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From all of us at Dr. Shrink, we hope you have a safe and Happy 4th of July!

Dr. Notes - News from Mike
"Hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July holiday on Wednesday! The team and I will be celebrating the holiday on Tuesday with a staff BBQ lunch on our patio. Wishing you all a great holiday with family and friends.

New and exciting product catalogs for the 2018/2019 season are in process. This year's catalog is full of informative diagrams and sketches that will help immensely as you tackle any shrink wrap job in any industry. Also featured are our New Products for the year- please see the section below for more details. These will be very popular items for the fall boat wrapping season.

Don't forget - now is the best time to get your heat tools inspected, diagnosed, and repaired. Our heat tool technician on staff can quickly look at your heat tool to see if any maintenance or repair work needs to be completed. If you'd like your heat tool looked at, please give us a call at 800-968-5147 and we will get you the information you need to send it in to us.

Again, have a wonderful 4th of July holiday and a great July."

-Mike Stenberg
President & CEO, Dr. Shrink, Inc.
Dr. Shrink has been working hard on our new product catalog for this year and we are excited to give you a sneak peek. This new product & resource guide is full of new diagrams, charts, and how-to explanations of the basic steps to shrink wrap just about anything. Below are a couple quick references of what's to come in the catalog.  Also, you can expect your Fall Special Price Sheet in the mail during August-- we will be running our early-buy 10% off all shrink wrap special again this year so don't miss out! 

- A nifty diagram for measuring proper film width for your pontoon boat:

Dr. Shrink is proud to be a USA Made company with most of our product line being manufactured within the United States. American Built quality is what sets Dr. Shrink apart from low cost and low quality products. We stand behind every roll of shrink wrap and accessory that we sell with high build quality, after the sale service, and on time delivery. 

Remember that our American Built product line cannot be matched by any other company in the world!  Dr. Shrink supplies all products for shrink wrapping. One stop shopping is how we
operate. Make purchasing simple with the supply of all American Built shrink wrapping products.
New products from Dr. Shrink, Inc. available this month!

- an all new revolutionary product that is ideal for any pontoon boat with seat backs that are exposed above the upper rail which come in contact with strapping and shrink wrap material. The SeatSaver fits on all 1.25" square tubing top rails on pontoon boats and provides either a 2" or 4" lift of the strapping over the vinyl seat backs, preventing damage to seat backs from strapping abrasion and indentation. 
See our SeatSaver Flyer for more details

Rhino Cap -  Dr. Shrink is improving on its proven End Cap with this heavy duty Rhino Cap. Designed for optimum pole poke-through protection, the Rhino Cap features more surface area, greater strength, and strapping grooves to make your strapping structure easier to create and more durable than ever. The edges are strengthened around the entire perimeter to provide maximum strength against snow load.
See our Rhino Cap Flyer for more details
Lightning Vent - Dr. Shrink's new DS-LIGHTNING one-handed installation vent allows for easy and quick installation with an all new strap and friction hood which secures the vent to the cover with no taping required. The large hood over the vent opening offers better weather protection ensuring moisture and weather stays out of your wrapped items.
See our Lightning Vent Flyer for more details

Calling All Shrink Wrap Installers!Installers
We know Dr. Shrink customers are some of the best shrink wrap installers in the nation. People frequently call our office asking if we know of any shrink wrap installers in their area that would be willing to wrap a boat, patio furniture, outdoor kitchen, farm equipment, and all other sorts of items. 

Are you a shrink wrap installer who would like to be considered to be included on our Professional Shrink Wrap Installers List? If so, all you need to do is fill out this application and either email it back to us at marketing@dr-shrink.com or fax it back to 231-723-9586. Once you're approved, we will put you on our Installer List and will will refer business to you!

Featured Video: Pontoon Wrapping Training
Learn from the professionals at Dr. Shrink on how to shrink wrap your pontoon boat for storage.

How-To Shrink Wrap a Pontoon Boat for Storage
How-To Shrink Wrap a Pontoon Boat for Storage
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QUOTE of the Month
Keep the testimonials coming! We enjoy hearing feedback points from our fantastic customers. Thank you all for being part of the Dr. Shrink Family!

"Thank you for excelling in taking phone orders, customer service and shipping. The orders have never been wrong."

- Tony P. Port St. Lucie, FL Customer