Orchards United Methodist Church Newsletter 
July 2019 - 1st Edition
Dear Church,

I like you. I want people to meet you. I want you to meet people. So we are, thanks to the will and courage to step out. And isn't it fun?

Our Summertime Read & Play ministry is multiple things at once. First, it is a resurrection of a previous ministry, Project Transformation. It is the renewal and deepening of a partnership with Orchards Elementary School. It is also the realization of our Vision, set forth at Charge Conference in 2017 and renewed last year. That vision stated that we would devise direct ways to serve our Project Transformation kids and families. When Project Transformation ended, the Church Council was resolute that our Vision remained: we were still here, the kids were still here. Can't we just continue to serve?

In explaining Summertime Read & Play to a colleague, I couldn't help but put it in simple terms: 'We take food, games and books to the neighborhood kids'. The coolest part was pulling up on day one and the kids were already there. They helped unload stuff, helped clean up and helped each other play and read.

So, I really want every member and friend of the congregation to come out and see your church's vision in action. You invest in the church with your time, treasure, prayers and concern. I'd love for you to see one of the results of your investment. Church ain't for nothing.

Pastor Christopher
Summertime Read & Play Update

We've been having a great time at Orchards Glen Apartments, meeting neighbors, reading books, eating together, and playing. A few of the great moments I got to see last week:
  • A couple of the kids really wanted to read to the end of One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. (Really, really wanted to read to the end!)
  • It was a rainy evening, so we didn't have all that many folks from the apartments there. Still, every time we figured that nobody else would be coming in to eat, another family would walk through the door. Everyone loved the pasta, salad, bread, and fruit.
  • We had some really fun games, even indoors - pool noodle hockey and "Dog, Dog, Where's Your Bone?" were big hits.
  • Lots of the kids were very excited to read. They wanted to read with each other, or with us, or to take books home with them afterwards.
  • Before dinner, one of the kids pulled out a collection of little balls to show me and Erik. The whole collection fit in a pocket, and each one of the little balls had a story behind it. I'm pretty awkward around kids, but this kid didn't care. I got to hear all those stories.
There's still plenty of time to volunteer. We're there every Tuesday and Thursday until August 15. That's a lot of volunteers! Come read, or help serve food, or just sit and hang out with the people who show up. Some are kids, and some are adults. Some are shy and some are not. Some love to read and some love to run and play games. Ministries like this remind me that we're all just people, and we've all got stories, and all of us are worth getting to know.

A few logistics:
  • We're at Orchards Glen Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4:30-6:30pm. Setup at 4pm, clean up until 7pm. If you're signed up only for reading, be there around 5:15/5:30pm (or earlier).
  • Sign up to volunteer in the narthex, or let me know at or 206-551-5424.
  • If you're signing up for the first time, check in with Sherry to see if you're up to date on your background check.
  • If you have camp chairs, pop-up canopies, etc. that you don't mind bringing with you, please do.
  • If we have bad weather again, I'll call or text around to volunteers to let you know whether to come or not. We won't need so many volunteers on bad weather days.
  • If you can't make it on Tuesdays or Thursdays, you can still help. Talk with Mike Coats about dropping off food donations, or with Pastor Christopher about picking up donations from Costco. Cash donations help to pay for food, as well. And you can always pray for the folks at Orchards Glen and for our whole community.
Finally,  thank you  to everyone who is already volunteering. You are making this a success already. I'm so grateful to be part of a church that is really serious about being involved in the community and building relationships. Thank you!

Hi Friends,

Summer is upon us. July is busy, but not in the run of the mill sort of way. This month there will be no youth group on the 7th for the holiday weekend and no youth group on the 14th since we've got youth volunteering their time to help at elementary camp at Ocean Park. We will meet at 1:00 on the 21st for youth group. On the 28th we'll be leaving for our mission camp to Lazy F and the Ellensburg community which we will return from on August 2nd.

If you are wanting to send support with our youth on this trip, we would love some letters of encouragement. There are still a couple youth on the fence so I'll send out a list of names in a week or two. Thanks for your love and support.

We will be meeting at our normal times this month.  
July 6th (1st Saturday) at 10 am - Annex

July 18th (3rd Thursday) at 6 pm - Annex 

  Remember to BYOCraft or just yourself as we enjoy this time of Fellowship and Crafting.
Contact Shiloh 541-740-8401 or 
Sherry 360-518-9988  if you have any questions.


We would love to put photos of this years Retreat (or any other OUMC event) on our Website and FB page.  If you have any to share, please email them to Sherry at:

Thank You To All My Loving Family at Orchards United Methodist Church!!

I just want to say thank you all so much for being a part of my 80th Birthday Surprise Party & Potluck - I was totally shocked.  All of you made it so special.  The kids, along with everyone's help, really pulled it off.  I sincerely appreciate all your thoughtfulness, love and friendship.  Thank you all for being there and thinking about me.

My love to you all,          

Thank you SO much for everyone who donated toys or money to my toy project for Randall Children's Hospital!  These are all the toys I'll be able to deliver.  I still have a little more shopping to do before we deliver in July.


Here is a good article on Homeless in Clark County that compares the numbers with Spokane and how we rank in the State of Washington that the congregation might be interested in.   -  Wendee Rae Shuell

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