July 2015 Newsletter
~ July 2015 ~

Message from our president, Nancy Perry -


Summertime, CVOA style: A bike trip to Quebec, a BBQ at the range, a paddle on McFarland's Cove, camping in Somes Sound, hiking in the 100-Mile Wilderness, canoeing down the Dead.




We sure know how to enjoy the wonders of the outdoors in a state that most folks call "vacationland" ... and we get to call home! We know you all have your personal adventures planned for the summer. Maybe a paddle on a scenic new pond or a challenging hike with drop dead views. Maybe an undiscovered bike path to explore. A new campground ... a weekend getaway.


This summer we have something new: a "think tank" that will fire up the creative juices and draw up a "Blueprint for Fun in 2016". Heading up that effort will be John Morey, a travelling window salesman from Belfast and avid outdoor adventurer who now wears two hats as CVOA Vice President AND Adventure Coordinator. "Belfast John", as he is known, has experience hiking, biking, paddling, skiing and snowshoeing all over Maine ... including leading a winter snowshoe trek to Baxter State Park and kayaking the coastline of Bar Harbor.


Although John already has five volunteers lined up to help with planning, he says there is always room for one more ... or two or three. So whether you have an idea you want to share, a trip you want to lead or questions about how it all works, give John a shout. You'll find John and his "planning panel" are a fun loving bunch.


So, while you're out enjoying our great state, think of us at CVOA Central: We are always looking for new adventures and new folks to lead us to those wondrous places.


And if you're out there on a CVOA trip ... remember to thank your group leader; without them, it could get pretty dull in CVOA land!


Happy Trails,



Events and Adventures
Calendar of Events
Day on McFarland's Cove
Range News
Camping at Somes Sound
Dead River Paddle & BBQ
Quebec City Bike Trip
Little Lyford Pond Board & Member Meeting
Map, Compass, GPS Course Community News
Exploring the Bigelows Discounts
Whistler Blackcomb Photo of the Month
Calendar of Events
July 18
Day at McFarland's Cove
July 31 - August 2
Camping at Somes Sound
August 9 - Dead River Paddle & BBQ
August 20 - Member/Board Meeting
September 18 - 20 - Little Lyford Pond
September 26 - Exploring the Bigelows
October 3 & 4 - Map, Compass, GPS Course
October 9 - 12 - Sugarloaf Homecoming
October 11 - Exploring the Bigelows
October 24 - Exploring the Bigelows
February 2016 - Whistler Blackcomb
Events and Adventures
Day at McFarland's Cove, South Bristol
Views of McFarland's Cove from the Fosters' deck.
Saturday, July 18

Make a day trip to McFarland's Cove in South Bristol, with easy access to the water. This event is not just for paddlers, either!


Time: From 9 to 4; come for all or just part of the day.



  • Paddle from the cove out into John's Bay, up the Johns River, or up the through the Gut and to the Damariscotta River. Serious paddlers can plan to depart as a group at 10:00; let Cindy know if you would like to lead this group. Other paddlers can poke around the area, or paddle a short distance to Witch Island and hike the perimeter. There is a lot of paddling that requires neither ocean kayaks nor experience.
  • Beach it: there is a small beach close by.
  • Relax on the deck, read a book, enjoy the view.
  • Tour the historic Thompson Ice House, a mile up the road: www.thompsonicehouse.com
  • Hike or walk the camp roads in the area.
  • Play a round of golf at nearby Wawenock Golf Club.

Food: Lunch will be at 1:30

  • At noon, we will order lobsters, cooked (market price plus $1/pound for cooking) at the South Bristol Co-op, or you can bring something to put on the grill.
  • Bring a side dish or grazing food to share, BYOB.
  • The Fosters will provide dessert - ever popular ice cream sundaes.

Location: Cindy and Greg Foster's home at 43 Point Priscilla Road, South Bristol, Maine.


Please let Cindy know if you plan to join us so she can plan accordingly. Email her at cvoa.secretary@gmail.com or call 207-644-1334.


Notes: Event will be held rain or shine. In the event of poor weather, use your discretion about getting out on the water, or making the trip to South Bristol.


~ Cindy Foster


View of the beach from the Fosters' deck
Summer Camping at Somes Sound Campground
July 31 - August 2  

The Somes Sound Campground is now totally booked for our camping weekend of July 31 - August 2.


Trip leaders Paul & Linda Trueworthy spent a couple days camping there recently to scope out hikes, kayaking, local restaurants in Southwest Harbor for dinner, boat to Cranberry Island, and more.


In mid-July they will e-mail the 15 members who have camping reservations to provide details for our camping weekend.


