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Solos, Certificates,  
and Ratings

Laura Mendoza
Private Pilot
CFI Kevin Shing

Kyle Sherk
First Solo Flight
CFI Keir Mathur

John Conger
First Solo Flight
CFI Stefan Comina

Ben Barash
Instrument Flight Instructor
CFII Chris Phillips

Carl Finney
Private Pilot
CFI James Wilby

Jobe Crespin
First Solo
CFI Sam Samberson

Majdi Dawud
Private Pilot
CFI Scott Frank

Richard Kent
First Solo
CFI Scott Frank

Wesley Wilk
First Solo Flight
CFI James Williams

Chris Simpson
Private Pilot
CFI Nicholas Rubba

Jeremiah Johnson
First Solo Flight

Maxy Harrier
First Solo Flight
CFI Mike Jocoby

Mitchell Silverman
Single Engine Commercial plus Multi Add-On
CFI Kristine Wanner
MEI Chris Phillips

Greg Metzel
Instrument Pilot
CFI Cameron Hallock

Ryan Johanns
Multi Engine Commercial Pilot
CFI Erik Skjerseth

Theresa Monroe
Multi Engine Commercial Pilot

Tyler Slade
CFI Rating
CFI Jackie Burant

B.J. Robinson
First Solo Flight
CFI Stefan Comina

George Samaras
Instrument Rating
CFII Aaron Richman

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July 2018                                   Issue No. 7, Volume 36
Club News

Fleet Update!
The Club has been hard at work improving and expanding the aircraft fleet. So everyone please welcome our new Cessna 172!

New Cessna 172 at APA
N172RD joins the training fleet at Centennial from Kansas City. A 2006 S-model with a 180hp Lycoming I0-360-L2A engine, and Garmin 430 WAAS GPS, this is an outstanding aircraft for primary training. 

Even better, N172RD comes with a KFC-140 Autopilot and four seats, making it the perfect plane for primary training, earning your instrument rating, or taking out for a cross country cruise. Add the recent paint, and newly resurfaced interior and this aircraft is a steal at  only $139/hr wet.

Click here to view our entire fleet of high quality, low cost aircraft.

Reservation Cancellation Reminder
Along with the cool mornings and scorching afternoons, summer brings an increased demand for airplanes. Many of us are in the habit of booking several days in advance to be sure of getting the airplane we want. While we always ask you to cancel your reservation if your plans change, that doesn't always happen.

Please remember to cancel those reservations you no longer need. Whether it's a schedule conflict, you need a ground lesson that day, or you just aren't feeling well - remember to either cancel on Flight Schedule Pro or call the front desk. 

Your fellow club members will thank you!

Denver TRACON Tour at DIA
Saturday, July 14, 9:00am to 11:00am 
Saturday, July 14, 12:00pm to 2:00pm

We've all heard the calm voices of our aircraft controllers over the radio, but how do approach control facilities actually work? 

Find out by throwing your name in the pot for a tour of the Denver TRACON!

Explore the world of air traffic controllers and learn about a different side of aviation through a two-hour long tour on Saturday, July 24th. Denver TRACON mainly serves Denver International Airport, the sixth busiest airport by passengers in the United States. It also provides approach control service to six other controlled airports (including Pueblo and Grand Junction) and seven public/municipal airports. 

This month, Aspen Flying Club will draw the names of twenty-four club members for this exciting experience!

Valid participants must be...
  •  US Citizens with a Government photo ID  
  • Active Aspen Flying Club members.  
Space is limited, so rub your lucky  rabbit's foot, and...

Rusty Pilots Program at BJC

We are pleased to present another round of the Rusty Pilots programs this summer, in partnership with AOPA. 

Been out of the cockpit for a while? Think you've lost too much and forgotten everything? Afraid it'll be like starting over? No worries, Rusty Pilots will get you back in the left seat fast!  

Here's how to get back in!

