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June  2020     
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Our mission is to  Love God, Love People and Serve Both! 
"Orchards United Methodist Church welcomes  and  affirms people of 
all sexual orientations and gender identities and supports full inclusion  in every aspect of church life."  
Tuesday Evening Centering Prayer Life Group

Our Tuesday Evening Centering Prayer Life Group has started meeting via Zoom and we plan to meet through the summer.

We usually start our time together by watching a short YouTube video from teachers such as James Finley, Thomas Keating, or Richard Rohr, and then we discuss the video. After some time for silent prayer, we talk about how our week has been going or we continue our discussion of the video, or perhaps discuss one of the week's daily devotionals from Richard Rohr.

Hopefully these teachings, discussions, and silent times help us recognize and experience more fully the reality that God is always already present with all of us, loving all people in all the little details of our lives, and leading us to let that love flow through us to others.

We meet Tuesday evenings from 6:30 to 8:00 PM via Zoom. Please let me know if you're interested in joining us, and I'll send you the Zoom link. Or let me know if you have any questions.

And thank you Pastor Christopher for getting us started and set up with Zoom!

Rod Allen
360 609-7832

Dear Church Family -

We've received a couple of donated gifts to help our family and we've really appreciated the thoughtfulness, kindness, encouragement. It's meant so much more than just the face value of them. 

We've been encouraged in spirit. We really appreciate our church family and can't wait to see everyone again in person sometime in the near future. 

Sincerely, Shiloh

Adult Sunday school will resume Mid to Late September.  Please watch your Sower for details as they become available.  

The Department of Health and Human Resources offers tools and information for faith and community leaders during COVID at  

Compassion Vancouver Heights, a free medical and dental clinic scheduled for July 18, has been CANCELLED to be safe during COVID-19.

Foster Parents Needed Now!

Catholic Community Services International is seeking foster families for children. For information, please contact or call (360) 836-2556.

Heads up, with school out, reports of child abuse are down, while domestic violence has increased. The incidents are much more severe.

Child Care Crisis

Early Care and Education (ECE) will be essential for recovery.
Early care and education (ECE) providers, including public agencies, small and large business and non-profits, have struggled to operate. A funding gap left many programs with a negative cash flow. Why? Only one percent of the Washington state budget supports ECE programs, compared to 50 percent for K-12 and 10 percent for higher education. Low state investment and increasing requirements have strained all ECE programs. With COVID, the system is overwhelmed. This will impact availability for working parents. For example, ESD 112 has closed ALL birth-to-five child care programs they operated in our area. Many other child care centers have closed their doors permanently. Even those that will re-open are struggling to figure out how to pay for additional staff, physical space, and sanitation necessary to safely care for much smaller class sizes than they did pre-COVID.

Part of the problem is the way child care is funded: For low-income families, funding comes from the federal Child Care Development Block Grant. Although Governor Inslee recently signed a bill to increase the state subsidy for child care to 65 percent of the market rate, this rate is based on fees charged by local programs, not the actual cost of providing care. To help cover this financial gap, most providers raised the cost of child care for working families who are ineligible for subsidy. As a result, the cost of care for these families has skyrocketed: Many families pay as much for child care as it costs for one year of in-state college tuition. This gap also left many programs operating with negative margins, which put them at risk when the strain of COVID hit.

Available, sustainable, quality child care and early childhood education has been an issue for years. Yet, it is a critical tool in our fight against childhood trauma and toxic stress, and is a proven system for increasing literacy, school and lifetime success for children.

Now is the time to raise community awareness, so the system can be fixed.

Here is a write up from the FAN Spring Summit

Congressional Response to COVID-10: Governmental relief packages - there have been somewhere between 4, 4.5, and 5 packages. The newest package looks to be dead on arrival in the Senate - with $3 trillion, 1/3 of that with a special focus on states, local communities, and tribes.

HR 6800 HEROES Act - Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions Act. Income security bill (Payroll Guarantee Act PGA, similar to Yang's economic
plan) did not get in though. House Republicans put forward an opposition bill about support for the undocumented community before HEROES was submitted, It was voted down. Also $1T for tribes, $375 billion for small cities and towns, SNAP, $100 billion for hospitals, $175 billion for rental assistance and mortgage assistance, and a national moratorium on evictions. Advocates should keep pushing Rep. Herrera-Beutler.

Rick K - Is SNAP always at risk? SNAP has been touted as one of the most effective anti-poverty programs since WWII. It is always at risk. - when you're in serious economic troubles, the programs that serve our most vulnerable are first
to be cut. - The Farm Bill is negotiated every 4 years, and that determines SNAP policy. Also the Child Nutrition Bill gets reauthorized every 4 years.

Legislative Successes
Inslee issued a dual-directive where the state cannot hire beyond May 18, and agencies need to cut 15% of their budgets. Advocate now - they can't just make cuts, but need to figure out how to support communities. They can do this through closing one of our many tax loopholes like Capital Gains. The most-impacted communities are those that cannot afford cuts -  There are over 500 tax exemptions in WA state - repeal the ones that would bring in the most. 
Statewide advocacy - subject line: COVID-19 impact on state budgets. Don't just cut - invest! Highlighted 1590 - can people currently work on obtaining the 1/10 th of 1% allocated to local government for affordable housing? It is effective as of 6/11. City/county should be encouraged to to enact this option.

Clark County Get Out the Count Campaign - There has been a significant undercount in Clark and Cowlitz Counties among communities of color. The SW WA Communities of Color Foundation received funding for 1-1 community outreach to raise the response rate, with 8 census tracks in Kelso and 38 in Vancouver. They have been able to do it all, even in the midst of COVID-19. They are made up of 7 organizations that do Census strategy planning, outreach efforts to get community members involved, the Peace and Justice fair, and multicultural festivals. They have 30 trusted messengers to reach out to households 1-1. They've created local places to fill out the census with technology access, support, and laptops called Our Place/Nuestra Casa Multicultural center in Kelso, Vancouver, and Longview. Those are the first multicultural centers in SW WA! They were awarded more funding for essential services to support with housing, food, and clothing, and they include census info in every drop-off they leave at people's doors. Clark County has been in the #1 spot for 2 weeks, and Cowlitz County is at #6. Don't forget to complete your own Census if you have forgotten to do so.

WAISN is calling for support for undocumented workers relief (430 organizations have signed on!) - the Governor's staff said he'll respond - They want to create the Washington Worker Relief Fund for to help during this crisis and also as a permanent resource to create unemployment insurance for undocumented

Here is a brief report from last months Faith Partners for Housing, 

Also a relief fund has been set up for Washington State Undocumented folks, many of whom are front line workers especially in the food industry.  It was created by Scholar Fund (Scholarship Junkies)  Whil undocumented workers do pay taxes they were exluded from Covid-19 assistance.  Here is the link to donate to help these workers in our community.  


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