SOWER Ministry Newsletter July 2022
Dear Friends,
It's hard to believe that we're already into the second half of 2022. How did that happen??? (We won't even mention how many days until Christmas!) For all of its "vacation time" feel, this middle-of-the-summer month stays full in the SOWER world. Our summer projects are in full swing, and very appreciative of SOWER help. This month 90 couples are helping out during these busy camp months! We’re working at Odosagih Bible Conference (NY-306) and have been able to join in the blessings of their nightly speakers and special music. What a treat! If you’ve never worked a summer SOWER project, I highly recommend it!
Meanwhile, at the office in Lindale, the August/September SOWERGRAM is getting ready to go to press! Along with the GL reports, Trustee reflections, and other SOWER information, you will also find the 2023 Registration Form (aka the Skill Sheet) tucked inside. Yes, it's ALREADY that time again! Although there is plenty of time to get it in (they need to be back to the office by October 1st), we highly recommend doing it sooner rather than later! Even if you do not anticipate being able to work any projects in 2023, it is still important to fill out and return the form if you want to continue to be part of the ministry, both as Alumni and Active. Feel free to change your status to Alumni if you won't be working - it's easy to return to Active status at any time by contacting the office and filling in the "skill level" portion of the form. Choosing not to return your Registration Form will remove you from the membership list and you will no longer be eligible to work projects in the future. And we'd hate to say good-bye!
So keep the sanitizer close (seems like we’re not quite done with COVID yet), drink plenty of liquids, and hug a baby! The LORD has great things ahead!

Resting in His Grace, Thankful for His Mercy,
Stephanie Conrad #2509  

PS - I am always looking for SOWER stories to share here in the monthly newsletter! Do you have a "You Want Me to Do What??" story? Or maybe you could share a special blessing you've received while working on a project. Honest, I can't do this newsletter without you! Send your SOWER stories to me at Thanks!
Congratulations to our newest
SOWER Trustees
Floyd Adcock
Dave Pincus
Wendell Ramaker
Please continue to pray for these willing servants as they join with the Board of Trustees in late September!
Sticker Shock
Let's face it - the days of driving from Virginia to California for your next project are over. But that doesn’t mean it’s time to stop serving! Below are some different resources available to us as we all strive to continue to serve the Lord!
Fuel Savings
TSD Open Roads Fuel is a discount fuel program open to anyone who purchases diesel fuel, whether it be a diesel pickup truck, RV, or a semi-truck.  They offer discount diesel prices (30-40 cents usually) at specified locations such as Loves and Travel Centers of America.

Gas Buddy - an app for your phone that has the current fuel prices (gas and diesel) in your area to help you find the best price.

Camping -
Boondockers Welcome - For an annual fee, have access to unlimited overnight stays with no camping fees. From farms to wineries to local museums – there are thousands of options.
Harvest Host - Harvest Host has joined with Boondockers Welcome to offer a combined plan that includes 6,000 plus locations!
Golden Age Pass – if you are over 62 and have a Golden Age Pass you can camp at Corps of Engineer Parks for half price.
Family Camps for Retired Military - Economic camping for veterans.
SOWER Roster – if there is a “P” next to a SOWER's name, they have overnight RV parking available. Check out the listing by state/zip code to see if there is a fellow servant along your travel route! Contact them by phone to see if their spot is available. They would love to see you!
Overnight Parking at SOWER projects - See the Sam and Sally column for just how that works!


Bundle” your projects, choosing locations that are within 100 miles of each other. Check out the map on our webpage!

Sign up for two consecutive months at the same project.

Check out SOA opportunities (3-6 months) that fit your skill set.

Sign up for a project close to your homebase.

We hope some of these resources help you continue on your SOWER journey! Do you have an idea to share? Send it in, and I'll be happy to include it in a future edition!
Underserved Project Update
The office has put together an updated list of ministries that have received six or fewer SOWER couples in the last 24 months. Check the PLS to see where you can serve or contact the office to get any clarification about these underserved projects.

Updated 5/26/2022
New Project!!
Maple Grove Christian Retreat Centre
Thamesford, Ontario
Maple Grove Christian Retreat Centre - Frontier Village (ON-559)
Maple Grove was developed in 1947 as a permanent site to carry on a long-standing tradition of evangelistic camp meetings and deepen relationships with Jesus Christ through camping ministries.
Their Mission – “Maple Grove exists to facilitate ministries that make and grow disciples of Jesus Christ.”
We are excited to tell you about a new project in Arcade, New York! Longview Camp, NY-557, is restarting their ministry and needs you to help them! We recently visited the camp and had a great tour of this facility. Click on this short YouTube video interview of Richard Webster with Jon Bladine, the director, to learn more about the camp. You’ll also discover a fun connection with the Lone Ranger! Hi Yo, Silver! Away!

