July news & updates
July | 2021
Fosters Needed
What is Fostering?
Fostering is providing a loving home for a sighthound in need until they find their forever home. There is no way of knowing how long your foster may be with you. It could be anywhere from several days to a few months until an applicant comes along that is the right match for them. While in your care they will learn about living in a home. We ask that you treat your foster just like you treat your own
Why should I Foster?
Becoming an American Greyhound foster parent is the most helpful and heartfelt way you can help American Greyhound. We are a foster based rescue. We do not own or operate a kennel facility which means we can only rescue as many dogs as we have foster families willing to open their homes and heart. Fostering a sighthound is an experience that will not only change the life of a sighthound in need, but will change yours as well. Having the love and affection from a hound that is patiently waiting for their forever family is a priceless experience. Likewise, meeting and helping your foster hound bond with their new family is just as remarkable! Seeing the love and excitement in a new family’s eyes when they take their new hound home will quickly counteract the tears in your eyes from saying goodbye.

Simply stated, fostering is an experience that will change your heart forever. The opportunity to help a variety of hounds and witness the wide array of personality types will only grow your love for the majestic creatures that they are. Adopting saves one dog….fostering saves many.

What are my obligations as a Foster Home?
As a foster home, we ask that you provide food for their tummies, a roof over their heads and lots of love.  American Greyhound will provide a crate, supplies and cover any medical care they may need. This includes monthly heartworm preventative. Most fosters will require an initial veterinary visit that will include a spay/neuter, dental cleaning, and other office tests/vaccinations. 

Through our approved veterinarians, you make the appointment for a date that will work for your schedule. Should you need assistance with getting your hound to and from the vet’s office, please don’t hesitate to ask. We also provide the support and love of a network of foster homes and volunteers that want to help you every step of the way. You will not be alone on your fostering journey.

How do I get Started?
American Greyhound is always in need of foster homes. If you are ready to give it a try but have some questions, feel free to contact our Foster Coordinators:
Nicole Graves foster@americangreyhound.org or by phone/text 219-395-4432 or
Erin Floyd efloyd@americangreyhound.org or by phone/text 260-615-5633.
If you have all the information you need, fill out the foster application at www.americangreyhound.org. We will be in touch with you about how to proceed in welcoming your first foster. 

I Don’t Think I Could Handle Saying Goodbye to my Foster. Isn’t it Hard to Give Them Up?
It would be a lie to say that fostering isn’t a bittersweet experience. You bring a new dog into your home, love them like your own and then send them off to their forever family. It can tear at your emotions, however, foster homes are the heart and soul of American Greyhound. Without foster homes we could not make a difference in the lives of hundreds of dogs. The need for foster homes is constant. It is simply the best way you can help sighthounds in need! As you say goodbye to your foster, just remember what that means for the next dog that is waiting for you to welcome them into your home with open arms.

Remember, adopting a dog does not save that dog….He has already been saved…..by his foster family.