"One Stitch, One Story,
Our Journey, Our Stories"

July 2016

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Events / Opportunities
Women's Quilting Group 

Thursdays,  1pm-3pm

This project seeks to connect women, share stories of  courage, create beauty, and move towards healing in our lives with one another. 

All craft supplies will be provided, and take-home kits will be available. The group will be hosted at AACS (4700 Reed Rd., Suite B, Columbus Ohio, 43220).

If you want to learn more about our new quilting group or are interested in attending, please contact our Program Coordinator, Yihong Dong at ydong@aacsohio.org  or 614-220-4023 x 100 .
Ikebana Classes:
Japanese Art of Flower Arrangement
7/8, 7/15, 7/22, 7/29
Friday, 1pm-2pm @ AACS

If you want to learn more about our Ikebana classes or are interested attending, contact our Program Coordinator,  Yihong Dong at ydong@aacsohio.org
or 614-220-4023 x 100   

Marketplace, Medicaid, and Medicare:
What You Should Know about Your Health Coverage Options

July 30, 2016 @ 10 am
4700 Reed Rd., Suite B, Columbus, OH 43220

AACS is hosting a FREE community education workshop on different types of health insurance coverage. The workshop will cover the basics of Marketplace insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare as well as how to make the best out of these health coverage options. Please contact  Yihong Dong (ydong@aacsohio.org or 614-220-4023 x.100)  for more information.
Senior Benefits Program :

If you have questions about:
-Medicare Part A, B, & D
-Medicare Savings Programs (MSPs)
-Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)
-Food Stamp Program (SNAP)
-Where to go for help
-Other related questions

Please contact:
Chin-Yin Shih
614-220-4023 x 224

Yihong Dong
614-220-4023 x 100

Join AACS at our Asian Gala as we celebrate our 40th Anniversary. This year's theme is "Our Journey, Our Stories," which reflects the collective journey of our community and each of our individual stories.

Date: November 11, 2016 @ 6 pm
Location: Dublin Recreation Center

Lao Volunteer Donation Association's Monthly Grocery Distribution
Third Saturday of each month
From 10 AM to 2 PM
The next produce giveaway date is on July 16th (Sat.).  
The pick up location: 1160 Alum Creek Drive.
For details, please call: 614-506-1167


For more information about this workshop, please contact the Ohio Department of Commerce
at 614-466-3636.


From the Director

Greetings, AACS Family!

July is a month of summer celebrations including one of the most "American" holidays, Independence Day (July the 4th). Independence Day celebrates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress when America's thirteen colonies formally declared that they will be independent from England. Although Independence Day has roots in the European side of American history, today it is embraced as an all-American tradition by Americans of all backgrounds with picnics, barbecues, and fireworks.

As an Asian-American, I am often fascinated by all the traditions of Asian history as well as all-American traditions. Quilting is an all-American tradition that many people view as mostly European. But in reality, American quilting draws from and reflects styles from various ethnic and cultural traditions. Quilting has a long tradition not only in the lives of European-American women but in the lives of African-American, Native American, and Native Hawaiian women as well. Through different times in American history, quilting was an important income source and means of self-expression and cultural pride for many women.

Asian communities are no strangers to needlework and fabrics and have also made contributions to American quilting. In the 1970s, a small number of the Hmong refugees who came to the United States settled in Pennsylvania Dutch country. There, the Hmong combined their skills in traditional needlework with Pennsylvania Dutch quilting, giving birth to a unique new style of American quilts. In many ways, this fusion of styles is symbolic of the "melting pot" of American society.

On June 23, AACS started a weekly quilting class as part of our new women's wellness programming. "One stitch, one story, our journey, our stories."  The quilting class intends to provide a safe, healing space for women of different backgrounds where they can open up about their experiences to each other as they engage in a comforting activity. Through these sessions, we hope that women who did not have this type of space before can slowly start the process of healing. Through these stitches, we plan to sew back the broken hearts and continue the journey with strength and friendship.

Our quilting classes are open to anyone who is interested in joining and beginners are more than welcome. Please come and join us in this journey of healing.


Summer HAY in Full Swing!!

The Anti-Trafficking Youth Ambassadors shared their accomplishments with their peers and community members. The event was live-streamed for those who were unable to make the trip. Check out more pictures from the debriefing here!

Columbus Youth Ambassador Rahul Kumar presented his team's outreach efforts. The Columbus team's trafficking prevention skit can be viewed on YouTube.

Cincinnati Youth Ambassador Anjali Gupta made the trip to Columbus and represented her team.
  The Anti-Trafficking Youth Ambassadors program was made possible by fund from the Ohio Children's Trust Fund and the Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force. AACS also thanks our partners, Asian Services in Action, Inc. and Asian Community Alliance.