Interested in going but didn't sign up? Contact Linda at cvoa.adventures@gmail.com and she will put you on the waiting list.


~ Linda Trueworthy


Click here for more info.
North Branch of the Dead River Paddle and BBQ
Sunday, August 9


Mark your calendars for one of the most popular events of the season. We will gather at the King and Bartlett bridge just off route 27 at 10 am to put in our boats. 


This is a leisurely float down the North Branch of the Dead River then across Pumpkin Pond to the Eustis Dam. We have a very short portage around the dam then back in the river. If we are lucky we will see loons, geese, and maybe even an eagle or two. As we come to Flagstaff Lake there are spectacular views of the Bigelows.


We take out at the "Point" at the Wing Community where Joe will be waiting for us with burgers, chicken and all the great food from CVOA pot luckers. The paddle is about 5 miles with the current and takes about 2 hours. This is a beautiful float. You won't want to miss it. 


Sign up now with Gail at treasurer.cvoa@gmail.com.


~ Gail Miller

Little Lyford Camps
Fishing, Hiking and "Glamping" - September 18 - 20

Interested in some pristine fall fishing? A hike along the "Grand Canyon of Maine"? Or just a weekend of "Glamping" in the wilderness with hot showers and flush toilets?


If so, we might have a deal for you!


CVOA is heading to the AMC's Little Lyford camps in the 100-Mile Wilderness September 18-20 for a weekend of fishing, leaf peaking, hiking, great meals and even better company. 


Although all nine cabins are currently full, we do have a handful of bunks left in the bunkhouse. If you are interested in reserving bunk space ... or want to be put on a waiting list for a cabin ... please contact Nancy at: cvoa.president@gmail.com.

Map, Compass and GPS Course
October 3 & 4
  • Two-day course
  • October 3 & 4 from 9-4 both days
  • Begin Room, at the CV library
  • More details closer to the date
  • Sign up, or express your interest, to Dick Parker at cvoa.adventures@gmail.com
Exploring  the Bigelows
Walking the ridge along Little Bigelow
Three Fall Hikes

Peggy Bickford has put together a series of Bigelow Hikes in the fall. Save the dates:  September 26, October 11, October 24, and look for more details in the August newsletter.
Whistler - Blackcomb
February 2016

We have 63 of our 72 Whistler slots filled. Don't delay if you want to go on this fabulous trip!


There is more information about Whistler 2016 on our website: Click Here!

Range News
Range Report
June 20 Board/Member meeting
  • John and Neal reported on the progress of the new $30,000 Range building that is being constructed this year using approximately $6,800 in CVOA funds and about $18,500 from a Maine Range Access Grant, administered by the Maine Dept. of Inland Fisheries & Game and funded from taxes assessed nationwide on the sale of ammunition. Part of the funding is also an estimated $5,400 in kind from CVOA member contributions, donated equipment and labor. Currently, the building is planned at 12'x14'; the size will be determined after the cost of the drilled well is determined. It will contain a seasonal flush toilet and sink, along with storage space. The expenses of a porta-potty and a remote storage unit will be eliminated. The Range will be plowed in the winter for access. Eight volunteers spent a recent Sunday morning cutting trees and hauling brush from the area of the water line and the septic system.
  • A steering committee of Neal Trask, Peter Weston, John McCatherin and Harvey Packard is overseeing the project. Peter supplied the drawings and specs, and will supply the lumber for the building from trees cut on his wood lot. Dan Gagne will donate the plumbing. Bill Ward is donating a toilet. There will be other donation opportunities available.
  • There are 25 bids for various aspects of the project. CVOA pays invoices and gets reimbursed from the state as we go along.
  • A motion was made, seconded and approved to accept the Range report.
6/30/15 - Flash Bulletin: Neal Trask reports:
" Good News - We have a well!"


The well is 145 Feet and delivers an estimated 10 GPM of GOOD CLEAR WATER.


Of course we have not had it tested yet but we are off to a great start. Very impressed with Pine State Drilling, they have good equipment and good operators. We have advised Les Jordan that the well is done and they can start with the excavation work and septic."

Event and Adventure Reports
Bike Trip in Quebec City 
36 Cyclists - 1 Great Weekend


The CVOA Bike Trip to Quebec City this past weekend was the beneficiary of wonderful weather, beautiful rides though the city of Quebec and the Fabulous Bike Trail system that Quebec offers. During the welcome party our group discussed trails to explore and formed groups to enjoy some of the 400 km of bike paths that Quebec offers. Friday some cyclists explored the Isle of Orleans on a trail network that offered the adventurous riders 44 to 64 miles (from the hotel) of trails to enjoy and/or be challenged. There were stops at churches, marinas, restaurants, and of course the chocolatier and ice cream shop - the highlight for this author, as well as vineyards and farm stands for the just picked strawberries from local farms.


