News from American Greyhound recapping June and looking forward to July.

June by the Numbers
In June we had  15 adoptions and  12 new arrivals - 9 TGIE and 3 went straight into foster care.

This makes our year-to-date totals 69 brought into AG, 13 hauled for other groups, and 62 adoptions.
Fast Friends Seeking Foster Families

Summer is in full swing! I hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July and that your hounds were able to find some peace with all of the fireworks in the air.  Now that the fireworks are over, have you considered helping a fast friend find their forever family? Fostering a greyhound is a great way to welcome a(nother) hound into your home without the financial responsibility of owning another dog. American Greyhound provides you with supplies and covers the cost of veterinary care. Have you been considering adopting another hound but aren't sure if two (or more) greys would fit into your lifestyle? Fostering is a great way to find out!
When I speak to people about fostering, one of the resounding reasons why people are hesitant to welcome a foster into their home is the heartbreak they fear when it becomes time to say goodbye. One of our foster homes, Brooke Artley, has really described perfectly the dynamic of feelings when we send our fosters to their forever families to live their life as pets:
"It is not easy for any of us to say goodbye to our fosters, but we know every time we foster, it  means one more dog will find a forever home. The brief pain of losing them is far outweighed by the happy memories of having them. When our foster is adopted, we know the journey for that one lucky dog is now complete, but there are many others still waiting for their chance to shine. We are happy to do our part to help AG bring them all home. "
- Brooke Artley
American Greyhound is hoping to bring in a group of hounds later this month. We also will be welcoming 9 new TGIE graduates in early August.  The summer months bring many adoption applications and a high "demand" for companion greyhounds. Summer months also bring vacations and busy schedules for our regular foster families. In order to facilitate a haul of hounds before that August graduation, we will need some new foster homes to step up to the plate and give a hound a temporary home while they search for their forever family. If you have any questions about fostering or would like more information, please call or email me at 219-395-4432 or If you are ready to welcome your first foster, please complete our Fostering Application . I hope you consider welcoming a foster into your heart and home!
Nicole Graves
Foster Coordinator 
Adoption Tales

Part of what makes fostering so rewarding is knowing that our furry friends will be going to their forever families. Check out these heartwarming Adoptions stories.

Lost Dog Alerts

Recently we posted some information about lost greyhounds on our Facebook page.  Did you know you can sign up for our Lost Dog Alert? 

Text LOSTGREY to 24587 to enroll in the text alert system.  When we are notified about a lost dog, you will receive a text detailing the information we have about the dog.  With your help, we can work together to bring every lost dog home safely! 

If you need assistance or have questions, contact David Graves at .

Hot Days,Cool Treats

Who doesn't love ice cream on a sunny day? Dogs generally find frozen treats irresistible. Because human ice creams can contain harmful ingredients and doggie ice creams are often pricey, why don't you try to prepare homemade versions of these frozen delights to help Fido keep cool and happy!

Just don't add sugar as it's not good for your pooch, and use yogurt with active cultures instead of dairy products. With these healthy, mouth-watering treats, your dog is sure to plant a big, wet, cold-tongued kiss on your cheek!

Flavorsome Ice Cream Recipes for Fido

A. Strawberry Ice Cream
· 1 small tub of fresh strawberries
· 3 or 4 cups of low/non-fat, plain yogurt
1. Mash the strawberries using a potato masher.
2. Mix strawberry mash with yogurt and then freeze overnight.

B. Carob Chip Ice Cream
· 2 six-ounce containers of low/non-fat, plain yogurt
· 1/3 cup of carob chips
· 1 tbsp. of honey
1. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl until well-combined.
2. Pour them into cupcake liners or ice cube trays.
3. Freeze until solid.

C. Ice Cream Cloud Nine
· 1 ripe banana
· 1 cup of peanut butter
· 2 cups of natural plain yogurt
· 2 tbsps. of honey
1. Mash the banana and then stir it into the natural yogurt.
2. Warm the cup of peanut butter using a microwave or stove until it's easy to stir.
3. Add the banana and yogurt mixture and the honey to the softened peanut butter.
4. Mix all ingredients until well-combined.
5. Pour the mixture into a non-stick container and then freeze overnight.

Take treating your dog a step further by turning it into an ice cream sundae party!

Ice Cream Topping Safe to Use
· A spoonful of applesauce
· Some dribbles of honey
· Bits of crispy bacon
· A sprinkle of rice crispies
· Dashes of toasted sesame seeds
Community Events

McAfee Animal Hospital 75th Anniversary: July 21
Come join us while we spend the day with McAfee Animal Hospital as they celebrate 75 years of service within our community. They will have clinic tours, food and fun!  Hope to see you there! 

Where: McAfee Animal Hospital
When:  Saturday, July 21
Time: 11-3

Middlebury Festival Parade: August 11th
This parade is very short and in a shady area as well. Staging will happen at 11 A.M. We ask everyone to arrive around that time frame so we can get all the hounds together in costumes- The theme is Super Heros! We'd love to have you join us! 

South Bend Roller Derby: August 12th
Come see the South Bend Roller Girls at their first home bout of the 2018 Season!! They have chosen us as their charity for the night- how awesome! 

Whistle blows at 2pm starting with the South Bend Roller Girls vs. Confluence Crush. After that the junior derby teams take the track, featuring K-County Junior Roller Derby vs. Chicago Riot. 

Tickets are $12 at the door. Discounted tickets will soon be available online for $10 by visiting
Kids 10 and under get in free.

Donate a pet item at the door to receive an entry into their door prize drawing! 

LaPorte Dog Days: August 25th
Save the date! Details coming soon.

We are always looking for volunteers to help with both special events and our ongoing adoption events!
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