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We're Listening: Software Integrations

In July, we surveyed 716 active users of our EireneRx software integrations (TruChart, PrimeSuite, PACECare, NextGen). We received 100+ responses. It is abundantly clear that of our two options, bi-directional integrations are the PACE clinicians' preference, as they improve workflow and improve ability to reduce medication risk. Thank you to those who shared your experiences - please keep sharing!

For details about the survey responses, please email us.
Lamisil Oral - be careful!

Most clinicians know that when participants are prescribed oral formulations of Lamisil (terbinafine), an antifungal used to treat certain fungal or yeast infections, we need to monitor closely for GI side effects and liver problems. But, did you know that there's another significant risk associated with Lamisil Oral? It monopolizes CYP2D6 - the enzyme responsible for metabolization of antidepressants, beta blockers, metoprolol, pain medications, and many other commonly prescribed PACE drugs!

Terbinafine is a CYP2D6 inhibitor--2D6 activity is inhibited, and separating administration times will not minimize risk. (This differs from competitive inhibition where two substrates compete for the same CYP enzymes and have differing affinities.) In this case, separating administration times may minimize risk. Please speak with your pharmacist before prescribing Lamisil oral to participants on other medications. 
News: Multi-dose Packaging Compliance Aids Reduce Errors
Int J Nurs Stud

A newly published study touts the benefits of multi-dose packaging as beneficial for reducing medication errors. After sampling 35 nurses and 6 carers from ten different care homes, the authors concluded that the significant difference in "medication administration error rate between original medication packaging and multi-compartment compliance aids supports the use of the latter in care homes." Click here for the article.
In-Home Medication Dispensing Device: Medacube

CareKinesis has always offered reminder packaging for PACE. We are now enhancing our services by offering MedaCube. MedaCube is a 10-inch robot, designed to simplify the medication administration experience for participants, while providing real-time notifications to caregivers and nurses when medications are not taken as expected. MedaCube differs from other in-home dispensers because it employs a barcode system for loading that reads medication labels, interprets the directions, and dispenses accordingly.

Unlike other devices, MedaCube does not require dose prepouring or special canister configuration, reducing setup time. Email us for more information. 
A visit from Child Prodigy, Sofia Tomov

In June, we were fortunate to host Sofia Tomov, a 14-year old aspiring computer scientist from Tennessee. Sofia spoke to us about her award-winning computer algorithm that she developed to help doctors determine whether a person has genetic mutations that could affect his/her reactions to medications. Our team was impressed and inspired!

Check out this brief video for a snapshot of her visit.
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