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July 2017
Dear Patricia, 
July is a month with some of the warmest weather and an abundance of colorful flowers. The sounds of waves crashing, kids laughing, and fireworks booming fill the air. Now is the time to enjoy the company of family and friends while celebrating summer festivities.

Happy July! 

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Saturday, July 22nd
2:00-2:30PM   South County Health  - Tina Rizack
Tina Rizack, MD, MPH, joined South County Oncology/Hematology in January 2017, providing patient care at the South County Health Cancer Center. Since graduating from Emory University School of Medicine, Dr. Rizack has gained extensive experience in the field of women’s oncology and will help to reinforce the quality of cancer-related services offered here at South County Hospital.  More about South County Health and Dr. Tina Rizack
2:30-3:00PM  Opus Total Health - Timothy O'Brien
Timothy O'Brien, RN, D.Ac., is the owner of Opus Total Health, a unique  clinic dedicated to improving your health naturally. Dr. Timothy O'Brien is an  experienced Acupuncturist having worked in the healthcare field in critical care as a Registered Nurse. Dr. O'Brien will discuss holistic modalities at Opus Total Health including: acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and herbal teas, nutritional response testing and consultations, facial rejuvenation, bio-magnetic therapy, and massage therapy.  More about Dr. O'Brien and Opus Total Health
3:00-3:30PM  Southcoast Health - Dr. Franklin Schneider
Dr. Schneider, diagnostic cardiologist with a special interest in non-invasive cardiovascular imaging. Dr. Schneider received his medical degree from Tufts University School of Medicine. He is board-certified in cardiovascular disease, all disciplines of echocardiography, nuclear cardiology, and vascular ultrasound. He will discuss cardiology and heart health. More about Dr. Franklin Schneider 
3:00-3:30PM    Raskin Resources - Patricia Raskin
                         The Tony Jones Show - Tony Jones 
Patricia Raskin  will talk about how to get the best from radio shows and podcasts with talk show host and podcaster,  Tony Jones of the Tony Jones show. Learn about getting your message across to listeners through your own program and finding the best programs to match your values and interests.  More about the Tony Jones Show

Saturday, July 29th
2:30-3:00PM The Bridge at Cherry Hill - Jen Burns
Jen Burns , is the Sales Director at The Bridge at Cherry Hill in Johnston, offering the care and support needed by seniors who are unable to live alone yet do not require the services of skilled nursing. She will discuss how The Bridge at Cherry Hill promotes the goal of well-being of each resident and share upcoming events.  More about The Bridge at Cherry Hill
3:30-4:00PM Global Business Therapy - Kimberli J. Lewis

Kimberli J. Lewis has over 20 years’ C level management experience across multiple industries and has lived in or worked in over 18 countries. Kimberli specializes in cross cultural leadership training, diversity implementation and leadership training for women. She supports the EU’s initiative Gender Diversity initiative 2020 and provides training and consulting for several international companies. She is the author of, “Ponytale Talk, It’s All About You! Winning career strategies for Women." She will discuss how women make an impact professionally, personally, and through volunteering. More about Kimberli J. Lewis

Upcoming Guests on
Mondays 2-3pm ET
I am in my 15th year with I began in the early days of internet radio and am pleased to say Voice America is outstanding in topics, hosts, and program line-up. Check out their other programs to be inspired. All current and past programs are archived on this site and can be heard after they air at: 
 Monday, July 17th
2:00-2:30pm/11:00-11:30pm PT John Cheney-Lippold

John Cheney-Lippold, author of We Are Data and Assistant Professor of American Culture and Digital Studies at the University of Michigan. His book explores how our data defines us in ways that shape how governments, advertisers, marketers, political campaigners, prospective employers, real estate brokers, and even law enforcers see us—ways that often clash with how we see ourselves and defy facts. He will discuss what identity means in an algorithmic age: how it works, how our lives are controlled by it, and how we can resist it. More about "We Are Data"

2:30-3:00pm/11:30-12:00pm PT Debby Bitticks

Debby Bitticks, CEO and President of Vital Options International, a nonprofit cancer communication, education, and advocacy organization with a special mission: Generating global cancer conversations.  Today, through its Advocacy in Action®, Vital Conversations, and Living With Cancer platforms, Vital Options International continues to lead the most meaningful panel discussions and engaging one-on-one interviews. Debby will discuss her three “G’s”: Get informed, get organized and get moving, the value of a second opinion, and how and where to find support. More about Vital Options International

 Monday, July 24th
2:00-2:30pm/11:00-11:30pm PT Marni Jameson

Marni Jameson, keynote speaker and author. She is a nationally syndicated home design columnist and author of two home design books, The House Always Wins and House of Havoc. She will be discussing her latest book, Downsizing the Family Home, where Marni explores a rite of passage almost no one will escape: the emotional journey of downsizing your or your aging parents’ home. Using her own personal journey as a basis, the author sensitively guides readers through the process, offering practical wisdom and heartwarming advice so you know what to keep, toss, or sell. More about Marni Jameson

2:30-3:00pm/11:30-12:00pm PT Dr. Anna Yusim

Dr. Yusim, a board-certified psychiatrist, studied at Stanford, Yale, and NYU. Her first book, FULFILLED: How the Science of Spirituality Helps You Live a Happier, More Meaningful Life, is filled with research, practical wisdom, and even interactive exercises. Through richly engaging clinical cases from her psychiatry practice, Dr. Yusim integrates the tenets of Western medicine, psychology and neurobiology with the universal spiritual principles she learned in her own personal journey to fulfillment. The most important point of the book is that fulfillment is possible, and Dr. Yusim provides her readers with the principles and exercises to get there. More about Dr. Anna Yusim

 Monday, July 31st
2:00-2:30pm/11:00-11:30pm PT - Terry Jastrow and Anne Archer

Terry Jastrow began his career in the entertainment industry with ABC Sports as the youngest network television producer in history. During his time with ABC, he produced or directed many major sporting events, including a Super Bowl, six Olympic Games, and sixty major golf championships. He won seven Emmy Awards, having been nominated seventeen times. His wife,  Anne Archer, was nominated for an Academy Award®, a Golden Globe and the British (BAFTA) Academy Award for her role as Michael Douglas' sympathetic, tortured wife, Beth Gallagher, in Adrian Lyne¹s 1987 thriller, "Fatal Attraction." Terry Jastrow will discuss his book, THE TRIAL OF PRISONER 043More about Terry Jastrow and  More about Anne Archer
2:30-3:00pm/11:30-12:00pm PT - Randy Kamen

Randy Kamen, ED.D., psychologist and educator, helped pioneer new territory in mind-body medicine at Boston University's School of Medicine and Harvard's Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. She has long been on the leading edge of her profession, integrating insight oriented and cognitive behavioral therapy with holistic methods in her research and clinical work. She helps women build on their strengths and implement new strategies to deepen their experience of insight, healing, and happiness. She will be discussing her book, Behind the Therapy Door, and how she guides six women through challenges and transitions. More about Randy Kamen

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