July News from Howard County Recycling
Cou nty offices and the Alpha Ridge Landfill will be CLOSED on Wednesday, July 4th. There will be NO curbside collection on Independence Day. Wednesday-Friday curbside collection of recycling, yard trim and trash will slide and be made one day later that week.
Recycle on-the-go ... wherever you go!
Vacation. Travel. Beach. Fun. Recycle! Just because you're away from home doesn't mean it's harder to recycle and you may be surprised how many items you will have. Designate a recycling bag and ask landlords at holiday rentals or hotels about options. Let them know it's important to you! You can also Google nearby recycling drop-off/collection. Kudos to you for saving those bottles and cans from wasting in the landfill!
Recycling vs Trash - Glass
Not all glass can be recycled.
Glass bottles and jars = YES.
Glass cups, mugs, windows, mirrors = NO.
Why? They have a different melting points.
Are we recycling...or are we RECYCLING ?
It's true, Howard County is pretty awesome , but we challenge you to recycle even more!

Photo credit to @recycle_now
C&D Items
Home renovation? Old stuff? Visit our  Construction & Demolition Debris  webpage for what to do.
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