Richard & Linda Webster #3808
Project Sponsors
Longview Camp has four SOWER spots, and is praying for SOWERs to come in September this year. It's not too late to sign up!
Extra Help Needed!
Lives Under Construction Ranch (MO-79) has been chosen as the charity of the month in November for Caring Americans which is a thrift store created to help those who help others. We are looking for volunteers who would be willing oversee the booth throughout the month. Volunteers will man the booth as many days as they wanted (up to 5 days/week) and may serve a half or whole day. Responsibilities would include monitoring the promotional material, being a friendly representative of the Ranch, and helping around the store. Other Ranch activities may include inside remodeling and working at the Trading Post which is the thrift store ran by LUC. We are opening up two (2) SOWER spots for November and would be very thankful for the help!
Lives Under Construction Ranch
Sharing the SOWER Ministry
Do you love to share the blessing of being a SOWER with others? Our ministry will once again be having a booth at this upcoming Escapade in Tuscon, AZ. Contact Gail Fieler for more information about manning the booth with other SOWERs!
Area Rep Needs
A SOWER Area Representative (AR) is a vital part of our ministry. The Project Committee (Vice President and two others) works with the ARs to stay connected to our various ministries. Essentially, the ARs are the 'boots on the ground' for the ministry, mainly checking on existing projects periodically and taking a look at prospective projects.
Here is our current need -

Southern CA
CA - 145 Grace Fellowship & Cherry Valley Brethren
CA - 461 Father's Heart Ranch
CA - 481 Coachella Valley Rescue Mission
CA - 500 Forest Homes Millcreek Canyon

MD - 18 Sandy Cove
NJ - 3 America's Keswick
NJ - 346 The Pilgrim Academy
WV - 63 Potomac Park Retreat
WV - 415 Appalachian Bible College

NW Washington
WA - 78 Black Lake Bible Camp & Conference
WA - 190 Flying H Youth Ranch 
WA - 235 Lake Retreat Camp
WA - 255 Warm Beach Christian Camp & Conference 
WA - 283 Warm Beach Senior Community 
WA - 438 YWAM/Discovery Bay Camp 

Please contact Dick Howard for more information!
A Project Sponsor is an active SOWER couple who will sign up for a few project months at this new project during the first couple of years to help the ministry get a better understanding of SOWERs and also to encourage others to sign up.
All new prospective projects must have a Sponsor before they can move forward in the application process. Please contact Dick Howard for more information!

Locust Springs Christian Retreat Center
Greenville, TN
Locust Springs Christian Retreat Center exists to bring glory to God, equip ministries to teach the Gospel message and draw people into relationship with Jesus Christ. They are seeking to be reactivated as a SOWER project and need a sponsor to accomplish that.
Let us not forsake gathering together....
2022 Western Wound Up
September 19-22, 2022
Aldersgate Camp and Retreat Center, OR-320 Turner, Oregon

SOWERs Intentionally Following
Jesus Christ

Chuck Rogers from Flying H Youth Ranch (WA-190) will be this year’s Special Guest Speaker

Costs include 4 days/3 nights will be as follows (includes 2 lunches and 1 dinner):
Full hook ups - $75 or $25/night
Dry Camping - $50
Lodging - $30 per night
2 additional dinners available at $10 per person per dinner
Monies (cash) will be taken at Rally
Registration: contact Matt & Golden Phillips at or 720-323-2155
Get on up!
The Oregon Rally (aka Western Wound-up) is a great opportunity to meet new SOWERs and hear from seasoned SOWERs about their favorite projects. Get the facts on being a Group Leader, Area Representative and/or a Sponsor. Come compete with games, fellowship with others and just relax with your friends. Reminisce on God’s goodness and encourage one another.
 “Get on Up” and register for the Oregon 2022 Rally today!
What's All the BUZZ About?
Our 40th Anniversary Rally
Big Sandy, TX 
MAR 30 - APR 4, 2023

It will be here before you know it!

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT - We are excited to announce that Dr. Lew Sterrett, Director of Sermon on the Mount Ministries, will be bringing his horses and joining us. Dr. Lew combines horse training with Biblical principles. You will have fun, be encouraged and strengthened as you watch horses make changes in their own thinking that parallel the changes we need to make in our own life decisions. 

More exciting activities, seminars, and tournaments are being added and will be announced as they are confirmed!

