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New Interactive Website Takes a Closer Look at the BTCF Region
We are pleased to announce the launch of
ACloserLook.net, an easy-to-navigate, interactive web resource providing current data, resident perspectives and multimedia stories on the four-county region Berkshire Taconic serves.

A digital companion to the foundation's print report of the same name, ACloserLook.net features:
  • An interactive map with at-a-glance profiles of 67 towns and cities; Berkshire, Columbia, northern Dutchess and northwest Litchfield counties; and the BTCF region overall. The data is organized by topic: population, jobs, education, incomes and poverty, and housing. The map also shows public school enrollment data for 30-plus districts.
  • Dozens of data visualizations using graphs, charts and maps to bring five themes into focus: jobs and the economy, demographic transition, youth and the future workforce, deepening inequality, and assets and infrastructure.
  • Multimedia stories that illustrate these themes through the lives of local residents.
  • Results from the foundation's resident survey, with responses available by age, income and education level.
  • A downloadable PDF of Berkshire Taconic's Plan for the Future, which outlines three new priority areas where the foundation believes philanthropy can make a difference.
Designed to build community knowledge and inspire critical thinking about the region's future, ACloserLook.net will be regularly refreshed with new data and stories.

We encourage you to share and use this new tool in your communities. Tell us what you think! Send us your feedback by email
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