SOWER Ministry Newsletter July 2021
Dear Friends,
Does it seem like this July we’re all breathing a little easier? We’re still keeping the hand sanitizer close by, but as the country opens up we’re using those masks less and less. This past year has been hard, hasn’t it? So the joy is great as we see families and friends once again gathering together and that hugs seem to be (thankfully) back on the agenda. Our SOWER ministry has continued on through the pandemic, missing only one official month of full cancellations. These days seem brighter in the ministry also! This month there are twenty (20!!) more couples working than in July of 2020. In fact, there are almost ten (10) more couples working than in July 2019 (pre-COVID)! Praise God! Our winter projects are filling up fast, but there are still openings available. If your favorite spot is full, I encourage you to "mix it up a bit" this winter, and sign up for a project (or 2!) that's "new to you." It's great to get a fresh look at what God is doing through the many different ministries we serve.
Meanwhile, at the office in Lindale, the August/September Sowergram is getting ready to go to press! Along with the GL reports, Trustee reflections, and other SOWER information, you will also find the 2022 Registration Form (formerly known as the Skill Sheet) tucked inside. Yes, it's ALREADY that time again! Although there is plenty of time to get it in (they need to be back to the office by October 1st), we highly recommend doing it sooner rather than later! Even if you do not anticipate being able to work any projects in 2022, it is still important to fill out and return the form if you want to continue to be part of the ministry, both as Alumni and Active. Feel free to change your status to Alumni if you won't be working - it's easy to return to Active status at any time by contacting the office and filling in the "skill level" portion of the form. Choosing not to return your Registration Form will remove you from the membership list and you will no longer be eligible to work projects in the future. And we'd hate to say good-bye!
So keep the sanitizer close, drink plenty of liquids, and hug a baby! The LORD has great things ahead!

Resting in His Grace, Thankful for His Mercy,
Stephanie Conrad #2509
Congratulations to our New and Returning Trustees!
Gail Fieler #3187
Gail Fieler #3187
Roy Olson #2964
Roy Olson #2964
Nelda Thompson #3445
Nelda Thompson #3445
A Reflection
Whatever you are doing, work at it with enthusiasm, 
as to the Lord and not for people” 
Colossians 3:23 (NET)
by Bruce Gay #3659
It is easy to enjoy the various project ministries where we work when our assignment is something we enjoy doing. Katie enjoys sewing, painting, and yard work. I enjoy the challenge of correcting electrical or plumbing problems and building new things. However, we are not always given jobs that “trip our trigger.”
In the verse above, Paul is addressing slaves or individuals who have willingly sold themselves into servanthood. These individuals are better known as “bondservants.” In a way, we have willingly chosen to become bondservants to the Master. In this case, we are voluntarily doing whatever, wherever, whenever to help ministries achieve their mission to reach the lost.
Recently, I was given the assignment to wash windows. Really? Washing windows? Doing this in almost 100 F heat was not looked upon with enjoyment and not particularly rewarding. Remembering Paul’s admonition in the verse above, I managed to “man up” and began the task, one window pane at a time.
As I was working throughout the day on Thursday, several people came out to thank me and my fellow SOWER, Burneall. One man, a former MAF pilot, made a special trip out to thank us. He enjoys watching the planes hurtle down the runway gaining liftoff speed or touching down on a return journey as he works in the finance area of MAF. He had been frustrated at not clearly seeing these daily scenes through the dust and water stains on his windows. He expressed his appreciation with chocolates as a thank you!
Later, we were invited inside to enjoy homemade rhubarb crisp, again as a thank you for washing windows by several in the Mobilization department. It was about this time I learned that due to COVID and a lack of volunteer help it has been two years since the windows were last washed. It seemed that just about everyone in the building was appreciative of our efforts.
Whatever we are doing we are to work it with enthusiasm as if we are working for the Lord. Once again, we learn that He will reward us in ways we least expect it. We hope y’all have a wonderful week and whatever you do, do so with enthusiasm and enjoyment!
Finding Friends on the Road
John & Babette Phillips #3387
God's People never meet for the last time
One of the bonuses of SOWERs is all the great friends you meet on the road. In the past five months we have made many new friends that we are looking forward to seeing again on the road. Even if we are working a project alone we have opportunities to build friendships with our hosts and those we meet as we are out and about. I love how the Lord brings all different types of fun folks into your life.
Area Rep Needs
A SOWER Area Representative (AR) is a vital part of our ministry. The Project Committee (Vice President and two others) works with the AR's to stay connected to our various ministries. Essentially, the AR's are the 'boots on the ground' for the ministry, mainly checking on existing projects periodically and taking a look at prospective projects. Right now there are a few AR openings in a variety of locations across the country -
Northern California -
CA - 130 YWAM/Springs of Living Water
CA - 275 Kidder Creek Orchard Camps 
CA - 304 Diamond Arrow Christian Conference Center
CA - 435 Wolf Mountain Camps
New England -
MA - 486 Mission E4 
ME - 37 Living Waters 
ME - 334 Baptist Park Camp 
NH - 400 Pilgrim Pines Conference Center
East -
NC - 285 Camp Living Water
NC - 294 Ridge Haven/Conf/Retreat
NC - 358 Center For Intercultural Training
NC - 498 Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove
NC - 506 Boys & Girls Homes of NC
NC - 522 Harvest Time Bible Camp
NC - 527 Children's Bible Ministries (Camp Grace)
SC -545 Psalm 91 at The Potters Place
VA- 33 Camp Bethel
WV-415 Appalachian Bible College

