Newsletter for July 2020
President's Report
Hi Everyone,

Now that Phase 3 has begun we are continuing with preparations to open the Center but we are not far enough along to announce the opening date.

Since my June 22nd Latest News message, Maureen and I have heard from many of the volunteers who held scheduled shifts up until March 17th. Some of them are comfortable with returning but a few daily shifts are still available.

We heard from several members willing to take on a shift that is new for them.

Our financial situation is a concern. During the two first months of this year we brought in $15,909, mainly from food sales, but our expenses for supplies and salary were $18,805. We had a loss of $2,895 that we covered by withdrawing funds from our savings account. We have had to withdraw additional funds to cover expenses since then. As a result, any re-opening will be without a paid cook and with a very limited menu.

I am pleased to report that the kitchen, fridge, freezer, shelves, food preparation services have been tidied up and sanitized. Food storage in the pantry is re-organized. The only work that remains is cleaning the ovens and the overhead grease filters. These tasks can be completed when we decide on an opening date. And thanks to my husband Derek for some very thorough sanitizing.

I am also pleased to announce that Linda Harris has been appointed by the Board as our Director of Membership.

There is a list of the available openings on the Board in the section below. We need more people on the Board. New ideas are always welcome so please think about taking on a Board responsibility.

Our activities that are usually scheduled on a weekly basis need to be re-thought on how they might be conducted to meet health requirements. Each activity needs a volunteer who puts the arrangements in writing.

The Board of Directors will be encouraged to set a date for re-opening when all of our volunteer positions are filled.
Please contact me at or
Maureen Nelson at
if you are interested in planning the modifications for any one of our activities or games or meetings.

´╗┐Stay positive and stay safe.

I will be so happy to welcome everyone back,
Linda Tucker
Board Opportunities
These are the Directors who are paddling our canoe:

Linda Tucker, President
Jean Driscoll-Bell, Vice President
Maureen Nelson, Treasurer
Doug Vater, Past President

Rick Hine, Bylaws
Bob Bray, Communications
Linda Harris, Membership
Can you help us paddle?
~ Secretary ~

~ Fundraising ~

~ Facilities ~ ~ Actvities ~
Slow paddling is still great!
Please contact Linda, Jean or Maureen if canoeing with us is of interest for you.
Our Craft group advises that they have started producing cloth masks for sale when the Center re-opens.
Book Pickup and Puzzle Pickup
Our response to telephone requests will be intermittent until July 10th.
Income Tax Info - Doug Vater
If any member needs help with filing their Income Tax I can still help, we do not need to meet as I can get my information over the phone. With your permission we can use Auto-Fill to complete your return and then file your taxes.
I can be reached at 778-420-4217 or