Freedom Issue
Continuing Empowerment!
Last month we introduced Susanna Borgelt who is the owner of Empower People's Agency! This month we would like to share some more of the training information with you! 3rd Circle has welcomed Susanna with open arms to give us some world class training skills and physical tools to better ourselves. Our trainings so far have included:
Harrassment Prevention
Boundary Setting
Bystander Intervention
For our trainings, Susanna begins by showing us some key getaway moves that we can utilize in these scenarios without harming the other person. The best part about the physical training portion is that everyone is able to easily implement the action to get out of many situations. Some of the admin team was hesitant before class began as we thought it would be expert level moves, but we were pleasantly surprised we were all able to execute and retain what she was showing us. She showed us how to deal with someone who is aggressively approaching us, how to get away if some grabs our wrist, how to help someone else who is in an abusive situation, and more. We all felt ready to jump into any scenario and empowered to stand up for justice!

After our defensive training, we all congregated in the conference room for some group enlightenment training on how to recognize, handle, or prevent these situations. We discussed situations as a team and how to better maneuver through them or how to pass along those tools to other staff. It was nice because Susanna never told us how it is, she took the time to get to know the dynamic of the team and workplace to specifically apply solutions to our scenarios. It never felt like we were "reviewing information" or "already knew the information", it felt fresh, positive, and expertly proficient! She was able to teach everyone in the room something new and helped everyone see different perspectives of situations.

Unfortunately, Susanna is not employed with 3rd Circle (we would love to have her), but she does offer her services to the public! If you or someone you know is interested in scheduling a seminar with her check out to get information.
Susanna will also be holding a free Women's Empowerment seminar on:
July 31st from 3pm-6pm
at Gracie Jiu Jitsu in Keego Harbor!
If you are interested in attending please call the office at (248)795-2625 to notify Nichole who can then register you for the class! Attending staff will be paid by 3rd Circle if you are interested, so please let us know!
"When We Return to Normal"
We have all said it! Maybe we stopped saying it a month into the pandemic, or maybe we continued to say it in hopes of actually returning to normal. Either way-that day came! June 22nd marked a day for full capacity to come back and mask-less entry for vaccinated folks! Fortunately, we are still able to see the positive Michigan cases drop so that has helped put a lot of skeptics at ease. We must be doing something right because we haven't seen numbers this low in Michigan since last Fall! Even though not everyone will have their vaccine and may have to wear a mask, we are still able to fully open up our businesses here in Michigan. While some businesses have had a stroke of luck and have been able to make more money due to carryouts, many businesses have been struggling to break even so this is a big deal for those places! Let's all do our part to keep as safe as we can so that we can keep this momentum going!
Community Spotlight:
Restaurant Worker Charissa!
Meet Charissa Grady who is one of the managers from Honcho in Clarkston! If you have ever been to Honcho, you probably know who Charissa is, especially if you have a dog! Honcho is the Latin American (with a twist) and Coffeehouse right on Main St, one of a few other local Union Joints establishments famous for their mac 'n' cheese. Charissa helped to open Honcho as one of it's servers back in October 2016. As a server you would also find Charissa at all the parades and events-Taste of Clarkston, Independence Day Parade, National Taco and Tequila Day, Christmas Parade, and so many more! Charissa was promoted to Manager not even 2 years after opening to spread her cheerleader attitude and over 20 years of experience. On top of her management duties, Charissa has also taken on the entire Coffeehouse at Honcho as Head Roaster and managing. You may see her fixing issues all across the restaurant. A normal day for her could include roasting 5 different regions of fresh coffee beans, then running to the bank for some change, mopping the floor to open, slinging some bar drinks or tacos to help out in a pinch, or staying late to make sure the last employee leaves safely. Charissa's biggest priority is to ensure the guests are happy at the end of the day. She is the woman who sweeps in to resolve your dinner issues if you have any issues!
Until We Meet Again,
Micah Taylor
Our hearts lay heavy as 3rd Circle, staff, individuals, family, and friends said an early goodbye to Micah Taylor on June 21st at the age of 41. Micah was a gentle, warm-hearted Direct Care Worker over at our CC1 home as well as another home through a different provider. He bonded with the individuals on a personal level and genuinely enjoyed spending time with them which helped keep a positive household! Micah's presence will be dearly missed in and out of the CC1 home. We appreciate the time we did have with Micah and extend condolences to everyone affected.
Staff Sidebar: Fire Safety
It is that time of year! Time to celebrate our independence from Britain by dressing in our nation's colors and setting off all the fireworks!
3rd Circle would like to remind everyone to be safe when dealing with any fire whether it be fireworks, a fire pit, or tiki torches (demonstrated to the right by Josh Flanders!). The majority of injuries are to people's eyes, hands, or head so be careful! A few key things to remember:
  • Always keep a hose or bucket of water readily available!
  • Keep your distance! If you can feel the heat, take a step back.
  • Make sure fire/firework is completely extinguished before touching or leaving!
  • Avoid trees and bushes, make sure there is an opening above the fire pit or where you are shooting your fireworks to!