AOPA has put together a fun, interactive program that gives you all the information you need to get current again. We will bring you up to speed on hot-button issues like medical reforms, weather briefings, preflight planning, FARs, and airspace. You'll leave the seminar with a logbook endorsement attesting that you've completed three hours of ground training toward your Flight Review. While you're here, connect with flight instructors so you can take the next step and quickly get back to active flying status. 

A Club BBQ will follow this event. Feel free to come by, chat with club members and CFIs, and get excited about getting current again!

Special Events:
Exploration of Flight Grand Opening at KAPA

Checkout the Grand Opening of the Wings over the Rockies Boeing Blue Sky Aviation Gallery, the first phase of the Wings Exploration of Flight Campus and Wing's Over the Rockies second facility at Centennial Airport!

This two day event will feature games, activities, music, exploration of the new facility, and flight.

Come visit our club booth to say hello to our team and pick up some Aspen Flying Club merchandise!!

Opening Weekend Pricing
  • Adults (17+) ..................................................... $5.00
  • Youth (4-16) ..................................................... $3.00
  • Wings Members ............................................... Free

Warbirds Auto Classic at BJC

Join us for the Warbird Auto Classic on Saturday, July 28th from 8:00am to 2:00pm. Founded over a decade ago, this showcase event at Front Range
 Airport will be hosting over thirty vintage  aircraft along with over 500 classic show cars.

All proceeds from the event will be donated to charities that directly benefit veterans and officers in blue.

$15 Pre-Sale Adult Spectator
$5 Pre-Sale Child Spectator
Children under 3 free

$20 Gate Adult Spectator
$5 Gate Child Spectator
Children under 3 free

Gates open to the public at 8:00am. Be sure not to miss the two airshows, scheduled at 11:00am and 12:30pm. 

From the Chief Flight Instructor

The only constant is change, a quote first credited to Heraclitus c. 500 BCE. Smart guy, it's still true.

Here are some of the many changes around the organization. The Duchess and an Arrow II have taken up residence in Aurora, OR. By the time you read this, our charter service may have been approved for expansion to Denver, offering new and exciting travel options there, as well as what exists in Aurora. New personnel in accounting, maintenance and at the front desks are helping us keep things straight and working smoothly. Of course there are a few new flight instructors at all locations. And Terry Fiala has moved on to a new opportunity in aviation. (Good luck, keep in touch.)
Speaking of constant change, please watch for a revision of the members' policies. There will be a number of policy changes coming in the next month or so.

Summer has returned and is in full swing, as it does every year about this time. We went unscathed in the most recent flurry of hail storms, always a concern in the summer in Denver. But heat is upon us; can you say check density altitude? Take-off distance and climb performance are the most obvious concerns, but look the performance degradation in all phases of flight. It is quite possible that the aircraft performance ceiling is not that far above the ground.

When the temperatures go above 90 degrees, performance may be compromised to the point it is more prudent to postpone or cancel a flight than to risk a suboptimal outcome. It was a delightful 75 in Aurora today, but 101 in Denver, where the density altitude on the ground was about 9,700'. Planning your flights early in the day may miss the worst of the heat and perhaps the turbulence that seems to come with it. Please be careful out there, and don't push the performance limits.

Aurora airport is undergoing significant growth, with new hangars, ramp space and a planned runway extension. It's good to see the airport doing well and I am pleased that we are a part of that growth. I know I have said this before, but the Willamette Valley surrounding the airport and the Columbia River gorge to the north are beautiful places to visit and fly, and it is a short flight from Aurora to the coast as well as many locations with sights to see and scenic, relaxing (or not) activities. Flying around Mt. Hood and down the gorge is an unforgettable experience.

See you around the airport.

Steve Green
Chief Flight Instructor
Aspen Flying Club at KAPA

KAPA -    (303) 799-6794
KFTG -   (303) 261-4041
KBJC -  (303) 466-6998
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