July 2020
Thank You for Your Support!
Thanks to our generous guests and supporters, the TLCFA roof repair that began in 2019 is nearly complete!

Dormers that were added to the building over the years were removed last fall. The final exterior work waited until the snow melted and the temperatures moderated.
The rounded metal Quonset hut roof, built in 1947, required a three-step fix: sealing the screw heads and seams; priming the surface; and, applying a final coat of special paint to make everything watertight. Now only minor repairs to the interior water damage remain to be completed.
Step 2 - Primer applied before the final coat of special paint.

This is the view from the east side, where one of the dormers was removed to return the roof to its original shape and ensure there is no access for rain or melting snow.
Step 3 – The TLCFA Board picked the perfect color for the final coat – the one with the longest warranty and the smallest price tag!

This is the view from the west parking lot while the final coat is being applied.
The painters finished their work in May. This is the view of the final coat from the east side of the building along East School Street.
Thank you for your continued support as we complete this necessary project. 

TLCFA has been able keep up with the payments to the contractors to date, however, donations are still needed to pay the final expenses.

The pandemic interrupted the TLCFA season and our summer income, but the work to make the building weather tight had to proceed.
The pandemic also presented an opportunity for all of us to think differently about how to enjoy art and music.

So as the roof work was being done on our theater, John Karban installed a high-speed internet connection to enable us to support live streaming. We have purchased a computer and the Demmer Library has a donated camera they are sharing with us. We hope to pursue grants and other funding sources for more shared equipment very soon. 
What live streaming will you be able to enjoy from TLCFA?

We want YOUR ideas:
  • Art lessons?
  • Live music?
  • Live streaming of public domain movies?


Your Support is Greatly Appreciated!