July 2021
July 1, 2021
Happy 4th of July!
Upcoming Events:
  • Board Meeting: July 19 , 7:00pm, Zoom
  • Swim Committee Meeting: July 7, noon, Zoom
  • Tennis Committee Meeting: July 29 , 7:00pm, Zoom

If you'd like the Zoom invite to any of the club meetings, email office for the link.
In This Issue:
  • Message from the Board
  • Get to know the staff
  • Tennis/Swim Reservation Clarification
  • Recycleballs
  • Club History
Message from the Board

Dear KKC Members,

Summer is here, and the Club is open! 

We hope everyone has been able to come out and enjoy all the club facilities since the June 15th reopening. Not only does the pool have a big ol’ free swim area every afternoon, but the BBQ, picnic areas, and club room are all available for parties and other events. 

The Board is planning to host a Reopening Celebration event later in the summer, to cheer our successful reemergence from the pandemic and the lockdowns. This will also be an occasion for Staff Appreciation, to acknowledge the hard work done to steer the club into, through, and finally out of the ever-changing state and county rules on Covid-safe behavior. Stay tuned for a later announcement (and bring your event ideas to the Office or the Board).

In other updates, the locker rooms are finally open - with fresh clean paint jobs! And brand new gas grills are coming soon.

To help everyone remember how things worked at the club pre-pandemic (aka The Before Times), here’s a link to the Club Rules and Policies.

Finally, it’s not too soon to start thinking about Board Elections, which will be coming up in the fall. Several seats will be up, so please consider helping out the Club by serving as a Director. Each of the seven directors takes one of the specific roles, which are President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Buildings & Grounds, Membership & Communications, and Social Director. 

See you all at the Club,

Kona Kai Board of Directors
Get to know the Staff
My name is Charles Kingsley. I'm 27 and I grew up in Santa Cruz. My father Ken works at the club and I got into here a few years ago working on the pool and doing little upkeep tasks in the morning. I did that for a couple years and then when Covid hit I started taking on more work here like monitoring out front and painting the entryway and doing sanitation and cleaning as well as other upkeep stuff at the club like continuing to work on the pool. I now work in the office as an assistant. I work Tuesday through Saturday from 2 to 9, sometimes later if work needs to be done. I enjoy working on physical things at the club and saying hello to the members. For hobbies I enjoy Warhammer 40k which is a miniature war game where you assemble, paint and play a table top war game with those models. It's fun and a money sink.
Tennis Reservation Clarification
Dear Members,

To clarify some confusion that has come up regarding tennis play, here is an update:

Please continue to use SKEDDA to book court time. Please enter all players and guests in Booking Title.

Tennis Guests:
Guests must continue to be entered in the SKEDDA reservation with their names, and clearly marked as "guest" in the Booking Title section.
In addition, guests must sign a waiver. They can use the form on the clipboard in the lobby or on the tennis patio, one line per guest.

You may use a court if it is available. Check the SKEDDA reservation system to make sure that no one has the court reserved, and register for the court once you have done so. All reservations have priority.

Late arrivals:
Showing up more than 15 minutes late for the reservation may lose the reservation.  Any other member may claim an empty court that is booked after 15 minutes if it’s a no-show, by contacting the office to make the change.

For reference,we will link the current tennis reservation rules here

Swim Clarification

Pool lap lanes are now reservable in 30 minute increments.

Looking for swim lessons for yourself or your child?
(All levels of swimmers are welcome!)
Lesson Times
Monday’s Wednesday’s Friday’s 

Please contact us at:

Tennis balls update

Hello Kona Kai Members and Staff!

We are thrilled that things are getting back to normal, and the tennis ball Recycle Balls program is a perfect indication! We are happy to say we have already sent 5 boxes of tennis balls to be recycled. That is approximately 1000 balls! Thank you to all those who are participating!

At this time we are looking for a local business, group or individual to sponsor Kona Kai's recycling effort. Unfortunately in order to continue recycling balls, we need the help of a local Sponsor. Recycleballs.org is no longer offering Quickship labels to return the balls unless we have a Sponsor. Kona Kai was generous enough to sponsor the program for the first quarter, but to keep the program going, we need annual sponsorship.

The sponsorship of our recycling bins costs $600 annually, has a possible tax deduction of $4,000, and includes a framed sponsorship plaque at the club and posting in the Kona Kai Newsletter.

Some members have asked what Recycle Balls does with the balls they recycle. Current uses include tennis courts, equestrian arena footing, playgrounds and garden mulch. New products are being developed all the time!

If you have questions or would like to talk about becoming a Sponsor, please contact Bauer Muhle at bauermuhle@gmail.com or Jennifer Muhle at jenmuhle@gmail.com!
Club History
Club History

A look at the past…
Take a look at our members who joined during July in the years past. Starting with

Robert Williams

who has been a member since 1981. This makes him a member of Kona Kai Swim & Racquet Club for 40 years!


July 1981 (40yrs)
Robert Williams
July 1990 (31yrs) 
Joe & Tina Goulart

July 1993 (28yrs) 
James & Lisa Johnson

July 1996 (25yrs) 
Tim & Linda Vachon

July 1997 (24yrs) 
Don & Shelly Bacci

July 1998 (23yrs) 
Marc & Ellen Majewski

July 1999 (22yrs) 
Kevin & Jeanne Tse

July 2006 (15yrs) 
Nicos & Magdalena Achilleoudis

July 2007 (14yrs)
Dave & Marianne Mehuys

July 2009 (12yrs)
ShiannMing Liou & LiLing Chen

July 2010 (11yrs)
Jim & Jan Yamaguchi

July 2011 (10yrs)
Jen-Wu Huang & Becky Lee

July 2012 (8yrs)
Kazuo & Michiko Matsumoto
July 2013 (8yrs)
Sandra Lee
Wei Zhang & Xiaoming Li

July 2014 (7yrs)
Tom & Denise Banholzer

July 2015 (6yrs)
Jerry & Patricia Louderback
Saurabh & Gajra Sinha

July 2016 (5yrs)
Haitao Zhang & Xiaohong Jiang

July 2017 (4yrs)
Aaron Wang & Fiona Shi

July 2018 (3yrs)
Ye Mike Chen & Xia Summer Jiang
Karl Gong & Janet Chang
Long Yang & Xiao Liu

July 2020 (1yr)
Frank Chu & Tina PARK

Welcome to new members:

Jake & Brandy Olsen
Trevor & Claudia McGuire
Rahul & Kashmira Bakshi
Mack Teng & Hsin Hsien Chung
Cheng Tam and Wenqian Wu

We day goodbye to former members:

Bev & Richard Olsen
Chacko Neroth
David & Carolyn Chin
Mona Foley
David & Mitzi Evans

Club Contact Info

Club Office:

General Office email 

Kona Kai Swim & Racquet Club 
Kona Kai Staff

Interim Manager
Celia Scheuerman

Assistant Manager
Brandon Davis

Office Assistants
Marion Schade
Charles Kingsley
Dulce Fernandez
Jillian Muirhead

 Club Maintenance
Ken Kingsley
Brian Bautista
Charles Kingsley
Jae Caluag