Set off a great fourth of july


July Eagle Newsletter

Pastor’s Corner

It is hard to believe but summer has arrived and in a big way! High temps in the 90’s, heat advisories and tornadoes. It seems as if it were a few days ago we were watching for that snow storm that was sure to arrive. As the temperatures rise, we head outdoors and try to fit an entire year’s worth of living into 3 – 4 months! We try to fit so much into a day, a weekend, or a week that the time flies by and before we know it, we are closing the windows and turning on the furnace as autumn surrounds us with its hint of the coming snow. Where does life go?

Each day we are given many blessings. Some of these we cherish and some we barely notice but all of them help to make our lives blessed by our God. Each day we are given a chance to grow deeper in our relationship with our Lord. Do you make the time in a busy summer day, weekend or week to spend time with God as well as your summer activities? At the end of the season, do you have fond memories of vacations but an empty place where God could have been? It is so easy to forget God as you play with the kids and grandkids, sail on the lake, or hike the trail. Making the preparations for these activities takes time and energy. Speaking with God takes time and energy as well. Have you devoted sufficient time and energy to God this summer? Are you spiritually fit and trim?

Invite God along with you on your next trip. (God is coming along with you whether you have invited God or not.) Place God in your life this summer and experience the beauty and peace of wholeness with the Creator.


Pastor Mike

Congratulations To Our Graduates

A number of our youth graduated this year from Chilton High. We salute and wish God’s blessing to all of you:

           Noah Brown, Skyler Goerl and Patrick Marx

There is a big world waiting for you, your gifts, and all they ways you will impact countless people and make your lives a blessing for the world. Congratulations to each of you.

Summer Offerings

Many of us will spend one or more Sundays away from church. Travels, camping, and dozens of other activities pull us away from church during the summer. While you are away the bills continue to arrive and paychecks are written. The business of the church continues year-round.

Please remember to send your weekly offerings to the church during your vacation. When it comes time to pay the bills, the church council will appreciate your summer commitment to the church.

Ushers and Greeters

The first people a visitor meets are the greeters and ushers. As such the greeter and ushers play an important role in presenting a warm welcome. A smile, eye contact and a genuine smile are important in making a good first impression. There is even more the greeters and ushers need to do.

Please urge the visitor to sign the guest book located near the main doors. Please show them where the restrooms are located. Strike up a conversation with the person. Ask their names. Introduce them to at least one other person or family. Please introduce them to the pastor. Point out the visitor to the pastor while the pastor has a chance to greet them. Give them the pastor’s card located next to the guest book. Ask the person if there is anything they need or any questions they have which you might be able to answer. Finally, leave a note on the secretary’s desk mentioning there was a visitor.

The greeters and ushers play an important role in welcoming visitors and making a good impression for the church.

Congratulations to Claudia Brown

Claudia Brown was invited to be part of the National Youth Handbell Ensemble in Washington DC again this year. She and Kelly drove out there this past week. The students rehearsed Tuesday afternoon, all day Wednesday and Thursday and performed in a live concert on Thursday evening. During the concert, Claudia was awarded the 2022 Youth Handbell Musician of the Year, which earned her a scholarship to attend next year's event. And it all started when Claudia was so little she needed to stand on a stool to see over the handbell table.

Shout Out

A huge shout out goes to Ruth Aebischer for all her work in the church office these past few weeks. She has been a blessing keeping the office smoothly functioning, printing the bulletins and working on the newsletter.

Thank you Ruth for all you do behind the scenes. Your work is noticed and appreciated.

Annual Ice Cream Social Supper

Ebenezer U.C.C.'s Annual Ice Cream Social Supper, sponsored by Ebenezer's Women's Guild, is going to be held on Wednesday, July 13th. This year, again, we will only be offering carry outs which will be available from 4:00-6:30 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall. The menu includes Johnsonville brats, hamburgers, coleslaw, beans, German potato salad, and, of course, homemade pies.  

If you would like to place an order ahead of time so you can just stop in and pick it up in the Fellowship Hall, call Joan Woelfel at 920-418-5457 or Ruth Aebischer at 920-849-9427 by Friday, July 8th. 

To make a donation to the Ice Cream Social Supper, please make checks payable to: Ebenezer's Women's Guild. Donations can be sent or dropped off at the church office or be given to any Guild officer: Joan Woelfel, Ruth Aebischer, or Edit Koespel.

