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Welcome to Shark Week 
Caribbean Reef Sharks at Shark Arena, Nassau Bahamas, Paul Mila Photo.
 Welcome to the July edition of  Sea-gram,   from
This month we're talking sharks, to celebrate Discovery Channel's more informative and less sensational approach to SHARK WEEK (but did Michael Phelp's "race" against a computer-generated shark prove anything? Really, now!).

Photo Courtesy of Stuart Coves Dive Bahamas
One of my favorite dives was this one in Nassau, about 17 years ago at Shark Arena in Nassau (see headline photo above). 
You can tell it was a while ago: note my old Sea & Sea MX10 film camera and -- much darker hair!

This 2-minute video provides a brief glimpse of the action:


If you'd like to learn how you can help save sharks, visit the Shark Angels, a great shark conservation organization. 
Just click on the photo to swim into their website:

Some of the best great white shark photos I've seen were taken by Sea-gram friends Lee Solt and Eric Graeber, shark cage diving off Guadalupe Island, Mexico.

Lee's Great White

Eric's Great White
Eric Graeber posted his photo in B&W, for a dramatic effect!

A great white shark cage adventure is still on my personal bucket list.  Of course sometimes things can go wrong, as happened in this YouTube video:
Shark Cage Dive Goes Wrong

In A Cozumel Shark Story, check out my encounter with Stubby the Nurse Shark.

For a change of pace from sharks, check out the Story Behind the Photo , where diver Amy Pitotti went eye-to eye with a conch. Did you know that when you're looking at a conch the conch might be looking at you? I didn't.  
Read Amy's story.

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Paul J. Mila
A Cozumel Shark Story . . . 
                   . . . Stubby the Nurse Shark
                                                        By Paul Mila, Carle Place, NY
Diving over the years with dive operator/instructor Alison Dennis in Cozumel, we used to encounter a nurse shark that Alison had dubbed "Stubby." Stubby's front dorsal fin appeared to be deformed into a stub, unlike this nurse shark below, which has two normal sized dorsal fins.
Nurse Shark
Near the end of a dive on Yucab Reef, Alison spotted Stubby hunting along the bottom. We saw him corner his prey inside a small cave and dropped down to investigate. 
After Stubby made his kill, probably a lobster, he wiggled backward out of the cave in a cloud of sand. We noticed a remora attached to Stubby, like a beard. 
Note his "stubby" front dorsal fin.
Stubby the shark
When Stubby saw us, he was spooked and swam away, right between my legs. I sure was glad his dorsal fin was stubby!
Stubby, up close
Unfortunately, about a year after this encounter, Alison saw Stubby one last time, trailing a fishing line. After that she never saw him again. Most likely Stubby's fate was that of too many other sharks -- taken by a fisherman.
Story Behind the Photo . . .
  Here's Lookin' At You, Kid                                      By Amy Pitotti;  Wildomar, California
Here is Amy's story behind the photo:

"While vacationing on a favorite island in Culebra Puerto Rico, we discovered that many restaurants served conch. Curious, we asked about them and discovered they were everywhere on the ocean floor - and in season, you can collect and eat them." 

"While freediving I found many beautiful conch shells resting on the ocean floor. One had a 'foot' anchored in the white sand, so I decided to look at it." 
"When I turned the shell over, I could see the curved foot that the conch use to move and dig with - it was then I noticed it also had eyes and it was staring directly at me!" 
"I had my Reef Master Mini on macro setting - and without a flash I was able to capture those amazing eyes so everyone could see! (I was afraid no one would believe me!) Seeing is believing!"

Details: Freediving in shallow water with perfect light. Macro-magic 
Sea Life Reef Master Mini camera on Macro Setting.

 Thanks for sharing your unique photos, Amy!
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Killer Has Arrived in Paradise!
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A Cozumel Shark Story:

                   Stubby the Nurse Shark             

Story Behind the Photo:

                  Here's Lookin' At You, Kid

                                  (Stories, lower left column)  
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Shout-Out for Sharks!
Sea-gram fan Adam Cohen sent us this 
shark conservation story, sponsored by 
Nautilus Liveaboards 

We posted this last month, but in honor of Shark Week, we're posting it again.
Check out this moving video about shark conservation:
Shout Out For Sharks
Shout-Out for Sharks
For more information, click on the link:

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News From Bonaire 
Sea-gram reader Tish Dace sent us these updates about the status of sharks & rays in the Dutch Caribbean:

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A Great New Beach Read!
Undercurrent Editor Ben Davison just published TROPICAL ICE, an entertaining eco-thriller, based in Belize.  Click on the book cover for more information:

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More Shark Photos
Sea-gram friends have sent in great photos from their shark encounters. Here are some of the best. Enjoy!

Tim Dalton -- Whale Sharks, 
Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Barbara Petersen -- Reef Shark, 
Palancar Reef, Cozumel

Karl Kelso -- Caribbean Reef Shark, Nassau, Bahamas

Jim Brand -- Pacific Hammerhead
Thanks for sharing your photos!

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Voices of Children
Marie Levine of the Shark Research Institute 
sent us this story about children making posters that will be given to divers participating in a mass protest dive, Silence of the Sharks, by more than 500 divers from around the world on October 22nd and televised worldwide. 
The dive will be in memory of Dr. Eugenie Clark, also
known as "The Shark Lady."
View their posters here:

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Granddaughter Sophie already loves sharks, but lesson #2 will be: 
"Sharks don't drink milk, Sophie."

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 Sea Shepherd Update
For the latest Sea Shepherd conservation initiatives, click here:

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Last Call for all AQUAWOMEN !

Long Island diver Linda Gotti informed us about this Aquawoman event:
August 5, 2017, they have two boats reserved in Freeport, the  Sea Hawk and the  Tempest, and also two boats in the Hamptons, the  Side Kick and the  Half Time. 
For details contact: 
Victoria: 917-376-5654 or
Linda: 631-680-8168

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