eating Mealybugs
Approx. 1,500 live
Ladybugs per cup
Organic Products
At Tom's Thumb Nursery we take pride in offering lots of organic options for your lawn & garden needs. Some of our favorites include FoxFarm soils , Microlife, Medina & Nature's Creation lawn fertilizers, Monterrey Bt & Captain Jack's Dead Bug Spray, and Bonide Burnout weed killer. Stop in and let us help keep your yard safe for you and your pets.
Organic Soils
Medina Hasta Gro Lawn
hose-end application
Diatomaceous Earth: 
a bug killer you can eat!
Corn Gluten:
organic weed prevention
20% Vinegar:
natural weed control
Citric Acid & Clove Oil: 
Natural weed control
Tom's Thumb Nursery is proud to now carry MicroLife products!
"We believe that healthy soils, healthy plants, healthy planet, and healthy people are all connected. As such we take great care in how we manufacture all of the MicroLife products. We make sure that all of our products have the highest nutritional value possible so that all soils, plants, and people benefit."
For all Turfgrasses, Ornamentals, Perennials, Trees, Flowers and Vegetables.
Magnificent Plant Health Tonic and Root Stimulator
Fertilizer Schedule
Our Garden Is Blooming!
Passion vine
Shrimp plants
Portulaca & Purslane
Tropical Milkweed
Swamp Milkweed
We sell several varieties
of plants and seeds!

Native varieties of milkweed (unlike tropical) die back in the winter to help promote migration. 
Learn more about native milkweed in this article from the  Native Plant Society of Texas .
From Our Landscape Department
We continue to offer full landscaping services.
Call or Email us to schedule:
*Landscape Consultation
*Maintenance Rejuvenation
*Spring Garden Refresh
Gift Shop
Custom Floral Designs
available in our gift shop.
Statuary, Birdbaths and Stepping Stones by Campania
MAD Chat Chair
Portsmouth Kingston Chaise
Portsmouth Dining Table
with Benches
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your next in store purchase
Gift Cards, Sale Items and Landscaping Services are excluded.

Please mention this coupon when making your purchase.
The Importance of Pollinators
“I committed to pollinator plants in my flower gardens… “It has been rewarding seeing the number of pollinator insects grow over the years.”   Photo submitted by Ken (Davenport, IA: 04/2020)

June 22nd marked the beginning of summer. But did you know that June 22nd also marked the beginning of  Pollinator Week ? From June 22-28 and until August, Journey North will celebrate pollinators, specifically monarchs and hummingbirds.
Read  Pivotal Pollinators: Small in Size, Large in Impact  to find out more about the importance of pollinators and why Journey North will celebrate Pollinator Week not just June 22-28 but all summer long.
How can you help Pollinators?
Pollinators need each of us to plant and protect habitat whether in our back yards or public spaces. These “pollinator patches” collectively create  habitat corridors  that provide vital resources to pollinators such as milkweed for monarchs and nectar-rich flowers for hummingbirds during migration and breeding. Creating more pollinator-friendly habitat protects other wildlife as well. Native plants work best for pollinator gardens. Our knowledgeable staff at Tom's Thumb can help you with your plant selections. Consider eliminating pesticides or reducing the amount and using  organic  alternatives.
Remember to look for us at and join the conversation on Social Media.

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