Volume III | July 31 2020
The Benefits Of Being A Volunteer
Volunteering for a cause that you believe in is a very productive way to utilize your free time. A person can have a rewarding volunteering experience that can teach him or her kindness and empathy while helping him learn more about the problems that exist in the world. 

There are several benefits of volunteering. First and foremost, it provides a person with an opportunity to contribute to a cause that he or she believes it. This way, he or she gets to put their share into making the world a better place. Volunteering can also help one learn and develop new skills, which can facilitate him to advance his career. You can also connect with other like-minded individuals through volunteering. The satisfaction that this activity offers you makes you feel happier, which is necessary to stay mentally and physically healthy.  

There are countless opportunities for volunteering in both the religious and the secular world. A person’s religious beliefs can add more meaning to the experience of volunteering. In Christianity, we believe that we are doing Jesus’s work on earth and helping him fulfill his mission by working for a good cause. These causes not only include providing education, shelter, food, and health services to the deprived, but also sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with whom we work with. By doing this, we are responding in faith to the needs of others.
Mission Trip to Guatemala
Guatemala has a range of issues that are focused on by Developing Our World. Developing Our World has worked extensively in this region, and knows deeply about all the issues and their solutions. In July 2021, the organization is planning a mission trip to Guatemala and is inviting volunteers to participate in it. 

Mission Trip to Nicaragua
Nicaragua is a country with several human rights violations issues. Developing Our World has been serving in the country for two years. The organization is planning a mission trip in August 2021 and is inviting volunteers to participate. 

What is going on in Dzaleka Refugee Camp
Eagles Junior Academy
Dzaleka is the largest refugee camp in Malawi. 
Developing Our World has partnered with Evaldo Jose to adopt Eagles Junior Academy in the Dzaleka refugee camp. We need volunteers and donations to buy school supplies for this school.