You can also celebrate the birthday of our country by going to see the big show Fireworks! There is a link below in Other Activities that runs down Oakland County's Fireworks Displays!
...Good Gossip!
Chris Allen, Jennifer Pillow, and Laronda Gray from our Melvin home invited David Allen from our Fairfax home to spend all Saturday at the Detroit Zoo together!
At the beginning of June, Matt Staines and Josh Flanders went out for the 1st Baseball game at Jimmy John's Field this year. Even better, Josh was able to throw the first pitch of the season!
Josh Flanders from our Valdosta home took on The Blazin Challenge at Buffalo Wild Wings after signing a waiver. He scarfed down 10 Carolina Reaper Wings in less than 5 minutes winning the challenge!
Over at Tallahassee, James Koenig and Thomas Dettloff enjoy a day out at their favorite trails at Innovative Park taking photos of their favorite finds!
Another 3rd Circle Family Movie Night! This month our Sarvis, CC1, Melvin, Tallahassee, and Laurelton homes went out to see Cruella on the big screen!
Over at our Sarvis home the girls helped to beautify their home by creating a plant bed and planting some flowers at their new home!
Big Shoutout to ANDREA GUERRA our Employee of the Month!

Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Food: Mexican and Chinese
Favorite Music: R&B
Favorite Movie: Love and Basketball

Andrea Guerra is the home manager over at Willowpark! She has been with us for over 2 years now and has worked her way up after starting as a direct care worker! Andrea has been struggling with staff in her home and between her and her main girl, Ayanna Crumb (we see you too!) they have been tag teaming shifts left and right to cover the shortage! We are grateful that you care that much to make sure the girls are taken care of, even through the tough times, that this month goes out to you!

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Concerts run from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. Local talent performs at 6:00pm and headliners go on at 7:00pm.
July 2
Headliner: Stardusters
Local Talent: Robyn Marriott

July 9
Headliner: The Randy Brock Group
Local Talent: Becca Violassi

July 16
Headliner: Air Margaritaville
Local Talent: Sam Van Wagoner

**More information below in "Other Activities"



Cookless Pesto Zucchini Noodles
1 12oz package Zucchini Noodles (or 4 zucchini if you have the tool)
1/2 teaspoon Salt
1/2 cup Pesto (sold in small jars)
1 tablespoon Olive Oil
1 large Heirloom Tomato, or 1 package of Cherry Tomatoes
Parmesan Cheese
  • Pour thawed Zucchini Noodles into a strainer, sprinkle Salt all over noodles and let them sit for 10 minutes (this will make them soft!)
  • Rinse Noodles and gently squeeze out extra moisture, place in large bowl
  • Add Olive Oil to Noodles and toss
  • Add Pesto to Noodles and toss
  • Chop Tomatoes into bite size portions and add to Noodles, toss gently
  • Season Noodles with Salt, Pepper, and a good serving of Parmesan, toss gently and serve!
**Also great heated up! You can easily microwave your portion or heat up noodles quickly on the stove. If you are looking for some protein try chicken cut up into bite size pieces!