July 2023

Congratulations to the 2023 Technician of the Year!

Harrison Keyes

 Jerry's Automotive Service Waukesha, WI

Special thanks to our friends at DRiV and Garage Gurus for sponsoring the Technician of the Year Program.

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Right To Repair Awareness Month – How to Take Action!

July is Right to Repair Awareness month and the Auto Care Association’s Marketing and Communications committee is calling on the auto care industry to take action.

  • Send a letter to your local congressperson
  • Download and use Right to Repair promotional materials
  • Host your congressperson
  • Share the #righttorepair hashtag on social media
  • Be an ambassador at your place of business
  • Attend the 2023 Auto Care Association Legislative Summit

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Support the Repair Act

Local Search: 4 Tactics to Elevate Your Auto Repair Shop

The always excellent Local Search Ranking Factors Report was recently released for 2023. It has a massive amount of incredibly helpful information. In this blog, Repair Shop Website's digs into the four factors that saw the biggest increase in importance from the previous report that was released two years ago.


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Leveraging Video to Tell Your Story

Hosted by our Certified Service Center program partner, Autoflow. Watch their latest webinar on-demand here and follow along as they discuss topics on educating clients, sharing your story, attracting new talent for recruiting, and all the ingredients of a great video.

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Retaining Customers in the Automotive Aftermarket Industry

This article is brought to you by Garage Guard, an insurance solution for Auto Value members. To learn more about your insurance options and get an insurance quote for your business visit avbtbinsurance.com

Standard Motor Products LIVE In-Studio Class

Join Standard Motor Products for a LIVE in-studio class at no charge covering Misfire Diagnostics on August 1st at 6:00 pm CT. After completing this class, a technician will be able to:

  • Describe basic combustion principles
  • Analyze scan tool data
  • Verify ECM commands for ignition and fuel
  • Interpret oscilloscope waveforms for misfire diagnosis
  • Evaluate relative compression results

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Wednesday, July 26 Cybersecurity - Is Your Shop Safe?

Google My Business, Facebook, online purchasing and scheduling – business is increasingly handled online. Yet, by putting more and more of your shop’s business details into the cloud are you putting your security at risk? What kind of firewalls are needed to keep your shop secure in an increasingly electronic society?

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A vehicle drifts to the right while driving forward. Which of these could be the cause?

A) A seized left front caliper.

B) A restriction in the left front brake line.

C) Leaking master cylinder cup seals.

D) Sticking right front caliper slide pins.

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