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July 2017

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How Safe Are Those Home-Delivery Kits?

On the final day of the 2017 Food Safety Summit in a session on "Home Delivery," the professor of human ecology presented a study that looked into the integrity of home-delivery dinners.

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Study: Effective Handwashing Does Not Require Hot Water

In terms of washing away harmful bacteria, cool water is apparently just as effective as
hot water, according to a research study released by Rutgers University.

To learn more about cool vs. hot water during handwashing, click on the link  here.

CDC Fowl Warning: Hundreds Sickened by Backyard Flocks

From Jan. 4 to May 25 of this year, the CDC confirmed that 372 cases of people with Salmonella infections had come into contact with live poultry in backyard settings.

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Explore Travel Health with the CDC Yellow

The CDC Health Information for International Travel  
(or the Yellow Book) is a reference used by health professionals  as a way to provide care to international travelers while abroad. 

To learn more about the Yellow Book, click the link  here.