"Creating a new community way of living in Tulsa, where neighbors become friends."
Our Community Design Is In Place!
On Sunday, June 23 rd we completed the last of four weekend design workshops. During this workshop we pulled together design elements from the site design, common house design and individual home designs to refine and polish our plans. It was also a wonderful opportunity for us to cement our relationships with each other, our architect team and our pre-construction contractor. We came away from the sessions with a deeper understanding of the consensus process and our commitment to building a community that serves us all. We still have more work to do before the designs are perfect but we have much respect for the process that embodies our vision and values.
Community For the Health of It
Community member Suzy Sharp and our two architects, Molly Jones and Bryan Bowen, who was also a presenter, recently attended the 2019 National Cohousing Conference in Portland. From designing a common house to who cleans the common house, there was something for everyone in the more than 100 sessions offered. It was beyond exciting to share 4 days with more than 550 people from across the US and 8 countries learning, talking and sharing about cohousing. The lighted parade right outside our hotel and the walking craft beer tour led by a local cohouser were pretty fun too.
Having Fun and Building a Community
Having fun together is an important part of building our community. Recently we gathered for a Memorial week-end cook-out at the home of Pat and John. What, you don’t see any people? Well, we were having so much fun we forgot to snap a picture. That beautiful patio and garden is surely a preview of what our community will look like.
Meet a Heartwood Commons Member...
Suzy Sharp
Suzy is one of the founding members of Heartwood Commons. A native Oklahoman, she was raised in Tulsa by her Grandmother Dixie. She’s spent most of her career working in non-profits – at LIFE Senior Services and now at Youth Services of Tulsa. She shares her home with her rescue dog, Molly. Suzy enjoys exploring people, places and things both near and far. Her reason for cohousing…

“ Working in aging for so many years, I have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t. From the moment I discovered cohousing I knew it was for me. I want to live my life surrounded by people I know and care about. I want to be able to walk out my door and see someone I want to have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine with, and a meaningful conversation. That’s why I’m choosing cohousing.”   
Cohousing Makes Your Happier
Cohousing is a great way to prevent isolation and loneliness, and create a happier and healthier life. Check out this TED talk by Kim Grace on how cohousing can make us happier (and live longer):
Join us at these upcoming events
Live Longer and Healthier, the Cohousing Way
Saturday, July 13th, 10:30 AM
Saturday August 17th, 10:30 AM
Zarrow Pointe, 2025 E 71st St, Town Center Building (1st building past the outdoor pool) 

Learn how living in a cohousing community can help you live longer, healthier and happier. You'll meet members of Heartwood Commons, see our plans for the community, learn how you can get involved in living the cohousing way, and tour the land to imagine the possibilities.

Reservations requested to community member Suzy Sharp at 918-519-5298 or ssharptulsa@yahoo.com .
Stop by our booth at the Senior Safety and Lifestyle Fair
Tuesday, July 30 th from 9 AM to 3 PM
Exchange Center at Expo Square, 4145 E 21 st St.
About Us
We're a local group of friendly, engaged and proactive adults who are working together to create Tulsa’s first cohousing community – a vibrant neighborhood where neighbors know and care about one another.
The Land That Will Become Heartwood Commons
If you’ve been thinking about cohousing and you’d like to help create the community, literally, now’s the time get involved.
See our HOW TO GET INVOLVED page on our website.
Or call us at: ( 918) 519-5298.

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