Funds raised from this event goes towards Our Church's Wider Mission (OCWM) and Ebenezer's Women's Guild. If you have questions or concerns about the Ice Cream Social Supper, please give Joan a call or email Ruth at

Pie Bakers - The Fellowship Hall doors will be open by 6:00 a.m. on July 13 if you want to drop your pies off before yo go to work. We ask that everyone please try to get their pies to church by noon.

The Women's Guild would like to thank everyone who helps on July 13th, bakes a pie(s) or donates cash. It is very much appreciated!

Any questions about the Ice Cream Social Supper, please contact Joan or Ruth.

Thank you for your support!

Joan Woelfel & Ruth Aebischer


Notes From The Music Corner

WOW! Thank you for the favorite hymn lists that were submitted. I expect to receive more the final Sunday of June. It is a good thing that there are five Sundays in the month of July as we surely will try to get to sing all the suggested hymns. I know it may seem early but we will begin singing about 8:30 until the beginning of worship at 8:45 during July. We may sing only two verses of each hymn so we can get in as many as possible. Many songs were duplicated so we will definitely get in all of those. We will truly praise the Lord with song!!!

Flyers listing the groups participating in Gospel Fest, to be held at Hilbert Park on August 19 and 20, are available on the table in the Narthex. Ebenezer will be hosting the Sharon Bethal Quartet for worship on August 21. We look forward to a wide variety of worship music.

Congratulations to Claudia Brown as she traveled to Fredericksburg, Virginia where she was chosen to again participate in the National Honors Ensemble. She joined 14 other teen ringers from around the United States to ring very challenging selections under the direction of Kevin McChesney. They began rehearsing on Tuesday, June 21 to perform on Thursday, June 23. Her mom, Kelly, video taped it for us to see. It truly is amazing to hear what 15 outstanding ringers can do in a very short period of time! This is Claudia's third time to participate with this renown group.

Jim Pagel Scholarship Recipient 

Congratulations to Teagan Sabish, the 2022 recipient of the Jim Pagel Scholarship. Good luck, Teagan, as you begin the next chapter in your life.

EUCC Ushering Schedule

Below is the upcoming ushering schedule; please note that the church office does not find a replacement, but we are happy to help you get in contact with possible subs! Please let the office know when any changes are made.


July 3:  Council

July 10: Shirley

July 17: Ken

July 24: Karen

July 31: Kelly

Eagle Articles

Eagle articles are due July 19th. Please have them in a that time. We like to get them out to all members before the en of the month. Thank you for your help on this!

Prayer Request

Arlene ~ Audra ~ Audrey ~ D'Monique ~ Da'Nisha ~ Dennis 

Diana ~ Ellie ~ Eric ~ Glen ~ John and Janet ~ Jim

John ~ Kari ~ Pastor Sue ~ Rebecca ~ Rod ~ Sharon

Stephanie ~ Steve ~ Tod ~ Tony ~ Vern ~ Thede Family

Due to privacy laws, last names cannot be printed on the prayer list because the Eagle goes on the church website which can be viewed by anyone on the internet. 

If you want someone added ore removed, please contact the church office. Thank you.

Happy Birthday!

Caleb Wiegert 7/2

Cole Woelfel 7/4

Jordan Kress 7/7

Bea Pingel 7/9

Tyler See 7/10

Terra Head 7/16

Owen Brown 7/17

Vern Gasch 7/18

Don Pagel 7/18

Chris Stenz 7/23

Judy Mattes 7/27

Emily Wagner 7/27

Royce Verrier 7/30

May God bless your years and may you continue to bless Ebenezer!


If you are in need of Scrip, please let Kelly know. If you are interested in re-loadable cards and direct pay to avoid contact, there is a small fee for credit card charge and bank withdrawal.

Kelly Brown



Office Closed July 4th

Pastoral/Congregational Committee Meeting: July 10, 8 am, Lounge

Ice Cream Social Supper, July 13, 4-6:30 p.m., Fellowship Hall

Men's Group Breakfast: 8:30 am, July 14 at 7 Angels

Council Meeting: July 17, 8am, in Lounge

Contact Information

Office Hours:

Monday: 9 am-2:30 pm

Wednesday: 9am-2:30 pm

(920) 849-4331

Pastor Michael Safford-Kennedy:

Cell: (920) 286-1956


Monday: 9 am-12pm

Tuesday: 9 am-4pm

Wednesday: 1-3pm

Thursday: 9-12pm

The office phone messages are checked during office hours; if you have a pastoral emergency, please contact Pastor Mike at (920) 286-1956 or via email.  