Please contact Bill Myers for more information!
To all our current AR's - Thank you for your faithful service to SOWERS! Let's help each other out as we travel around the country serving our Lord at these various projects. If you are working at a project that is not one of your AR assignments, check to see if an AR visit is due and contact the assigned AR and see if it would be OK to do a visit. Bill Myers VP
Let us not forsake gathering together....
LORD Willing.....
Plans are in the works for a National SOWER Rally in Texas in March of 2023 to celebrate the SOWER 40th anniversary!. Of course, not one of us can predict where the LORD will have us in two years, but tuck the idea away and get ready to hear more about this wonderful celebration. Committees are being formed! Contact Gary Conrad for more information!
With the uncertainty of the COVID situation, there are no Fall 2021 SOWER Rallies currently scheduled. Stay tuned for information about upcoming 2022 events!
Prospective Projects needing a Sponsor
Set in the heart of the Pocono Mountains in northeastern Pennsylvania, Spruce Lake Retreat Center provides Christian and corporate groups with lodging, meeting spaces, and food for their next event or retreat. Spruce Lake also hosts summer camps, retreats, concerts, and outdoor education programs throughout the year.
Longview Camp, located in Arcade, NY, uses the unique aspects of the camping ministry to reach young people for the Lord Jesus Christ, strengthen families, and serve local churches. It is a place of decision in the areas of salvation, full surrender,
and consistent Christian walk.
Can you help? Contact Bill Myers for more information!
Camp is OPEN!!!
Most, if not all, of the camps and conference centers we serve were impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Thankfully, most camps are open this summer! Charis Hills Camp (TX-476) was recently featured in a article about camps reopening on the World Magazine website! Check it out!
Seen recently on Facebook
Thanks, Lucille for sharing about the work (and fun) you are having at Cedar Canyon Camp (SD-413)in South Dakota! Looks like some good job security there!
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If you invite other interested folks to join the group they will still need to answer the membership question. Thanks!
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Don't forget to check out your favorite ministries on Facebook. Many of our partner ministry locations have a Facebook page, and it's a great way to stay up to date on the places you love to serve!
Prayer Needed
July 18th -23rd

A team of SOWERS (Bruce & Katie Gay (3659), Dwayne & Margaret Gearhart (3263), Steve & Janelle Kappler (3006) and Karim & Michelle Malek (3785)) will be manning the SOWER Information table at the upcoming Escapee Rally. This is a sold out event and thousands of RV’ers will be in attendance. Please be praying for just the right folks to stop by to learn about our ministry and that the event will go smoothly. Oh – and if you’re planning on attending, please stop by!
Group Picture this month - the June 2021 Group at Grace Adventures (MI-296) Left to right: Gene & Joy Rothfuss (3488), Cory & Joan McDowell (3799), Brad & Elaine Bauman (3639)
Header Photo - The shoreline at Living Waters Camp, ME-37, in Danforth, ME. Photo by Karen Burrell (3743)

The 2022 Annual Member Registration Form (aka Skill Sheet) will be included in your upcoming Sowergram (or in the mail if you are web-only.) Please note that the Skill Level descriptions have been tweaked to help clarify the levels. The new descriptions are :
0- cannot do
1- no experience but willing to help
2- limited experience needs supervision and/or instructions
3- comfortable completing with minimal instructions
4- proficient

Annual Registration forms are due in the office by October 1.
We are looking for one or two couples that would like to be relief for the SOWER Office Staff in Lindale, Texas. Qualified SOWER couples must be familiar with using computer office software; able to perform general office tasks (phone, email, filing, printing, mailing, etc.); handle property maintenance tasks; and able to follow detail procedures. Selected couples would come into the office for a SOWER project month for training and then be available to relieve the office staff for periods of two weeks to a month. Once trained, scheduling for relief periods will be 6 to 12 months in advance.  If you are interested in being a relief couple, please contact Ray Arthur in the SOWER Office.
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