Volume II | July 31 2019
Short-Term Trip = Long-Term Impact
Millions of people in the US go on Mission Trips. In fact, it is estimated that over 1.5 million people from the United States participate in short-term mission trips every year. That is a lot of people! And those 1.5 million people spend close to $2 billion from these trips. The question is, do they have the impact sought?

The answer to this question is very hard because there are a lot of factors that influence each trip. Of course, every single group that goes on a mission trip wants to achieve their desired outcomes, but it is not often reached. Developing Our Work would like to suggest FIVE ways to get long-term impact from a short-term trip.

  1. Focus on holistic community development in a community rather than relief.
  2. View your trip as a small piece to a big puzzle.
  3. Seek to partner with the locals.
  4. Train your team before you go.
  5. Engage after you get home.

These FIVE simple ways will make a huge difference if you put them into practice as you go on a mission trip. Learn more about what holistic community development means, realize that your trip is a means to a great end, seek a partner, equip your people before they go and upon their return, and give continuity about the trip. By doing that, your trip will be more strategic.
Are you planning to visit Guatemala with your team?
In this article, you will find several reasons for planning Mission Trips to Guatemala and why are they useful. If one aspires to inspire the world with kindness, then joining hands with us is the right thing to do.

Sending Volunteers to Help the Victims of Natural Disasters
There are so many victims of natural disasters in this world, including typhoons, earthquakes, and storms. Developing Our World has the process of sending short-term teams to help the people whose lives have been greatly affected by such natural disasters.
... it will Bring You & Society Lots of Benefits
Volunteering helps to bring different people together. No matter what the cast or religion, volunteering offers fundamental help to individuals as well as the community in need.