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Update: Lincoln Street Road Closure
Grand Haven Township is very frustrated with the continued closure of Lincoln Street. 

At the beginning of June, the Township was told that the contractor would receive an exemption that would allow the “crushed” culvert to be replaced with the exact same culvert. This process was expected to take four weeks.

Unfortunately, a proposed change on the size and angle of the culvert prevented the use of the exemption process. The result is the culvert replacement was required to apply for a state MDEQ permit. The Township was neither consulted on this decision nor even informed of this decision.

Unfortunately, the necessary MDEQ permit was not even applied for until late June and the permit procedure could take weeks. Additionally, staff learned the developer failed to note the application was under the “emergency” status, and the MDEQ did not become aware of the emergency situation until Township staff contacted their office. Further, because state may require the “new” custom culvert to be “up-sized”, the contractor will not order the replacement culvert until after the MDEQ permit application is approved.

Best case scenario, the culvert will be replaced in three or four weeks. But, the process could take weeks longer. (On a positive note, the Township was informed that MDEQ staff will be on-site on Friday to inspect the culvert replacement project. And, if the MDEQ staff verbally agree to the culvert size, a new custom culvert could be ordered prior to the MDEQ permit being issued.)

Bottom line – the major difference between a city and a township is that a township has no direct control over the roads. Rather, the Township is required to work through the County Road Commission. In most instances, Grand Haven Township works well with the Road Commission and financially supports the street and road work being completed. However, with regard to Lincoln Street and the crushed culvert, the Township is frustrated by decisions that have further delayed the opening Lincoln Street.

Based on the “problems” that have plagued the Lincoln Street sewer project, elected officials have requested that township staff draft a policy that will require all future water and sewer projects within any major street right-of-way to be directly controlled by the Township with regard to the hiring and control of both the engineering firm and contractor.  This is a process that is often utilized by cities and larger townships to prevent these types of situations.

As the Lincoln Street “saga” continues, the Township will provide additional updates.

Schmidt Heritage Park
The Township is completing the final details of a land donation agreement that would lead to the development of a 75-acre recreational facility — Schmidt Heritage Park.  

The land is located between Lincoln Street and Ferris Street across from the entrance to Hofma Park and Preserve and is a former family farm owned by James Schmidt.

The Township’s Parks and Recreation Committee worked with a planning consultant (i.e., Nederveld) to develop the vision for the property. Many of the amenities were based on the Hofma vision project completed last summer. The proposed recreational amenities include two (2) youth baseball diamonds, two (2) softball diamonds, two (2) baseball diamonds, three (3) youth soccer fields, four (4) multi-purpose sports fields, twelve (12) pickleball courts, and the 1.6 mile JoJo jogging trail.

In addition to the sports facilities, the Schmidt Heritage Park will include three (3) restroom facilities and eight (8) pavilions that can be used by sports teams. Parking is provided by about 516 vehicles to accommodate multiple sporting events or practices that can occur simultaneously.

A future phase would include renovating the existing barn to allow the structure to be used as a venue for family reunions, high school graduations, wedding receptions or other celebratory events.

This will be a “day-time” only park facility and will be closed and gated each night.  

Summer Taxes
Grand Haven Charter Township is responsible for collection of taxes for all schools, municipalities and other agencies that levy property taxes. Summer tax bills were mailed out on July 1 st and will include taxes for Grand Haven Area Public Schools, the Ottawa Area Intermediate School District, the State of Michigan and Ottawa County.

Keep in mind that these taxes are based on the taxable value of the property as of December 31, 2017 and are typically about 30% higher↑ than the winter tax bills.

Summer taxes are due Friday, September 14 th. Past-due summer taxes are collected at the Township Offices through February 28, 2019 ( pursuant to state law, interest and penalty charges are added each month). 

Payments may be made by cash, check or money order. Credit/Debit card payments are also accepted (a 3% convenience fee applies) at the Township Office, via the Township website ( www.ght.org) or by calling 1-844-392-3657. 

Payments can also be directly deducted from a checking or savings account. To sign up for this option please go to the Township website ( www.ght.org) under Finance forms and select “Summer & Winter Taxes – Direct Payment”.

Summer taxes may be deferred until February 14, 2019 if your 2017 total household income did not exceed $40,000 and you meet one of the following criteria:

  • Senior Citizen, age 62 by December 1, 2018
  •  Hemiplegic, Paraplegic, or Quadriplegic
  • Eligible Serviceperson, Veteran, Widow or Widower
  • Blind
  • Totally and Permanently Disabled

Applications for deferment are available at the Township Offices or on the Township website and must be returned by September 15 th.

Team 911 Academy
June 18th through June 22nd was the 10th anniversary of the jointly coordinated Team 911 Academy. The Township Fire/Rescue department and the Ottawa County Sheriff’s department started this successful joint program for teens in 2008 … and both agencies have recruited new staff into their departments from the graduates. 

This year’s academy hosted 12 teens who have an interest in law enforcement, fire/rescue or EMS.

August Primary Elections
The polls will be open on Tuesday, August 7th from 7:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. Remember that Michigan does have a voter identification requirement at the polls. Voters are asked to present an acceptable photo ID such as a Michigan driver's license or identification card.  

Voters who do not have an acceptable form of ID or failed to bring it with them to the polls still can vote. They simply sign an affidavit stating that they're not in possession of a photo ID. Their ballots are included with all others and counted on Election Day.

To find your polling location, or to check your voter registration status, visit the Michigan Voter Information Center .

To view the ballot for your precinct, visit View Your Ballot .
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