News and Updates |July 2021
Featured Mentoring Pair
The chapter’s annual Mentoring Program launched in April of this year. As part of the program, mentors and mentees are encouraged to meet once a month, either in person or virtually, to discuss topics provided by co-mentoring chairs Soma Nwokolo and Michelle Moretz-Smith. Below is a snapshot from one of our mentoring pairs of their experience in the program thus far.  
From mentor, Erin Jackson:
I am so grateful to have connected with Lisa as part of the FBA’s Mentoring Program. Lisa and I could’ve talked all day upon our first meeting. I enjoyed learning about her career path and her professional goals and achievements. I also appreciated the chance to hear about her perspective on the practice of law and leadership within a law firm. I look forward to many more meetings and appreciate the opportunity for a long-term relationship.
From mentee, Lisa Sheibly:
My intentions when I applied to participate in the Mentoring Program were to develop a new meaningful professional relationship and gain a sounding board to discuss my challenges, questions, and professional development. I am happy to report I have found just that. Erin and I had our first meeting early one morning over coffee at Buddy Brew and she instantly made me feel comfortable. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy our conversation flowed and how willing Erin was to provide thoughtful and practical guidance. Particularly notable for me was the following: “We juggle many tasks. Determine which tasks are glass (deadlines, urgent matters) and which are plastic. When you are feeling overwhelmed or overworked remember any dropped plastic tasks will bounce just don’t drop your glass tasks.” I look forward to continuing the mentorship and our next coffee meeting!

YLD Food Drive
Thanks to your generosity, the YLD received over 600 pounds of food for its donation to the St. Pete Free Clinic. We are thankful to report over 20 individuals donated items for this drive. A special shoutout goes to Johnson Jackson PLLC who donated over $200 worth of items for the drive.

On July 1, members of the YLD Committee delivered the food to the St. Pete Free Clinic in downtown St. Petersburg.

The YLD Committee members reported the staff at the St. Pete Free Clinic were very grateful
for the food donations. The staff at the St. Pete Free Clinic explained how the St. Pete Free
Clinic provides an enormous service to the local community by providing food to their men’s and women’s shelters. The Free Clinic also runs a local pantry staffed primarily with volunteers. On the day the YLD Committee members delivered the food, the staff at the St. Pete Free Clinic explained that over four hundred people would be served through the drive-through pantry. The staff was extremely grateful for this donation, as this number continues to rise.
Again, the YLD is thankful for your generosity and looks forward to serving Tampa Bay more in
the future.
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following tiers:
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Request for Pro Bono Assistance
We have been contacted by Magistrate Judge Philip Lammens concerning a request for pro bono assistance on a prisoner Civil Rights (unreasonable use of force) case pending in the Ocala Division, MD, FLA—Drinkard v. Inch, et al. Below is information about the case, and attached is the Order seeking appointment of counsel.

A description of the case is as follows:

Plaintiff alleges that on January 29, 2019, while incarcerated at Lake Correctional Institution, he was beaten by five correctional officers while fully restrained in handcuffs and shackles. Plaintiff suffered a broken rib, possible fractures to the ocular bones or ocular orbital floor in his right eye, a 1.5 inch laceration above his left eye, an injured lip, and severe bruising and abrasions to his knees and thighs. He was denied adequate medical treatment, only given a bandage and no additional treatment measures before being sent back to his cell. Plaintiff visited his psychiatrist the following day, who wrote an incident report and referred Plaintiff for treatment for his injuries. Subsequent x-rays confirmed a broken rib and possible fracture around his eye. He was transferred to another prison on February 8, 2019, and his injuries that were still visible were photographed. Plaintiff seeks declaratory and injunctive relief as well as monetary damages. 

These cases often provide excellent opportunities for courtroom experience in federal court. The appointed attorney is permitted to be reimbursed for certain costs incurred during representation as long as the client satisfies requirements for indigence. See ( Please contact Scott McLaren ( and his assistant, Jaime Schill ( if you are interested in this opportunity. Thank you.
Board Member Spotlight, continued

Tell us about your law practice. Where do you practice and what areas of law do you practice?
I am an attorney at Johnson Jackson PLLC in downtown Tampa, Florida, where I practice management-side labor and employment law. More specifically, I defend and advise public and private sector employers on legal issues arising from the employer-employee relationships ranging from handbook, policy, and training development to responding to and litigating charges of discrimination, harassment, and wage law violations at both the administrative and trial court levels.  

What benefits and opportunities have you experienced through your TBCFBA membership? 
Through my membership with the TBCFBA, I have met lifelong friends and mentors and gained invaluable knowledge about practicing in the Middle District of Florida. I was new to Tampa, Florida, when I joined and shortly after becoming a member, I had the opportunity to introduce myself to and work alongside other local attorneys and members of the Federal judiciary on a variety of different projects. These projects and experiences have not only served to benefit my personal practice but also serve as opportunities to give back to the Tampa Bay community. 

What advice would you offer to a new lawyer?
It is ok to make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, regardless of how many years of experience they have. And when you inevitably make a mistake, own it, move on, and learn from it. As a perfectionist, I have to reiterate this advice to myself often.
What do you like to do in your free time?
I am a foodie. I love going to different restaurants, trying new foods, and watching cooking shows. Ironically, however, I do not enjoy cooking—I just enjoy watching others cook and eating the final product. I also enjoy exercising (mostly running and spin classes), traveling, reading, and binge-watching TV shows and documentaries. 
For questions or to submit announcements or other content,
please contact Erin Jackson or Erik Johanson.