Keep SAT Scores Up This Fall
Can you help our Program Manager make this SAT Prep season our most successful ever? Last year, many students increased their scores by more than 400 points, helping them gain acceptance to colleges and universities they may otherwise have not qualified for. Christina Chiolo is taking over the program this year, and she needs your help to keep the scores rising high. Read all about her and SAT Prep, then sign up.
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Saturday, July 20th and Tuesday, August 6th



Monday, July 22nd and Tuesday, August 20th
Mid-July? Time to Plan for the Fall

Registration for New York Cares Day Fall Opens
- It's hard not to wish for the cool temperatures of the fall during the heat wave we've endured this week. While we can't speed up time to give you some relief, we can provide you with plans for a cool fall day in October. Registration for New York Cares Day Fall begins Monday, July 29th. Make sure you log on to our site and get your team ready.

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When people think of New York City, what do you think comes to mind? We're willing to bet it's not rushing rivers and hundreds of miles of shoreline, but water is a big part of our city. Celebrate it on City of Water Day this Saturday.
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Take the New York Mets Volunteer Challenge
- Celebrate your love of volunteering and baseball by taking the Mets Volunteer Challenge. The more projects you sign up for between now and September, the more prizes you get, so be an All-Star today.