Newsletter for July 2018
Message from the Board
What are we up to?

For several years we have had a printing cash register sitting upstairs gathering dust. We are delighted that Bob has accepted the challenge and figured it out! In the next few weeks, please be patient as our volunteer cashier team adjusts to the new machine. Why are we changing? The new machine will be able to tell us how many specials we sell, how many pieces of pie are purchased, and help Dos figure out how many entrees to make so that we don’t run out!

We ordered a new bingo machine a couple of months ago. It has to be manufactured and it is taking far too long! We will keep checking to see if it is ready yet.

We are looking for a new way to store the sound system in the corner of the main room – maybe something triangular that will fit right in the corner....let us know if you have any ideas on this, and if you understand the technology so that we can give up some of the equipment.

Katie and the craft people are going to obtain a large, lockable cupboard so that they can permanently display items for sale. Christmas is coming!
We are looking for one of those spinning display stands so that we can tidy up all those pieces of paper on the reception desk. The pamphlet rack seems to be working!

We have been moving things around in the kitchen to make storage more efficient on baking days. The latest acquisitions are a small lazy susan, and a muffin display case. Now we are looking for a better way to display slices of pie!
As soon as our stock of plastic straws is used up, we have a supply of paper straws on hand.

Our copy of The Seniors’ Charter fell off of the wall and the frame couldn’t be repaired. We bought a new frame and the Charter is back on the wall in Jessie’s Room.

If you have suggestions for how to improve our Society, and make the Centre even better, please write out your recommendation, sign it, and put it in the suggestion box near the menu board.
Quote of the Month
Kitchen Liaison - Maureen Nelson
The new steel shelving has arrived and is already in use. Thanks to Doug Vater and John Peter for installing them.

A deep cleaning of the kitchen is scheduled for July.

We are getting the new cash register up-to-speed so that it can be put into use in July.
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The Centre will be closed on Monday, July 2, for Canada Day.
Yoga -- summer hours

We will continue to have yoga classes during the summer but there may not be an instructor in attendance. We have several lay leaders who will help with the class. Please attend at your own risk.

We will be closed on Statutory Holidays the same as the Seniors Centre.
CR Seniors Computer Group

No meetings in July or August. Next meeting is in September.
New Faces!

As you know, volunteers get tired. We have been fortunate to recruit a lot of dedicated individuals to staff the front desk, to help in the kitchen, and to wash dishes. Hoping to give everyone a bit of a break from their duties, we applied to the federal government for the funds to hire two students for July and August. The intent was to bring in someone to do dishes, and someone to work at the front desk. We got the funding and we are delighted to have found Genoa and Janette who will be working with us for July and August. We couldn’t decide who should have which job, so they are going to trade every two weeks, starting on July 3rd. Genoa has lots of experience working with Seniors, and Janette has experience working with Elders. Be sure to say hello to these young women as they come on board.

One of the projects Janette and Genoa will be working on is creating a list of resources for Seniors in response to some of the inquiries we handle at the front desk – Where can I find affordable housing for seniors? Is there someone who can help me with my landlord? How can I get free Handi-Dart tickets? Marcia is coordinating this project, so if you have ideas, please let her know, or use the suggestion box!
Garage Sale in August
A garage sale is coming to the Centre on August 11.

From 9:00am until 2:00pm.

Please contact Katie Defert about volunteering and bringing articles to sell.
Malarkey Mummers "Jack in the Green" a hit
On Monday, June 18, at noon in the corner of the main room "Jack in the Green", a play depicting the forces of evil and goodness in competition to rule the world, was performed by the Malarkey Mummers to a packed house. Photo taken at midway point of the performance.
A few minutes before the photo, the Rabbit sidekick took the green out of the Green Man at the behest of the evil Jack Frost.
The matronly Bumblebee, who is seen taking courage from some hip flask nectar, thinks the Green Man can be revived if a transfusion of vibrant feminine charm can be applied in time.
With some raunchy double entendres and a big kiss the Green Man is restored (shown) and his renewed fertility and goodness deflates the evil Jack Frost (not shown).

Seniors' Centre Hours
Monday to Friday, 9:30am to 3:00pm

Lunch counter from 11:00am to 12:45pm