Volume 07 | July 2020
Cloud Computing, Custom Mobile Power Cart, Inline Barcode Verification, and More!
Is your warehouse back up and running to full production? Are you needing to upgrade some of your systems from the long downtime? Our July Newsletter is packed full of helpful information from our Project Guides, to putting your label software in the Cloud, and even a discount on printer service!

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Project Guides
Over the years, based on real life project work we have put together several Project Guides. The guides tend to ask as many questions as they give answers but are meant to aid customers in the thought process of planning a project. We don't do our customers any favors by hiding these guides pretty deep in our website, and we even sometimes internally forget that we have them as a customer resource. We wrote a new one about barcode symbology’s last month, so we thought we would highlight all the guides in our July newsletter. From passive and active RFID, to wireless networking or selecting the right label printer for your application, we hope that you find these guides helpful!
Why is Your Label Software Still on Premise

Cloud Computing has been on the rise for years. The recent pandemic has increased the need for Cloud Computing and employees' ability to access business software remotely. Many software are Cloud compatible, but is your label software? Learn how to rid your label software of the dedicated servers and desktop PCs...

Pick to Light Custom Mobile Power Carts
At EMP Technical Group, we work hard to meet the customer's needs. In this case, we built a custom mobile power cart with pick to light. We included all necessary items on one cart so it could easily be maneuvered. Want to learn more about this cart? Click below!

Calibrating the Barcode Verifier on your Label Printer

We have continued adding helpful how-to videos to our YouTube channel. We recently recreated a video showing how to calibrate the barcode verifiter on the Honeywell PX940. Check out the video to the right to understand how the PX940 gives you the ability to verify each barcode as it's printed and how to calibrate the printer. Want to learn more? Click below!

Cognex Dataman 475V Inline Barcode Verifier

Barcodes are used in almost every industry, but they are only as strong as their re adability. Most companies still spot checking the readability of their barcodes at an offline station. The DataMan 475V series inline barcode verifier provides automated high-speed verification and quality reporting directly to the customer's line to prevent product waste and chargebacks. The data from each verification can be used to generate reports for traceability, process control, and compliance.

Back to Work - Printers a bit "Rusty"?

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