If you have a non-emergency, send the office an email or leave a voicemail message.

June 5, 2022 Special Congregational Meeting

Vice-president, Joan Woelfel, called the special congregational meeting to order at 9:53 AM. The congregation members present at the start of meeting was declared as a quorum.

Ken Lisowe presented the proposal from Christel and Heiberger to remodel the basement bathrooms which came to $48,143. We can deduct $3500 from that price if we do the initial demolition which we already have some volunteers. We also have received donations from members of $7100 which leaves the amount due in the project of $37,543. The quote states that prices are changing on a weekly basis but they will let us know of possible changes as the job proceeds. Terms are $30,000 down payment and the balance due upon completion.

The Council has already made a motion at the last meeting to approve this proposal and are now asking for the congregation to vote and approve or disapprove the motion.

After a show of hands, the congregation has approved the Council's option to accept Christel and Heiberger's proposal and to go forth with the remodeling of the basement bathrooms.

Dennis Winkler made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Dino Papendieck seconded it. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

EUCC Council Secretary,

Karen Cmejla

Ebenezer Council Meeting Minutes

June 19, 2022 at 8 am

Members present were: Pastor Mike, Joan Woelfel, Don Pingel, Dennis Winkler, Mark Rusch, Dino Papendieck, and Karen Cmejla.

Vice-president Joan Woelfel called the meeting to order at 8:00 AM.

Dennis Winkler made a motion to approve this month's agenda and last month's minutes. Mark Rusch seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Ministers report:

  • Confirmed 5 confirmands
  • Performed funeral for Vern Thede
  • Will not be taking any more vacation til August
  • Attendance thru month of May is 48 as compared to last year's average of 44.
  • Stated the resignation of the church office Secretary came as a complete surprise and noted it was due to family reasons.

Dino presented the Treasurer's Report:

Revenues for May: $8905.00

May Expenses: $11,848.63

Checkbook Balance: $62,561.80

Money Market Account: $251,869.26

Cambridge Investment: $59,959,56

Cash Equity: $71,641.08

Other Reports:

  • Property Committee: the demolition of the bathrooms has already started.
  • Evangelism Committee: 20 community flower pots were planted by Brilliont Blooms from Brillion and distributed around the City of Chilton in front of various businesses. The total bill came to $995.
  • No other committee reports available.

Old/Continuing Business:

  • Pastor Mike's health insurance was discussed. We really can't do anything until October so this gives us time to bring in experts to discuss different options. Council members Mark, Karen and Dino volunteered to form a committee along with Pastor to discuss his future health insurance options.
  • The dart ball team is still looking for members and should contact Mark Rusch, Ken Lisowe, or Don Pingel.
  • Ice Cream Social is July 13th.

New Business:

  • After being informed of Nikki's resignation as EUCC church office administrator, we are now in the process of looking for new prospects. We have one lead that we will follow up on immediately. The council speaks on behalf of the entire church just how gracious we are for Ruth Aebischer stepping in to fill that position while we search for a new office administrator.
  • It was brought to council's attention that during service there have been people found browsing in the office and recommend to lock the office door during the service hour.
  • Kelly Brown asked to borrow/use some Fellowship Hall chairs which council approved.
  • The supply of communion wafers has been depleted and there was discussion as to whether we should go back to using real whole-cubed bread for communion again or continue using the wafers. It was decided to continue using the plastic wrapped wafers until further notice. The church office administrator will look into ordering more.
  • It was brought to council's attention that the Pagel family would like to discontinue the "Jim Pagel Scholarship" and roll the monies from their fund into the construction of the new bathroom remodeling project. Dino Papendieck made a motion to accept that request and look into how to go about doing that and Dennis Winkler seconded it. Motion carried.
  • No other new business.

Dennis Winkler made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Mark Rusch seconded it. Motion carried. The "Lords Prayer" was prayed together.

Next regular Council meeting will be July 17, 2022 before service at 8:00AM.

Respectfully submitted,

EUCC Council Secretary,

Karen Cmejla