Trauma Recovery/HAP Newsletter
July 2015

We hope to see you at this year's EMDRIA Annual Conference which is quickly approaching!  Beginning August 27th and ending August 30th, it will be held at the Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown Hotel in Philadlphia, PA.

The professional association, EMDRIA, has created a community where EMDR therapy practitioners and researchers can share and learn the highest standards of clinical EMDR therapy use.  The Annual Conference aims to bring together this community in one location establish, maintain, and promote these standards through presentations by trained clinicians and researchers. 

Our booth will open Thursday, during the Pre-Conference Workshops.  The day will end with the opening address given by Ulrich F. Lanius, Ph.D. The Conference Workshops will kick off on Friday morning.  Saturday night will be the EMDRIA Awards Dinner followed by our Trauma Recovery/HAP Fundraising Dance.  Be sure to get tickets for both! 

Trauma Recovery/HAP will once again have a busy booth.  We will have information for prospective and current volunteers, meet and greets with our Directors, raffle and dance tickets, products from our resource center, a donor Honor Wall and much more! 

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Nepal Update: July

Our efforts for training and intervention for Nepal continue with significant progress being made. It is our goal to provide enough training and support so that Nepal will have EMDR therapy trained mental heal professionals qualified to provide intervention and clinical services to those in their community. We have been working with several different organizations to gain support and connections to the local Nepalese citizens and responders who were directly affected by this natural disaster.



Greetings from our San Diego TRN

Trauma Recovery, EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Programs has had tremendous growth within our Trauma Recovery Network (TRN) chapters over the years. Within these chapters, local clinicians volunteer preparing themselves and their communities to restore and safeguard psychological well-being in the event of a disaster. Many of our Network chapters have provided support to their communities during such tragedies as the Arizona Wildfires, Hurricane Sandy, the Boston Bombing and most recently in South Carolina where our work is currently in progress.   


After hearing about the work of the TRNs, a small group of EMDR therapy trained clinicians, who were drawn together by the common desire to help people in their community who are in need, created the San Diego TRN. According to co-coordinator, Catherine Butler "with no money, but hope for the future" they combined their talents to take their TRN to the next level. Since their inception in 2013, their chapter has grown to have the largest volunteer memberships thanks to the efforts of their coordinators Sue Goodell, MA, MS, MFT and Catherine Butler Ed.D., MFT.  Both of whom will be in attendance at this year's EMDRIA Conference where Catherine will be speaking.     



We are HAPpy to Introduce...
Our Feature Volunteer for th e  Month:
Rachel Erwin, MA, MFT


When Rache l Erwin, MA, MFT heard Francine Shapiro's personal story of how Trauma Recovery, EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Programs was created- she was inspired. Trauma Recovery/HAP's effort and mission aligned w ith her passion for providing treatment to underserved populations. After she attended her first EMDR therapy training, she joined Trauma Recovery/HAP as a volunteer trainee. Her continued efforts within underserved communities has allowed her to make a difference in the lives of many.  
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Raffle at EMDRIA!!
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4 Light Sticks

Aj Popky


One week (7 nights) accommodations in a choice of various vacation settings throughout the U.S. and a number of international destinations  

Cynthia Kong and Gerald Puk


emWave Pro

Joni Panelli, HeartMath


2 Tac/Audio Scan units
Michael Corkey, NeuroTek Technologies

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 Pet of the Month!
"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."
- Anatole France

Toby the gorgeous Golden Retriever is very loved by owner, Sue Goodell and her family as well as Sue's clients! Toby has a very interesting story behind him that makes him all the more lovable. Abandoned in an industrial area near Long Beach, CA, Toby's first owner was nowhere to be found. After a thorough search, even reporting the unclaimed Toby to the nearby vets, there was yet to be any response to his owner's whereabouts. When Sue and her family took him home he was malnurished and showing signs of trauma. With lots of love, nurturing and some patience he was soon on his way to good health! Sue and her family believe Toby to be around 7 years old now. Sue's clients call Toby a "therapy dog" and request that he appears at their sessions.


Send us a picture and brief description and we will feature a new pet each month!

Lima Bean Riot to perform at EMDRIA 2015
  Our Annual Fundraising Dance will be held on Saturday, August 29th after the Awards Dinner at the EMDRIA Conference in Philadelphia.  We look forward to letting lose and enjoying some time on the dance floor with new and old friends!  This year we have been very fortunate to be able to have Lima Bean Riot perform.

Janelle and Antoine on lead vocals are the epitome of sheer talent. Janelle's unbelievably strong vocals and Antoine's range and stage presence takes this all new lineup to the next level! Mike is one of the best guitarists around, and noted for his guitar prowess on "Sweet Child of Mine". Matt (Matty Bonez) adds the funk to the group with his party time skillz. This guy tears it up on every level! Ian binds the band with his energetic keyboard playing and spot on sound effects. Matt (Tricycle) is the backbone of the group with his hard hitting drumming to create the all around incredible sound that is LIMA BEAN RIOT!

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