Cyclists enjoyed trails to Mountmorency Falls, ferry rides to Levis and cycling on the Levis trail network as well as numerous other riding adventures throughout the locale. Some of the group traveled to the beautiful Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre Cathedral.


The Hotel St.-Paul again offered the perfect take off and landing zone for this group of 36 riders. CVOA group members were seen all around the city at numerous sites; enjoying themselves on the bike trails, as well as bike shops. Mike Gallagher is composing a short outline on the numerous bike shops that he visited and evaluated regarding tube replacement inventory and other biking necessities.


Several guests explored the old city and visited the Chateau Frontenac. Members were observed on bus sightseeing venues, the ferry on the St. Lawrence River to Levi, shops, and restaurants and of course the farmers market. All partook of the culinary delights that are abundant in the city and within easy walking distance of our Hotel. Outstanding meals were enjoyed at local restaurants including the Toast and Il Matto.


The final evening a number of the group dined at the Hotel St-Paul restaurant and shared adventures and suggestions for the next day's ride. Some discussed plans for a return trip next year and possible other destinations. An enjoyable time appeared to be experienced by all. Departing Quebec we carried home memories of great rides, wonderful sights, and new friends, anxious for the next CVOA adventure.


 ~ Bob Brickley, Trip Leader


Another great trip photo is the Photo of the Month.
Board & Member meeting report
What a meeting it was!

CVOA hosted its quarterly Board & Member meeting at our scenic shooting range June 20 to a record turnout, including several "newbies" who wanted to know what the club is all about.


In short order, about three dozen members whipped through a crowded agenda, adopting several important new policies and charting a solid course for the year ahead. Then we ate! And ate!


The meeting generated thoughtful discussion, civil debate and a renewed sense of volunteerism. Some of the newbies even applauded us for being "entertaining."


Highlights include:

  • Adoption of a new January 1 to December 31 calendar year for membership. Current memberships will be valid through December 31, 2015.  Renew at Homecoming and be current through 2016.
  • Creation of a new "Adventure Committee," a think tank of sorts that will be led by the club's Vice President and charged with developing an Adventure Agenda for the next year and recruiting volunteers to organize our activities. The committee will also be a resource for those seeking advice on running an outing ... and as the repository for all the great ideas CVOAers come up with for day, weekend and week-long trips.
  • Adopted a new policy to provide a financial "thank you" to trip leaders taking on the task of organizing a weekend outing. Beginning next year, each member of CVOA going on a trip will kick in $5 and the money will be used to defray the lodging expenses of the trip leader.
  • Decided that the ski trip leader should receive extra compensation for large groups. Right now, the ski trip leader gets a free trip ... underwritten by the tour operator ... for the first 20-25 participants. CVOA gets the cash equivalent for the second 20-25 participants. The trips have increased in popularity to the point that CVOA may qualify for a third freebie this year. If so, the trip leader will get half the money to underwrite the cost of his/her spouse/partner and the CVOA treasury will get the other half.
  • Asked the Adventure Committee to explore the idea of a week-long summer trip ... similar to our winter ski trip ... led by a tour guide. In addition, the committee will look into partnering with Maine Huts and Trails to offer a weekend outing at one of the huts.
  • Heard a very positive report from the Range Committee about the progress of the construction project at the range that will build a new storage shed, bathroom and well. Volunteer labor has greatly defrayed the out-of-pocket expenses to CVOA. Thank you! Thank you!
  • Decided to contribute $1000 to the Stratton summer recreation program to help kids attend camping trips and other outings who cannot afford to do so. The recreation program will report back on the how the money was spent and the number of kids we helped.
  • Agreed to assess the condition of the picnic tables CVOA built and installed on the Narrow Gauge and Crommett Overlook to see how may need replacing or repair.
  • Heard that our fish stocking program at the Outdoor Center has been a success! The town is looking into putting up a sign and building a boat ramp.
  • Set August 22 as the date of the next Board & Member meeting, which will be held at the range. All members are welcome to attend.

~ Nancy Perry


Click here to read the minutes of the meeting.
Community News
Our webmaster Cliff George does a great job at keeping us up to date with Community News on our website.

Member Discounts
Maine Huts & Trails

Maine Huts and Trails offers a $10 discount on the cost of an annual Maine Huts & Trails membership to all CVOA members. Use the code "CVOA" online, or contact MH&T.
PhotoofmonthPhoto of the Month
Photo taken by Bob Brickley during the Quebec City bike trip.

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