This is a Rally you won't want to miss!
Dwayne & Margaret Gearhart, #3263

Committee Members
Mike & Jackie Barber #3601
Gary & Stephanie Conrad #2509
Wayne & Gail Fieler #3187
Dwayne & Margaret Gearhart #3263
Ron & Reenie Maynor #3738
Carol Nering #3100
Gary Smith #3627
Wes & Carolyn Strausser #3369
Nelda Thompson #3445
Dick & Billie Mondello #3923
2023 SOWER Work Dates
Seen recently on Facebook
Thank you, Tom (#3672) for sharing about the work being done at Warm Beach Conference Center (WA-255) in Stanwood, WA. Sounds like it's a bit of Christmas in July! Warm Beach asks for 4 SOWERs in Aug-Sept-Oct-Nov.
Have you stopped by our Facebook Group lately? Please use caution and respect when posting. This is a PRIVATE group (only members can see posts and add posts), but it is still good Facebook etiquette to get permission before you post someone's picture. Thanks!

If you're a member of Facebook, but haven't joined the SOWER Group, click on the icon to join the family! Just enter your member number in the question, and the Administrator will approve you.
Since the SOWER Facebook group is a ‘private’ group, we try to limit our members to folks that are SOWER members or project hosts, and couples that are interested in joining our ministry.

If you invite other interested folks to join the group, they will still need to answer the membership question. Thanks!
Coming Soon....
To a Mailbox Near You!
Your 2023 Registration Form (aka Skill Sheet) will be included in your August/September - or in a separate mailing if you are web-only.
Thank you to everyone who has given our SOWER Facebook Page a "Like". We're over 1435 "likes"! If you haven't already given it your thumbs-up,  head over there now! It's a great way to spread the word about our ministry. 
While the SOWER Facebook Group is for sharing SOWER stories (and is something that you join), the SOWER Facebook Page is where the ministry shares information and works to generate interest in our ministry (and is something that you 'like').
Don't forget to check out your favorite ministries on Facebook. Many of our partner ministry locations have a Facebook page, and it's a great way to stay up to date on the places you love to serve!
Clicking on the Happy Puppy above will take you to the Members Page, the June/July
SOWERGRAM and the latest updates to our Project Listings
(updated weekly).

Watch for the August/September SOWERGRAM online in late July.
If you have any questions,
please contact the SOWER Office  
SOWER Blog Roll
See what other SOWERs are doing around the country!
Ed & Patty Soltes #1864

 Gary & Stephanie Conrad #2509

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Group Picture The June 2022 group serving at America's Keswick (NJ-3).
L-R Neil & Cindy Campbell (#3813), Phillip & Jeanette McMahon(#3760) (First project!) and Tim & Leslie Wacker (#3715). Photo credit to Tim Wacker

Header Photo - Fireworks over Lime Lake at Odosagih Bible Conference (NY-306).

Opening Paragraph Photo - Waterslide at Oakridge Ministries (OK-503)

Dear Sam & Sally,

Please explain the guidelines regarding “overnight parking” provided by projects. We'll be on the road soon and might be able to take advantage of that!
Hoping to Stop by

Dear Hoping,
I am so glad you asked that! Many of our projects are happy to extend overnight parking to SOWERs. But there are some guidelines. According to the rules stated at the beginning of the PLS-”Projects listing "Overnight Parking Available" are to be used with the following guidelines:
  1. Call ahead to the ministry if you would like to stop overnight so they know you are coming and to ensure availability.
  2. Realize when our partner ministries do have a spot available that this is a definite BLESSING, not a requirement for them, nor should we expect it.
  3. Remember that SOWERs will leave a generous donation as a thank you to the host. This also applies to the additional week(s) when there is a 2 or 3 week break between projects.”

Our ministry manual gives a bit more detail -”The host is under no obligation to approve these requests. The member should only offer a monetary reimbursement that is agreeable to both parties. Members should NOT request an exchange of work for the use of the RV site. This guideline is not to be used as a way to bypass the member’s rule of not arriving early to a project.”

So, in a few words, please use this blessing as a stopping off point between projects and remember that “overnight” means “overnight.” It should not be used to get to a project early, as a vacation spot or as a campground for more than one night. We never want our project hosts to feel it is their obligation to provide us with a place to park when we are not signed up to volunteer there for the month.

Safe travels friends!
Sam and Sally

Do you have a SOWER etiquette question? Or maybe you'd like some clarification about a policy or rule. Sam and Sally would love to hear from you! Contact them at -   
To send in a prayer request or praise item-
To contact the office -

To submit something to the newsletter, send it to

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