July 2018
Technology Transfer Equipment Loan Program
The T2 Equipment Loan Program allows all local government agencies in Kentucky the opportunity to borrow equipment that they can use to make their roads safer.  This free program offers the following equipment:

  • Ball Bank Indicator: Used to determine safe, uniform advisory curve speeds for horizontal curves.  
  • Comparison Panel Standards Kit: Easy to use during nighttime inspections, simply clip the comparison panels to the sign being evaluated and view from a distance of approximately 25 feet with provided light source.  If the sign is brighter than the panel, then it exceeds the MUTCD minimum values.  If the panel is brighter than the sign, then the sign should be replaced.
  • Digital Level: Using custom sensor technology, the digital level displays in degrees, % slope or inches per foot.  
  • Retroreflectometer: The retroreflectometer is a handheld instrument for measuring retroreflection of traffic signs.
  • Shoulder Wedge Maker "Safety Edge Shoe": Attaches to a paver to shape the edge of the pavement to a 30 degree tapered angle which eleminates the problem of a vertical edge drop-off.
  • Traffic Counter: Collects vehicle number, speed, and length for up to nine days (depending on traffic).
For additional information about the Equipment Loan Program, or to request an item, visit the website here.  
Upcoming Workshops
12 - Asphalt Paving Best Practices, Dawson Springs
18 - Communications I, Hopkinsville
25 - Snow and Ice Removal, Gilbertsville
26 - Roadside/Vegetation Management, Gilbertsville

7 - Basic Plan Reading , Cadiz

To register for any of our classes, visit the Event Calendar online.

For a full list of classes, visit the Event Calendar or call us at 800-432-0719.
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Congratulations on Retirement
Laura Whayne retired as the Librarian for the Kentucky Transportation Center Technology Transfer Library on July 1, 2018.  

Laura began her career with the Center in 1989 as the Librarian for the newly opened transportation library.  Through her years at the library, she has seen the collection grow and change.  

Although Laura was born in Fort Worth, Texas, she spent the majority of her childhood in Murray, Kentucky.  She received her undergraduate degree from Murray State University, a Master's Degree in Library Science from the University of Denver, and a second Master's Degree in Geography from the University of Kansas.

Laura spends her free time reading, flower gardening, hiking, traveling and volunteering with her church.  Her sister lives in Arizona and she plans on spending part of the year there after retirement.  

Laura has made contributions to the Center that will long outlive the time she spent here.  T2 wishes her the best in her future endeavors.
Additional Training Dates for Local Government

The Technology Transfer Program, in partnership with Gateway Community and Technical College, will be offering additional Roads Scholar classes for local government agencies.  

The program is being run through Gateway's Workforce Solutions program and will be part of their Transportation Construction Certificate.  Classes will be held at the Boone campus of Gateway.

$85 for local government employees

August 31: Construction of Concrete
September 21: Asphalt Paving Best Practices
October 12: Traffic Management through Signals, Signs and Markings
November 2: Low Cost Roadway Safety Improvements

To register for a class or for additional information, contact April Shenk at april.shenk@uky.edu or 859-323-5891.

The Technology Transfer Program, in partnership with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, is hosting the 2018 Southeastern Rail-Highway Training Workshop on November 27-29, 2018 at the Brown Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky.

The workshop will facilitate the sharing of professional knowledge and experience between DOT's and the railroad industry in infrastructure, operations, engineering, and design concepts.

Look for additional information in the coming weeks online at www.kyt2.com or in the next Newsflash enewsletter.
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