July 2018 Newsletter
A Note from the Executive Director
For many of us who are dedicated to improving the lives of children, recent weeks have been a devastating time. Family separation at our nation’s border, Kids Count results placing New Mexico dead last in child well-being, child death due to parental abuse, pick your poison. However, I want to encourage all of you engaged in this work with words I recently heard from a political leader – “choose determination over despair.” I am sure there are days where all of us want to give up, but the stakes are too high. Our children are counting on us, and THEY ARE ALL OUR CHILDREN! So to the degree that it helps you stay determined, please know that the staff and Board of NMASBHC are with you and are here should you ever need support for your work for children. 

Choosing determination,

Nancy Rodriguez

New Mexico Represented at SBHA 2018 - Indianapolis
New Mexico had over a dozen representatives at the national School-Based Health Alliance Convention June 25th-26th. Thank you to Las Clinicas del Norte and UNM Department of Pediatrics for sending team members. Other partners including OSAH, Apex, and Envision New Mexico joined Colorado Association for School-Based Health Care to celebrate and collaborate (pictured here). We hope you will join us in 2019 and 2020 in Washington DC and Denver, respectively.
Part 2 of 4: SBHCs Address Environmental Triggers
NMASBHC will be showcasing the incredible projects that four New Mexico SBHCs completed through funding from Regional Asthma and Management (RAMP). Their projects addressed environmental asthma triggers in their schools and communities. This will be a four part series that will share the case studies RAMP created for each of the SBHCs. If you need support starting a similar project please feel free to contact kimstanek.nmasbhc@gmail.com. Additional resources on environmental asthma triggers can be found here.

SBHC Updates
SBHC Funding Opportunity - Asthma
The School-Based Health Alliance, California School-Based Health Alliance, and Regional Asthma Management & Prevention are pleased to share a funding opportunity for school-based health centers (SBHCs). Eight SBHCs across the country will be selected to receive $8,000 to conduct activities aimed at reducing environmental asthma triggers as part of a National School-Based Health Center Asthma Demonstration Project Collaborative. Over a two-year period, participating SBHCs will receive technical assistance from content experts, opportunities for peer learning with other SBHCs, and tools and resources to better support students with asthma. Applications are due August 17, but we encourage you to complete and submit the short application before heading out for summer break!
SBHC Sponsor Corner
Apex Evaluation - Just Health Webinar
Each year Apex gathers feedback from users of Just Health to inform changes and to keep the tool clinically sound. Suggested changes are brought to an advisory committee made up of your peers and state agencies. This webinar will cover the changes decided on by the committee for the 2018-2019 school year. 

When: August 22 from 11:00-12:30

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HSD/Medicaid Updates
MCO SBHC Advisory Committee Meeting for July - Cancelled
Please note that the MCO SBHC Advisory Committee Meeting scheduled for July 10th has been cancelled. A work group with a smaller group of parties will be scheduled in its place. If you have questions, please contact: nancyrodrigueznmasbhc@gmail.com.
NMHSD Announces Schedule of Outreach and Open Enrollment for Medicaid for 2019
The organizations selected as New Mexico’s Medicaid Managed Care Organizations (MCO) beginning January 1, 2019 are currently working to contract with provider groups around the state. NMHSD has announced the dates for open enrollment for members. HSD and the MCOs will be doing outreach and education across the state in September of 2018 in advance of open enrollment. Open enrollment will be October 2018 through the first week of December 2018.
Clinic Resources, Training Opportunities, and Community Announcements
2018 Kids Count Results
New Mexico has fallen to 50th in the nation in child well-being after ranking 49th for the past four years. This state profile shows how our children are faring on the 16 indicators of child well-being used in the national KIDS COUNT rankings. Click here to see the report. A special thanks to Voices for Children for calling out decreased state investment in school-based health centers as part of the problem to be addressed.
Resources Related to Human Trafficking:
NMASBHC staff are appalled by the increasing number of reports we hear from SBHC providers about the number of students being trafficked. We’re grateful that survivors are seeking care from trusted providers, but we are saddened by the need. If you are interested in doing outreach or education in your school regarding human trafficking, consider the following resource:  http://www.thelifelink.org/anti-human-trafficking-initiative.html . 
IUD Clinical Skills Practicum - July 11th
Clinician trainers from the LARC Mentoring Program and the Department of Health will conduct a 2-hour practicum on IUD skills. They will use pelvic simulator models to practice inserting and removing different types of IUDs. The clinicians will also review managing challenges related to IUDs, and will be happy to answer any questions related to LARCs during or after training. Participants will receive 2.0 CME credit hours at no cost.

Wednesday, July 11th 2:30- 4:30pm @ the Albuquerque Community Foundation, Albuquerque, NM
Immunization Coalition Resources
Check out these great resources from the Immunization Coalition to share with your patients. Click the link below to download the PDF.

CDC Tobacco Prevention Fact Sheets
CDC’s Office on Smoking and Health created new fact sheets, formatted as infographics, about USB-shaped e-cigarettes and youth. These fact sheets provide public health messaging about the risks of the products and actions that parents, educators, and health care providers can take to protect kids.

Given widespread reports of a rapid rise in use of these products, this information is presented in plain-language and can be a helpful resource for parents, teachers and doctors as they work to help prevent e-cigarette use by youth.  

Click here to see all fact sheets.
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