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Quality Improvement Activities (QIAs)
For questions or technical assistance, please contact:
Home Therapies Lead:
Anna Bennett
Quality Improvement Coordinator

Transplant Lead:
Jeanine Pilgrim, BSHSM
Quality Improvement Director

Project Support Coordinator:
John Cocchieri
(516) 209-5515

Complete: QIA Midpoint Evaluation Feedback Form by 7/30/2018


Submit: Education Station Photos by 7/15/2018 via e-mail to: QualityImprovement@nw2.esrd.net


Network Resources:

Transplant Resources webpage
Home Therapies Resources Webpage


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July 2018 Updates
To: All Home Therapies QIA and Transplant QIA Facility Staff, Patient SMES and Stakeholders

Big Announcements and Changes in July!
Streamlining Home Therpaies and Transplant QIA Feedback:
In order to streamline QIA interventions and feedback reporting for these two QIAs, we are combining our interventions and reporting!  Over 50 facilities are in BOTH the Transplant and Home Therapies QIAs  for July, please feel free to report Intervention and QIA feedback using this single Feedback Form:
Please use this worksheet to discuss the July feedback with your staff and patients prior to submitting via the web.


(Please note that independent facilities will be asked to send Seven Step Data via a separate feedback form)


Announcing our First Annual Facility Education Contest!

The winning facility will receive three free passes to the 2019 Network Annual Meeting, and will be recognized as a Best Practice Facility in Network publications, presentations and newsletters.


This year, we launched a Treatment Options Education Station intervention, where we asked that Facilities in the Home Therapies and Transplant QIAs set up an Education Station to promote and share education resources with their patients, family members, care partners and staff.  How creative were you?  Did you think outside the box?


E-mail us your Education Station photos by July 15, 2018, and members of our Patient Advisory Committee and Patient Subject Matter Experts will choose the winning photo!  Winners will receive recognition of achievement awards, and the facility that wins the top prize will also receive 3 free admissions to the 2019 Network Annual Meeting!


E-mail Photos to: QualityImprovement@nw2.esrd.net 

Project Goals
Transplant QIA: Participating facilities shall demonstrate a 10% point increase in patients who are on a transplant waitlist by October 2018.

Home Therapies QIA:  Participating facilities shall demonstrate a 10% point increase in patients who are training for Home Therapies (HHD or PD) by October 2018.

We Want to Hear from YOU!

Please contact the qualityimprovement@nw2.esrd.net if you have questions, comments, or specific barriers that you would like to address.  Let us know if you have identified any best practices that you would like to share with the community.