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July | 2022

Call for Advisory Committee Members 

Are you interested in joining the Agriculture & Natural Resource Center of Excellence Advisory Committee? We’re looking for members who are passionate about workforce education, dedicated to system-wide student success, and connected to Washington’s agriculture and natural resource communities.

If you, or someone you know, might be interested in advocating, brainstorming, and connecting with the Center, please contact Lindsey Williams at or 509.520.6963 for more information. 

Career Connected Learning Collection 

Help Spokane STEM gather data around students' Career Connected Learning Experience.  

This information is very helpful to track all of the Career Connected Learning experiences that are happening in the area to better tell the regional story for Career Connect Washington.

Read more here:  

Career Connected Learning Collection Form

Join the National Council for Workforce Education this October 

NCWE 2022 Conference: Building Bridges and Expanding Opportunities October 12-13 in Portland, Oregon. 

Conference Strands: 

  • Blazing Trails to Circumvent Barriers: Supporting Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging
  • Exploring Unchartered Territory: Emerging Technologies and Skills of the Future
  • Navigating Mountains, Discovering Waterfalls: Employer Engagement and Partnerships
  • Paddling Rough Waters to Achieve Calm: Pathways to Student Success
  • Cultivating Roses and Opportunities: Work-based Learning Solutions
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Conference Schedule 

Connecting Students to Careers in Agriculture and Natural Resources

Careers in agriculture and natural resources are in high demand in Washington State. Visit our Job Board to explore industry snapshots, job positions statewide or to submit a job description!

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July Agriculture and Natural Resource Employment Snapshot

Pathways to Excellence 

Looking for a great career opportunity? Whether you're starting to think about career options or looking to change careers, Washington community and technical colleges have the agriculture and natural resource programs to support your pathway to a high-demand career in agriculture and natural resources! 

Pathways to Excellence Program Guide
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