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Rhonda Musak, Acting Coach

As an acting coach, I help actors unlock the magic in their acting.
Rhonda Musak generates so much passion, drive and knowledge that you can't help but learn and challenge yourself.
~ Bellisant Corcoran-Mathe ~
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Ahhh...July. Thank you, warm summer sun. Thank you ice cold drinks. Thank you sandy beach. I love you, summer!

Another favorite of my summer days is my Summer Acting Intensive for Teens. This year, it wasn't only teens as a fair amount of adults were in the mix at the Chicago First Church of the Nazarene, affectionately known as C1.

For nine months of the year, the C1 actors present a new 25-ish page script every Sunday. Yes, that's every Sunday! As you can imagine, that's a lot. I was thrilled to help them implement a more cohesive preparation structure along with some new acting skills and techniques so they can keep hitting it out of the park week after week.

Now that I'm back, the  Drop-In Acting Class is in full swing for the month of July. Join us on Wednesday nights!

And be sure to check out the rescheduled Saturday date for the next  Book Club for Actors

Wishing you magical summer days!

Rhonda Musak
Acting Coach
Acting class is the actor's laboratory and the Drop-In Acting Class at Art & Soul Acting is the place to play, explore, express and nail down your technique so that your next audition rocks it out of the park.

Class is in session throughout July, but please note no class on August 2 as I will be traveling. Class will resume on August 9.

Class Structure
Each class begins with a brief warm-up so students can approach their work centered and focused. Actors then work on their material of choice in an individual work slot.

Work Slot Options
Actors may choose to work on any of the following for stage or film: 
  • Monologues
  • Cold Readings
  • Audition Process & Technique
  • On-Camera Audition Recording
  • Preparation for an Upcoming Audition
  • Exercises to Stretch the Actors Instrument
  • Scene Study
  • Preparation for an Upcoming Role
  • Acting Technique Breakdown for an Acting Issue
  • Get Unstuck Coaching  
DAY: Wednesdays
TIME: 6-10 PM
DATES: weekly
FEE: $55/class

For complete details & registration please visit:

If you've ever cringed because you've been asked about a play that you think you should have read, then the Book Club for Actors is your remedy.

The 38th Book Club for Actors will focus on the plays of: 
David Ives
Remaining Reading Weeks
2 weeks...July 24th

5 weeks...August 12th

The Book Club for Actors is offered twice. Please choose one of two meetings: 

Monday, July 24, 7-9 - East Village
Saturday, August 12, 3-5 - East Village

Read plays from the following selection of David Ives' work:
  • Venus in Fur *
  • All in the Timing: Six One-Act Comedies
  • The Liar
  • The Heir Apparent
So all participants are on the same page with at least one play, please be sure to read the play marked with an asterisk (*). And t  o ensure a robust conversation, participants are asked to read at least 3-4 plays.

Be ready to share what you have discovered about this amazing playwright so we can all learn and grow together! 

For a complete list of play and playwrights the Book Club for Actors has already covered, please visit: Book Club for Actors Archive.
In The Press 
Curious to know more about the Book Club for Actors?  Please check out following articles: 
For complete details & RSVP please visit:

Super charge the New Year with vision and focus. In this life-aligning, 5-hour workshop, participants create a plan for the year ahead...a plan that will stick.

Leap with Passion into 2017!!!
2017 Leap attendees will receive Leaps & Bounds -- a bite-sized monthly reminder to inspire deep integration of all the discoveries made during the Leap workshop. 

Please look for it in your e-mail inbox near the middle of each month.

Leap with Passion into 2018!!!
Dates TBA

Rhonda's passion and unending support made the environment safe for healing, growing and taking chances.
~ Stephanie Joiner ~

Delve deeper into the craft and business of acting with articles that break it all down and build you up.

Feeling stuck? My gremlin series is just what the doctor ordered.

Gremlin #7

An Actor's Guide to Getting Past Gremlins
(Part 1 of 5)

by Rhonda Musak
Actors want to make quick progress when it comes to acting. Whether it be mastering the skills of acting or having a great career, everyone wants to beat a quick and steady path to success.

But what do you do if you're stuck?...

*      *      *      *      *      *

Gremlin #6

An Actor's Guide to Getting Past Gremlins: Fear of Dreaming
(Part 2 of 5)

by Rhonda Musak

...For some actors, these gremlins show up as a Fear of Dreaming. In order to move forward, one must first be able to imagine their future. The cerebral cortex loves to create images in the mind's eye and ultimately these visualizations form a map of future possibilities, a clear idea of a desire that that has the potential to be real in the future.

At the very root, someone struggling with a Fear of Dreaming...

*      *      *      *      *      *
Gremlin #8(1)
An Actor's Guide to Getting Past Gremlins: Victim Identification
(Part 3 of 5)
by Rhonda Musak

...In Part 3 of this series we look at a particularly destructive gremlin called the Victim Identification gremlin. Actors dealing with this gremlin internally identify with various factors - real or perceived - that keep them being a victim who is stuck...

Gremlin #3
*      *      *      *      *      *

An Actor's Guide to Getting Past Gremlins: System Identification
(Part 4 of 5)
by Rhonda Musak

...Part 4 brings us yet another harmful gremlin called the System Identification gremlin.

System Identification gremlins take the focus off of internal reasons for being stuck and instead place the blame on external reasons.

An area where I have seen actors wage this battle most often is against show business itself...

You've studied with me, you've booked the job -- now share the FAB news!

Kevin Cusick
Enhanced Interrogation - Short Film
FBI Director Andrew

Shea Davies
The Luru - Short Film

Psacoya Guinn
The Winter's Tale - Theatre
MaineStage Shakespeare
July 15-August 12

Rachel Leighson
Lili Marlene   - Off Broadway Musical
Write Act Repertory
St. Luke's Theatre
August 25-October 10
Details & Tickets

Lea McKenna-Garcia
Breeders   - Theatre
New Light Theater Project
Access Theater
September 21-October 14
Tickets TBA

Andrew Rothkin
Fall Directing Project - TBA

We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as unsolvable problems. 
~ John W. Gardner ~

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Rhonda S. Musak

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