2nd Global Pyramid Conference:
September 20th-23rd, 2018

   We are inviting you to attend the 2nd Global Pyramid Conference "The Healing Powers of Pyamids" this year we have 3 WORLD EXCLUSIVE ANNOUNCEMENTS being presented for the FIRST TIME anywhere.

1) One of our Medical Doctors, who just came back from visiting Egypt, was allowed access to the underground area of the Khufu Pyramid in the main plateau  in Giza.  It's mostly not known that  there's a lake under it as well as a sarcophagus that has never been officially acknowledged or opened. She was able to photograph it, and collected water from the lake and was able to bring it back home for testing. The findings will be revealed for the 1st time during her presentation during the weekend.

2) Another one of our speakers traveled to the Chacon Cayon area for testing the stone circles. He discovered that the circles there where NOT built by Native Americans, but by  Egyptians. The same Egyptians that built the Pyramids! The "holiest-of-holy" is inscribed within the circles, and he will show you proof of this in his presentation.  
What if there is mathematical proof that ties Chaco Canyon to the architect of the Great Pyramid of Egypt?  What if the architect
of the Great pyramid was the God of the Prophets?

3) A WORLD exclusive at our Saturday night dinner.   A most unique reveal. For the 1st time you will hear about a Pyramid found in the late 80's in the Americas. This Pyramid is as large and tall as the Khufu Pyramid in Egypt. It's made of a black, shinny surface stone. An Egyptian "Head" was found at bottom of this Pyramid. It's said to have a possible sarcophagus inside of it. 
These 3 men that stumbled upon this discovery agreed to NEVER reveal its whereabouts. They kept this secret for decades, and ultimately  took it to their graves. Only one person its privileged to this information. and he will be our 2nd guest at our award dinner.

PYRAMID HOUSES AROUND THE WORLD, our new feature focusing on Pyramid around the world and its uses
This month we highlight the Grandy, Quebec, Canada

Sound Healing being done inside this Pyramid.
They organize different workshops there. Other people also do workshops there. And it is possible to bring sleeping bag and sleep there!   The web site is only in French...and so are the teachings.

July book highlight
Champollion's Dictionary on Hieroglyphic Writing, translated by Patrick Thomas Giles, was the crowning achievement of the great scholar 's career. At 176 years old it is still one of the best references for those who are studying hieroglyphics. This is the only translation of this work available. Perhaps the most significant aspect of this dictionary is that a provides multiple variations of the same words, which provides great insight into the arrangement of hieroglyphics. r

Pyramid Energy Meetup group 
This years Summer break will be extended until late fall due to our conference.  Stay tuned for exciting new speakers.

July Horoscope: 
The Mars Retrograde continues through July and he is out of bounds. When a planet is out of bounds it behaves in a non-typical way. Metatron said that this Mars retrograde period will "rock the foundations of the world both geopolitically and geophysically". We can expect more by way of Fire and Water as far as earth changes go..

The Eclipse mid-month has an energy of unlimited possibilities and the one coming the 27th of July will most likely bring even more turmoil for the United States as it takes place between our Pluto and South Node.

Letting Go will be the theme for all of us during this rocky Eclipse season that continues through mid-August.