July Newsletter 2018
The Millennial Phenomenon
M illennials – the tech-savvy generation born between 1980 and 2000 are now the fastest-growing generation of customers in the world marketplace as well as the largest generation in the U.S. labor force. According to the Pew Center for Research, these technology-wise, cause-oriented, team-focused workers make up 35 percent of the American workforce or one in three workers. Millennials account for a quarter of the world’s population and will make up a whopping 75 percent of the global workforce by 2025. As the oldest near their 40s, they are moving increasingly into higher-level management positions.

The world is taking note of Millennials. Originally, they got a bad rap in the workplace. Read more
Relax. Relate. Rebuild Your Network!
D on't wait for an event. Every day is an opportunity to increase your relationship currency and strengthen your network. Whether you are seeking to increase your internal effectiveness or perhaps grow your external professional network, now is the time to relax, relate and rebuild your network. Get going with these seven tips :
  1. Have a clear vision and establish Goals:  What would be a good outcome for you? What do you hope to achieve? With whom do you want to connect or reconnect? Why? Write it down!
  2. Take immediate action:   Reach out on LinkedIn, email, snail mail or pick up the phone and schedule coffee, lunch or dinner. Get it on the calendar.
  3. Plan your interaction: What positive news, updates, events or activities have you observed for the person to whom you are reaching out? Make it about them. Determine how you can be helpful. Do a little research to generate ideas.
  4. Show Genuine Interest: Asking questions is a great way to start the conversation. Listen closely for alignment with resources or ways you can lend support. Share relatable stories.
  5. Identify opportunities: Look for win-win collaboration opportunities. Share helpful information.
  6. Keep Your Word:  If you commit to taking an action. Do so. Keeping promises builds trust and strengthens relationships.
  7. Have fun. Lighten up. Find ways to infuse fun into your interactions. Start with your approach. Don't be overly serious. Laughter, sharing light moments and showing genuine interest, can lead to more productive, positive interactions.

The Guide to Strategic Networking offers more ways to build your network strategically. Check it out on Amazon.com. Also available on Kindle.
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Did You Know About Our Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Services?
Inspiration Zone works directly with senior leaders to create and communicate D&I strategy and plans in ways that resonate with executive teams and associates. We make the complex simple through articulation of strategic frameworks, effective utilization of your existing resources and integration with business plans. Services include strategy development, multicultural marketing, workplace assessments and facilitation.
“NHP hired Juliette to do an end-to-end assessment of our diversity and inclusion program. Starting by conducting a stakeholder assessment and heavily engaging with key NHP stakeholders. Juliette did a phenomenal job of identifying NHP’s successes in the diversity and inclusion space, as well as identifying key strategic and tactical opportunities for moving NHP’s agenda forward. We also asked Juliette to be a speaker on a health disparities panel. She clearly demonstrated her deep knowledge, spoke eloquently and was awesome!”
Dave Segal, President & CEO, Neighborhood Health Plan, Boston
About Inspiration Zone

Founded by Juliette C. Mayers, Inspiration Zone offers strategic leadership advisory services for organizations seeking to elevate the workplace experience, engage  all  employees and those wishing to motivate and inspire leadership teams. To schedule a free consultation, call ( 617) 328-0953 or email:

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