Middlesex Senior Cohousing Newsletter | July 2018

Middlesex Senior Cohousing -- Building the first senior cohousing community in New England!

Here's a quick look at this month's newsletter...

  • Next MSC Info Meeting, Sunday, July 22, West Acton
  • Matthew Blackham, The Blackham Company, our new development partner
  • Summertime at Oakcreek Community
  • New Ground UK, the first all-women senior cohousing in the world
  • Cohousing is the new trend in Bay Area living, says San Jose Mercury News
  • Exciting upcoming events


--Mayhew and Victoria, MSC founders

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Learn About Cohousing & Our Project
MSC Info Session, Watertown, Mass. 2017
MSC Information Meeting
Sunday, July 22, 2018
2 pm - 4:30 pm
New View Cohousing in West Acton, Mass.

Come learn about our project to build New England's first senior cohousing community in Maynard or West Acton!

Because the event is being held at New View Cohousing, this will be a unique opportunity to experience firsthand an attractive inter-generational cohousing community that's been thriving in West Acton since 1995.

What to Expect
  • Watch our slideshow about senior cohousing
  • Learn about our project and how to get involved
  • Talk with peers in small facilitated groups about taking charge of the rest of your life and aging in place
  • Attendees who want to find out more about next steps in getting involved will be invited to a potluck in the week or so following the event.
  • Find out how joining early gets you seniority in home selection and a big discount on your home price!

Attendance at our Info Meetings has been robust -- come join the conversation!
We Have a Development Partner!
We are about to seal the deal with our new development partner, Matthew Blackham, a third-generation real estate developer in the Boston area with extensive experience in multi-family housing. We expect to begin our site search in Maynard and West Acton by mid-July.
The Blackham Company is a community-focused real estate development, investment, and advisory firm founded by Matthew Blackham in 2011 that has invested in, developed, or played a direct management role in over $250 million of real estate transactions in Massachusetts and South Carolina.
Summer at Oakcreek
Oakcreek Community was started in 2009 by eight households from Stillwater, Oklahoma, home of Oklahoma State University. They wanted to retire in their hometown, but couldn't find suitable or affordable housing to do that. In 2011, they broke ground on their 7.5 acre property on the edge of town, and in 2012 moved in. We love their beautiful landscaping, dotted with flower gardens, wildflower meadows, and benches for impromptu chats. Click on the link below to get a glimpse of the joys and pleasures of life in a cottage-style senior cohousing neighborhood.
Inspiration of the Month: New Ground Cohousing UK
The 25 older women who founded New Ground senior cohousing north of London are awesome! New Ground, completed in 2016, is the first senior cohousing in the UK and the first all-women senior cohousing in the world. It took these pioneers 20 years to get the British government to accord their innovative, community-based project--which includes purchased and rental units, some publicly subsidized--the same funding that is accorded to conventional public housing ("council" housing) in the UK. Their hard-won success has paved the way for more community-based housing in Great Britain. Watch this 6-minute video and prepare to be inspired.
Sisters are doing it for themselves: the retired women...

Attitudes to older people in this country are out of date. Most of the older population do not wish to have everything done for them," says Maria Brenton, an outspoken proponent of older people living independently. She took things into her own...

Read more
Senior Cohousing in the News
A resident at a cohousing community in Mountain View Patricia Ann Boomer smiles at a fellow resident while working on the community's garden. (Photo by Dai Sugano/Bay Area News Group)

There is a "burgeoning trend in communal living among seniors, who are banding together to share resources and camaraderie. Whether they’re finding roommates or living in a modern cohousing development — private homes clustered around shared spaces that residents manage together — these seniors are finding a new way of thinking about retirement, one that revolves around creating a community where you can age in place with others. Some say living-together options are the future of aging."

Northeast Cohousing Summit
September 21-23, 2018
Amherst, MA
 Save the Dates! If you are interested in learning about or living in cohousing, or in launching a cohousing project with some friends, don't miss the Northeast Cohousing Summit happening in Amherst, Massachusetts September 21 - 23. More information will be forthcoming.

Catch up with us this summer at these events:
  • July 18 - Wayland Farmers' Market
  • July 22 - Introductory Meeting, New View Cohousing, West Acton
  • Aug. 11 - Carlisle Farmers' Market
  • Aug. 26 - Introductory Meeting, New View Cohousing, West Acton
  • Sept. 27 - Introductory Meeting, Acton Senior Center
Our Project
We're looking for 3 to 5 acres of land on which to build a beautiful neighborhood of 20 - 30 cottage-style houses with porches and gardens clustered around a central pedestrian path and large common house with extensive amenities. We're focused particularly on Maynard, Mass., because it has a truly walkable business district and a river runs through it. It has exceptional access to recreation and nature areas, increasingly robust services and cultural amenities (e.g., the coming Assabet Village Food Co-op), and progressive community leaders who are working to make Maynard a destination and a great place to live.