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The Fight is On in "O-Town"
SEACAA 2018 Annual Conference Orlando, FL
September 18-21
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Tues., September 18 at the Rosen Plaza Hotel, Orlando, FL
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You don't want to miss SEACAA's' first regional Poverty Symposium! Distinguished UNC scholar, Dr. James B. Johnson, Jr. will share his groundbreaking research on the Six Disruptive Demographic Trends that will forever change the face of poverty in the southeast and impact the work of CAAs.  Events of the day will also reach ou t to the next generation of poverty-fighters and conclude with an in-depth Poverty Simulation .
Nominations Due by August 24th!
Know of a deserving candidate for the 2018 SEACAA Awards ?
Take the time to share thegood news about their achievements and contributions to community action. The SEACAA Awards Committee is currently accepting nominations for three annual awards:
  • Lonnie D. Burton Achievement Award
  • Carl D. Perkins Human Service Award
  • William “Sonny” Walker Self-Sufficiency Award
Unleash Your Inner Davinci
Creativity is more than an art, it’s a skill, a dynamic force that often underlies success. 

Scott Shellstrom , speaker, artist and creative director, will inspire us to think differently about creativity as a dynamic force that underlies success and ignites productivity.Leadership Coach, Jeff Barnes, will share Walt Disney’s philosophy. Speaker Steve Gutzler will inspire us to reach our full potential. A half-day of vision board workshop will help us bring new strategies to life.
National and regional partners including David Bradley, Executive Director/Co-founder, National Community Action Foundation and Denise Harlow, CEO of national Community Action Partnership. This is just a sampling of the dynamic speakers who will present at the conference. Learn more here!
2018 Jimmie Samuel Service Project
Save Our Students Back to School Supply Drive

SEACAA is working with our local community action affiliate, Orange County Community Action , in Orlando to coordinate the 2018 Jimmie Samuel Day of Service project. This year we will be collecting school supplies to benefit school age children served by our sister agency, so start stocking up on items you can transport or ship. The agency will also provide staffing and general support for the conference along with help from the State Association, Florida Association for Community Action (FACA).
Case Management Certification Opportunity
The North Carolina Community Action Association in partnership with Delaware State University recently developed a web-based Case Management certification curriculum specifically for Case Managers. The class will begin on October 4 th . At the completion of the course, participants should be able to demonstrate increased knowledge of theories and concepts related to case management, as well as increased competence in working with families in need.
10 Fun Facts About Orlando
  • 66 million people visited Orlando in 2015, more than any other destination in the world. The number of visitors in Orlando each day is equivalent to the population of Atlanta.
MORE Fun Facts
In the Know
NC Executive Directors Receive Governor's Award
Longtime SEACAA Board member, E. Marie Watson , Executive Director of Johnston-Lee-Harnett Community Action was recognized for her 39 years of service with the highest honor awarded from the Governor's Office - the Order of the Long Leaf Pine by NC Association President, Dr. Landon B. Mason, SEACAA Board Member and Executive Director of Economic Improvement Council, Inc.

Retired Executive Directors, Mary Ann Morgan of Western Economic Development Organization and Mattie Patterson , Blue Ridge Community Action, Inc., were also recognizedfor their outstanding service. The  Order of the Long Leaf Pine  award, for persons who have made significant contributions to the state and their communities through their exemplary service and exceptional accomplishments. Congratulations!!
SEACAA Board Member, Leroy Gilliard, Retires
Former, Beaufort-Jasper Economic Opportunity Commission Executive Director, Leroy H. Gilliard, and SEACAA Board member, recently retired.

Mr. Gilliard was born and reared in Georgetown, SC. After graduating from high school he spent 22 years in the U.S. Navy before retiring from service. Mr. Gilliard began his journey in Community Action as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Beaufort-Jasper Economic Opportunity Commission (EOC) in 1978. He then became the Executive Director of Beaufort-Jasper EOC in 1981 and continued to serve as an advocate for the socially and economically challenged.

During his tenure with the agency, Mr. Gilliard partnered with local and national organizations in an effort to continue providing clients with a vehicle for the achievement and maintenance of family stability and economic self-sufficiency. Well-done, Mr. Gilliard!
The Economy Is Changing—and So Must We: A New Charge for Nonprofits
This is the first in a four-part series of articles from the summer 2018 issue of the Nonprofit Quarterly, “Nonprofits as Engines of a More Equitable Economy.” The article touches on mechanisms that policy-makers can use to leverage public assets to reduce wealth inequality. It questions the role of civil society—the people who our sector represents....in a world where the economic ground beneath us is shifting rapidly; likening our present safety-net infrastructure to one held together with the institutional equivalent of duct tape!....duct tape that increasingly is not holding. 
STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP: Creating the Future  
Aug. 8-10, KY
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Strategic Plans assist agencies in planning for an uncertain future by examining the trends and climate that effect community action. Planning for the future is one way of anticipating challenges and positioning your agency to be proactive in meeting those challenges rather than just reacting and hoping for the best.
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8-10 - STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP: Creating the Future, Barbourville, KY 
28-31 - Partnership Annual Convention , Denver, CO

18 - Poverty Symposium, Rosen Plaza Hotel
18-21 - SEACAA 2018 Annual Conference , "Fighting Poverty - In It to WIN It" – Rosen Plaza Hotel, Orlando, FL

4 - Case Management Certification Certification class begins - web-based

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