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PFAS Levels
Michigan could set some of the country's strictest screening levels for myriad chemicals, known as PFAS, based on recommendations accepted by the Michigan PFAS Action Response Team.

The report was presented by a science advisory workgroup to provide recommendations for acceptable levels of these chemicals in residential drinking water as PFAS has become a growing crisis with contamination discovered in more and more water supplies throughout the state. The report submission follows a directive issued earlier this year by Governor Whitmer for Michigan to set its own standard for how much PFAS is acceptable in drinking water. Among the proposed recommendations, PFAS is 16 parts per trillion (ppt) compared to Michigan's current practice of following the federal government advisory threshold of 70 ppt.

Draft rules are expected to be developed by Oct. 1, 2019 and discussed by various groups of lawmakers, utility companies, industries and others until final rules are adopted by the spring deadline. Once adopted, these rules would establish a maximum contaminant level under the Safe Drinking Water Act with which water suppliers would have to comply.

With regard to NOWS municipal water, the most recent tests showed PFAS levels at non-detect . ( The original sample in 2018 that indicated the presence of PFAS at about 8 parts per trillion may have been a sampling error caused by Teflon plumber’s tape on the line used to collect the sample .)

Each Municipality in Michigan is part of and must participate in the MISS DIG system ( i.e., the Michigan Underground Utility Safety Notification System ) in order to safeguard the public, environment, property, and utility infrastructures buried underground.
Although this is a free service to homeowners, excavators, municipalities and utility companies, it does create a significant financial requirement on the Township. Requests to locate are sent to various owners of underground facilities and the facility owners have 72 hours to mark their infrastructure or state that there is no conflict. ( Emergencies are handled slightly differently ).

Because of the strong economy and an increase in the amount of construction, the Township has seen a substantial increase↑ in the number of MISS DIG tickets received. This translates to more staff time being dedicated toward MISS DIGs.

For the month of May and June, the Township averaged 24 MISS DIG tickets per workday ( or about 1,078 location requests ).  
911 Academy
Fire Fighter David Peterson coordinated this year's very successful 911 academy – which had fifteen (15) students participating over a five-day period. 

The agencies that helped teach the students included members from Grand Haven Charter Township, The Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department, North Ottawa Community Hospital Ambulance Service, Ottawa County Central Dispatch and Camp Blodgett.

The following are a few of the photos. 

Students between the ages of 14 and 18 interested in a career in public safety that want to participate in the 2020 911 Academy can contact Firefighter David Peterson at DPeterson@ght.org .

High Water Impacts
Because of high lake levels, part of the wooden approach to the Pottawattomie floating dock is under water. 

This has created a “ slip and fall ” hazard due to the wood being very slick. This area will be fenced off and notice provided.

It is also noted the high-water levels are impacting Hofma Park & Preserve at the north side of the floating bridge that is also flooded.

And finally, because the high lake levels are impacting the water table in portions of the Township, the Township is receiving more reports of flooded basements.  

Pathway Project
Phase III of the pathway construction project ( i.e., 144th Avenue and Lincoln Street ) began last week with tree clearing.

All permits and easements have been received, with one exception. The State of Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE) has not issued the Township a wetlands permit for about 180' of pathway that abuts a forested wetland. 

If the wetlands permit is not issued after staff provide some creative approaches to concerns from the State, the Township will be forced to add about 180 feet of boardwalk at a cost of about $100k .  
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