July / 2018
 July Next Wave Newsletter
July is #Smart Irrigation Month! Smart Irrigation Month is a great time to learn more about being water efficient, especially outdoors. Here are some Smart Irrigation tips to consider:
  • Give your irrigation system a tune-up!
  • Check for broken sprinkler heads, such as those spraying the sidewalk or street, and fix immediately.
  • Install water saving devices such as high efficiency sprinkler nozzles and weather based irrigation controllers; rebates for these devices are available in most areas.
  • Make sure you run your sprinklers in the early morning hours before sunrise to avoid water lost to evaporation.
  •  Adjust your outdoor pressure to avoid water lost to misting sprinklers.

Summer time is officially here and using water wisely is always essential in our warm, dry climate. Check with your local water provider for more resources including landscape workshops, programs and rebates that may assist you in saving water outdoors.

Downloadable coloring pages and puzzles are available!

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