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JULY 28th | ISSUE #4

In this issue:

  • Phlebotomy Event
  • Challah Bake with Esther Coco Berg and Rochi Pinson
  • Ladies and Lattes
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The Bikur Cholim Medical Task Force

in July was our phlebotomy course!! Big thanks to Lieba Rothstein for bringing in this incredible idea and service into the Bikur Cholim of the Five Towns and Far Rockaway. Our participants were trained within 6 hours by a certified nurse and are now part of our ever growing list of volunteers!! 

They will go to the patients home to draw blood or perform therapeutic phlebotomy for certain diseases. This service is offered to the elderly, people who are ill, or people who are shut-in because of frailty, illness or incapacitation, removing the risks and stress associated with coming to a clinic or hospital. 

If you are already a qualified nurse/technician and would like to join our Medical Task Force, please email us at here! 

Join the Medical Task Force
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Challah Bake with Esther Coco Berg and Rochie Pinson

Major thank you to Esther Coco Berg for inviting us into her home to have this incredible challah bake led by the famous Rochie Pinson, author of “RISING” the book of challah (available on Amazon) who taught us the spiritual aspects of what it means to bake challah and her tricks on challah braiding!! Refreshments were graciously donated by Jus by Julie and Fruits by Pesha for the women to enjoy as they made their challah

Buy "RISING" the book of Challah

Ladies and Lattes ft. Miriam Leiberman

On Monday July 21, Bikur Cholim of the Five Towns and Far Rockaway hosted our first Ladies and Lattes event since Covid-19. The event was held in Central Perk Cafes’ outdoor eating area and the ladies got to enjoy fresh salads, pastas, muffins and iced coffee. The entertainment of the afternoon was Miriam Leiberman and she walked the ladies through the spiritual aspects of preparing for Moshiach now, as it could come any second. Part of preparing for Moshiach is making sure that the women of Klal Yisrael have their instruments ready to go as soon as it comes. The ladies got to decorate tambourines with their choice of design and got to customize them however they liked! After they made their tambourines, Miriam led the women through songs about Moshiach using their tambourines! 

Thank you to all the women who came to help out and to Central Perk for hosting.  


Bar/Bat Mitzvah Chessed Program

A program to elevate a young boy or girl’s special day and do a chesed with their friends. Some options include packaging special seasonal hospital boxes, toy drives, and craft projects to be distributed to bring cheer.

In memory of Milton Ostreicher ע״ה. Dedicated by his loving children, Eliyahu & Rebecca Berger.

At this Bat Mitzvah, the girls made gorgeous necklaces with crystal beads and charms and packed them into jewelry boxes. After the Bat Mitzvah, we gave them to the ladies at the Ladies and Lattes event and they really enjoyed them!!