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We're Back! Caribbean Reef Sharks, Nassau Bahamas; Paul Mila photo
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Discovery Channel's Shark Week and Nat Geo's SharkFest are upon us this week, so we are featuring sharks in this issue, and informing you how you can help shark conservation efforts.

One thing about sharks is that they can be easily conditioned. In the beginning of this video a diver has teased a nurse shark to expect a treat. Naturally the shark pesters the diver until it finally swims off. 
The diver was lucky to avoid having his arm crushed if the shark had been more aggressive.
Nurse Shark Wants a Treat
Nurse Shark Wants a Treat
"Well, it was only a nurse shark!" 
We've often heard that quote after a diver, or a swimmer, or a snorkeler has had a misadventure with a nurse shark.
Sea-gram fan Fred Chiappetta sent in this story about a model who thought it was a good idea to float among nurse sharks in shallow water. Check out the story & video:

This month's Conservation Corner is about two organizations helping save sharks: Shark Research Institute (SRI) and Shark Angels.
Check out their stories.
This month's  Story Behind the Photo(s)  article features great shark photos taken by my dive buddies. Hope you enjoy them!

If you have a photo with an interesting story or would like to share a good dive yarn, let me know at and I'll be happy to include your story in a future issue.

I hope you enjoy this issue of Sea-gram !
  Paul J. Mila
  Conservation Corner . . .
               Organizations Helping Sharks
There are several organizations that provide education about sharks, and offer several ways to help via auctions, donations, and "adoptions."

The Shark Research Institute (SRI) offers many programs.
Visit their website:
Also, contact:
Marie Levine, Executive Director
Shark Research Institute
PO Box 40
Princeton, NJ 08542
Tel: (609) 921-3522
Cell: (609) 915-5211

The SRI is offering a shark auction starting 9:00 pm Sunday, July 22, 2018.
I'm honored to be selected as one of the "prizes" that people can bid on.
Click on the photo for information or to bid . . . 

 . . . or visit 


The Shark Angels, is another great shark conservation organization.
Visit their website:

 Story Behind the Photo (s). . .
                            Divers' SharkFest
"You want to dive with what?" 
That's a frequent reply from nondiving friends when we tell them we're planning to dive with sharks. As divers, we enjoy seeing a variety of sea critters. But after a while we like to experience more high-octane adventures -- like diving with sharks. Here are sharks my dive friends and I have encountered around the world. ENJOY!

                     Caribbean Reef Shark, Cozumel, Barbara Petersen.

Hammerhead, South Pacific, Jim Brand      Reef Shark, Nassau, Karl Kelso

                       Whale Shark & Diver, Isla Mujeres, Mexico,Tim Dalton

                             Great White, Guadalupe Mexico, Eric Graeber

Mako Shark
  Shortfin Mako, Montauk Long Island, Paul Mila

Great White, Guadalupe Mexico, Lee Solt

is your home for exciting dive adventure novels, nonfiction dive stories, children's books,  and YouTube videos featuring various ocean creatures. 

In the spirit of Shark Week check out my novel, Dangerous Waters. Although it's humans that make the waters dangerous, a shark attack changes a young woman's life forever.
Available from all online booksellers,, and at Scuba Network, Long Island.

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Conservation Corner: 

        Organizations Helping Sharks

Story Behind the Photo:
           Divers' Shark Fest 


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Life's A Beach (Walk)
Summer time means beach-walk time. Even up here in the NY area, you never know what you'll see as you stroll the beach.
Walking along Jones Beach on Long Island, you've probably come across something interesting, like this little black "Mermaid's Purse" lying in the sand next to a clam shell. 

If you've ever wondered where a "Mermaid's Purse" comes from, it's actually the egg case of a skate, part of the stingray family. 
After the egg case is laid, the long, thin, tendrils attach themselves to something on the sea floor to avoid being swept away. Eventually, a fully formed skate pops out, like this juvenile skate I spotted swimming in the surf on the same beach walk.

If you walk a little farther, just past Field 6, you might see a fisherman pull out something interesting, like this juvenile sand bar shark. He released it moments later.

And if you come across a piece of plastic, please pick it up so some sea creature won't ingest it.

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 All I Want For Christmas . . .
Grandson Max is a little out of season but what the heck, he loves sharks!

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Sea Shepherd Update
For more information on Sea Shepherd's latest conservation activities visit their website:

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Morning at the Residencias Reef
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