JULY 2020 | ISSUE 155
Myths and Reality About Services for Families
Time and time again, as parents, we hear the importance of having a support system. Some of us have a great support system within our families and friends. Other times, we want the support of other families who are walking in shoes similar to ours. Many of us have joined local support groups with other parents and have formed unbreakable bonds. Others of us have reached out for support from social media groups. Having a place to learn, help others, vent, cry - for the good days and the difficult ones - is something we have been essentially relying on. However, what happens when we start a game of "Telephone?" What do we do when we hear from others or read something online that is meant to help us, but in fact, isn't accurate? One person tells you something, another tells you something completely different. We begin to panic over some the information we receive.

Over the years of being a part of Autism Parents support groups online, I have seen countless posts with information that is anything from not-quite-correct to downright false. Some information posted on social media pages create a wildfire effect and that information can spread amongst the community rapidly and cause undue stress. While we can be certain that not a single parent means any harm by posting false information, it doesn't make it any less scary for another parent, especially a parent of a newly diagnosed child.

Here are only a few things found on social media sites that are false:

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Carvana Donates New Toys and Materials
AZA United's new East Valley Center recently received a number of new toys and materials through a donation from Carvana and their "Passion Project." A Carvana employee who is well aware of the impact our services make in the community nominated AZA United to submit a wish list for our clients to have new therapy items at our center.
We were so happy to connect with Carvana's team who volunteered their time to deliver, assemble and organize the donated toys and materials. Thank you so much Carvana for your generosity and for supporting our mission!
PHOENIX Magazine Recognizes AZA United
AZA United's founder & CEO, Dr. Aaron Blocher-Rubin, was recently featured in
PHOENIX magazine's annual feature,
The Great 48 , which highlights 48 of the most influential people in the valley. Aaron, or "ABR" as we call him in the office, is always making us proud!

From the article:
According to Aaron Blocher-Rubin, individualized care is the most critical need for families with a child on the autism spectrum. In 2006, he founded Arizona Autism United, a nonprofit that provides quality, comprehensive support to people with developmental disabilities. The organization deploys direct services such as in-home or clinic-based speech therapy and behavioral intervention. Blocher-Rubin's work is personal - his younger brother, Andy, was diagnosed with autism when Blocher-Rubin was in high school, which led him to study the condition in college. After earning a psychology degree from University of California, Los Angeles, he moved to Phoenix and worked for the Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center, where he developed a program for parents of autistic children. He applied this family-centric approach to Arizona Autism United. "I wanted to take these great treatments and supports that exist and make them available to as many people as possible," he says.

Easy and Free Ways to Support AZA

Anyone can now support AZA United in the Amazon  app on your smartphone

When you turn this feature on, Amazon donates a portion of your purchase to AZA at no cost to you.

Follow these steps to turn on AmazonSmile:
  1. Open the Amazon shopping app on your device.
  2. Go into the main menu of the Amazon Shopping app and tap into "Settings."
  3. Tap "AmazonSmile" and follow the on-screen instructions to find AZA United as your charity of choice and complete the process
You can also support Arizona Autism United  each time you shop at Fry's Food Stores.  It's easy and free! Enroll in the Fry's Community Rewards Program and select  Arizona Autism United (PB849)  as the local organization that you wish to support. Each time you shop, simply scan your Fry's Rewards card and a portion of the sale will be donated to AZA United! Visit  this link  for more details and to sign up.

DDD has extended the temporary increased rates for direct care providers through the end of July. AZA United employees will continue to see this reflected on their paychecks until then. 

AZA United has new positions available in the roles of ABA Behavior Technician and Clinical Interventionist. These are great career opportunities for current employees looking to grow professionally! External candidates are also welcome to apply.

We have recently updated our COVID-19 FAQs and Daily Safety List for families and employees. Please review these  important documents here.

Upcoming Events

Join us on Saturday, August 8th for our next Sibshops virtual event! These events will occur from 10 to 11 AM for children ages 7-9 and 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM for children ages 10-14. Sibshops are intended for sibs 7-14 years old. Registration is FREE and required to obtain the login information.

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For more information contact  Lauren@AZAunited.org or call  602-773-5803.

Link of the Month

Sensory Cooking is a local organization founded by the Murwins, an Arizona family that for years have been committed to create opportunities for individuals with autism. Through therapeutic cooking, learners gain and practice an array of skills that promote independence.

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