The first SWFL Ronald McDonald House wedding was Thursday, May 26, 2022. Yes, you read that right! We celebrated the wedding of Manuel and Julia, a sweet couple who stayed at the Ronald McDonald House in Fort Myers, all the way from Germany!

The couple vacationed in Cape Coral for their babymoon sometime in April. Shortly after their arrival, Julia went into premature labor, and twins Marla and Matilda were born a couple of months early. This caused the couple to have a much longer stay than anticipated.

With their wedding date quickly approaching on May 7, the couple had to make the difficult decision to cancel. In a casual conversation with Volunteer Manager Illeny Farese, they expressed their sadness about not being able to get married. They joked about getting married in Florida and having RMHC plan it! Well, anyone who knows Illeny knows she will do anything in her power to make magic happen for a family! So, after a chat with staff, we decided we had to make this happen! Click here to read more about this story! Special thanks to RMHC board member Lee Bellamy and the team at Shangri-La Springs for making this a memorable day.

FAMILY UPDATE: Manuel, Julia, Matilda, and Marla arrived safely back in Germany! Each twin flew on their own jet with their medical team from Fort Myers to Canada, then Canada to Germany. The twins still have a couple more weeks in the hospital. Mom and dad cannot wait to get them home!